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  1. My all time non British/Irish Rovers XI Friedel Neill Nelsen Samba Givet Emerton Bohinen Tugay Gamst-Pedersen McCarthy SantaCruz Pretty sure that whole team, asides from Bohinen, must have lined up together in the later 2000s!
  2. Who are the highest countries never to have provided a rovers player ? Dont think there's ever been a Uruguayan, Colombian or Mexican Rover.
  3. He started at United as a centre half and has also played a bit of right back/right wing back for Northern Ireland. I have to admit that, barring one friendly were he took the Czech Republic apart on his own, I've never really been quite sure what to make of him. As a central midfielder he's not really a tackler nor a passer, he will cover lots of ground though.
  4. I always assumed, on the basis of absolutely nothing, that sponsors were primarily paying for their logo to appear on the team jersey in games on tv, in the press and in their own promotional material - rather than on the replicas fans wear.
  5. Surely everyone recognises it will sell better with no sponsor!
  6. You literally do see Danish people blaming the proliferation of alcohol advertising for issues linked to alcoholism. That's why Carlsberg alternate their sponsorship of FC Copenhagen between their lager brand and their energy drink 'Carlsberg Sport'. I'm personally pretty ambivalent about alcohol sponsorship. It's not a great look given football's influence on kids, but it could be something worse I suppose. It's far less insidious than gambling logos on football jerseys, which is an pox on the game.
  7. I remember Niko Kalinic being comically unlucky when it came to hitting the wordwork. His goal return wasn't exactly terrible, but could have been so much better with a little bit of luck. He was a little light weight too but has since improved physically. Was he around in the period Sam played 4-5-1 with Chris Samba as the lone forward ?
  8. Javi de Pedro was brilliant for Spain in the 2002 world cup, as well as being a key player in a very good Real Sociedad team for a few seasons. The revelations about the medical practices at Real Sociedad that have since emerged might explain why he was barely fit enough to wobble onto the pitch when he arrived at Ewood. A few incidents post retirement suggest he wasn't the most stable character either. I should have suspected it wasn't all going to work out quite as well as I'd hoped when my new jersey from the official store was delivered with 'DEPEDRO' rather than 'DE PEDRO' pri
  9. i do agree that the current away strip is wretched, and also that it's sad the club seem so desperate for cash that they will drop the traditional strip at every chance they get. however one thing i do like is that both the away and third strips have a sort of faux-halved design going on with the patterns. i wouldn't mind that being something we do with future away kits.
  10. Nevermind Joe Hart, I'd go after Burnley's third choice - Bailey Peacock Farrell. Very young for a goalie but has put in some assured displays last season at Leeds and for Northern Ireland. Hasn't got a sniff of first team action since a poorly thought out move to the premier league. Offer Burnley their £2m back and give him regular football and we'd have a keeper who is only going to get better over the next decade.
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