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  1. It's been a tried and tested formula under Venkys. (And a failed one too on occasions...) That said in this case I think the bottom 3 are looking sunk. It's a hell of a swing needed and yesterday's mighty point actually took us a point further away from relegation, so still very confident we won't go down. Agree it's a shambles we are relying on this.
  2. "The team have been very focused on trying to get positive results and I would have to say in all of the defeats I didn't think 'we deserve nothing from that'." Apologies if posted elsewhere have struggled to engage with Rovers today. But here are TMs comments from BBC (apologies for posting his drivel even if not a repeat too.) But seriously, does he really think that the previous 5 performances we deserved something from? Either he's a lying git or that's the nub of the problem if he thinks said performances are of the required level to get points.
  3. Had this as one of my three certs to win. In fairness I wasn't totally out in assessing the opposition as they only managed a draw against us. Getting worried now - for this season that is, not for TMs reign I've been worried about that for years...
  4. Genuine question Joe - given the manager says he is a man of integrity but also says stuff like Nayambe debacle (lying/contradicting himself multiple times and blaming the fans) how are we supposed to respond?
  5. For a second I thought you were championing Djokovic. Tbf he couldn't do a worse job at the moment...
  6. If Tony could park the bus as well S he throws players under it our back line would be unbreakable.
  7. My take on it too. Too much quality against a weak non-established Championship team. TM will make it harder than it ought to be but the players' quality will win through. I have this as one of our three just win games to avoid relegation. And i think it will happen.
  8. Hard not to agree with these posts. As stated a ton of contradictions. Beginning to use his family as a shield - where have we seen that before? It gets more like the beginning of Venkys reign every day. Utter lies. You can't say that you don't feel the pressure whilst putting an article out saying you don't feel the pressure and using every non footballing reason to justify yourself as possible. Fwiw I know a ton of guys who are great father's and work very hard but I don't think it entitles them or makes them suitable to manage this great club. Have we had a week where he hasn't
  9. My worry with Hughes is not just the negatives on his CV but how long it has been since something positive. Time makes a hell of a difference. Contrast with Pearson's good work at Watford, McCarthy at Ipswich and Warnock at Cardiff and Rotherham all of them had recent - as in the last few seasons - successes on their CV before taking their latest role. That said we are getting to the point where any manager would be better simply by not playing loco-coco formations and seeing what batnuts position they can find for Elliott Dack or Gally. Good thread though. Made me think abou
  10. Yes I think meeting him would be an inspiration to all kids. Family responsibilities - sod it. Get fired from a job for lies - get another one and keep lying. Have values and a stance - nah mate, champion whatever view gets you furthest. Break a few laws - who cares. Absolutely inspirational. Model citizens if they follow his exams he contradicts everything we try instilling in the kids in school like honesty, integrity and the like.
  11. This coming from the guy who won't admit government corruption in the face of mass evidence. Just saying. And no am not saying the EU did well on the vaccine front either. Just a tad ironic that someone who defends the Tory party at all cost is complaining about entrenched positions. Can he really not see the irony?
  12. What a load of bull. 4 years to assemble a squad and he gets a free pass. And the implication that no manager could do better. What the hell has he done to warrant such fanatical devotion?
  13. Agree Aside from the defence, and with the caveats that a) players are played in the right place and b) they aren't rushed back from injury, then yes it's probably a top 6 squad or just outside of it. Sure some of them are a bit limited but in the right system, under say McCarthy, playing to their strengths they should do well. On their day many of our players look good. The issue is their day isn't that often. A good manager could increase this. Imagine if Johnson upped his good performances from 1 in 4 and wasn't stuck at CB. Holtby on his day can be excellent. Gally has shown
  14. Yeah it's a fair point, the last 5 were winnable. The lack of fight is a worry and I do think that will cause us trouble in games Vs the bottom. And it is something you see in relegation sides so I totally get and share your concern. But the flip side is we do have quality and there is a lot of dross in this division. We have got points in games we have played badly in. So I don't think three wins is an unreasonable or even unlikely in 15 games, even with the handicap that we have.
  15. Oh aye, teams fighting for their lives in the last few games is just what we need! What you want for the final few games is teams already doomed or mid table nothing to play for on the beach. That sounds a bit harsh as I agree with your point! Just that I don't think I want all these relegation scrappers to be our last few games as this team has zero fight in it. Think the next three games are key. All winnable, Reading having a wobble, Coventry aren't great and Millwall average. 4 points from that I think will take us a lot closer to safety and worrying about next season instead.
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