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  1. Unless we get a few adverse results in the next fixturea in which case the postponement will have disrupted momentum and our plans. "It is what it is but the postponement didn't help our momentum."
  2. Absolutely! Credit where it is due. This is the first time I can think of where TMs training has stopped the opposition from scoring. It's a novel approach but his most successful one to date.
  3. Really? I mean it doesn't seem to have done Norwich too badly. Or Stoke or Boro. Or jumping up a league many other teams from Spurs to Leicester. 2020 wasn't too shabby for Liverpool. I'm not sure why all these restrictions etc make it hard to judge us and hard for us to perform yet other teams have coped with it. Well clearly you are bothered as I am losing track of the why won't you accept my opinion posts. And I'll even answer that question for you -AN OPINION IS NOT UNCHALLENGEABLE, NOR DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY HAVE MERIT. Let me give a few examples. Let's say I think She
  4. My take is: Season 1 huge ask, didn't achieve it but enough positives and change to keep on. Season 2 promoted and achieved what was needed. Not an excellent job given our budget some dicey transfers and first few months in League 1 but a good job nevertheless. Season 3 achieved target of mid table. On paper a good job. In practice the latter half of the season include that horrible winless run, with his basic errors and blowing the budget really take the shine off and alarm bells ringing. With high standards for these reasons he should have gone at the end of this season but
  5. Yeah I think a fairer comparison with the two managers is that they have turned their clubs round in a fraction of the time which is an uncomfortable fact for TM. That said neither gig was easy although of the 3 TM arguably had it the hardest. Boro were strong candidates for relegation under the clueless Woodgate so I still think that was a heck of an achievement. TM on balance did inherit a slightly harder situation, but I don't think the situations are vastly dissimilar (squads decimated by cutbacks and an utterly clueless manager.) So I think it's probably a fair comparison albeit not
  6. None of that is irrelevant actually. And whilst I would agree TM had a tough gig trying to save us from relegation the uncomfortable fact is O'Neill and Warnock have turned their clubs round in a fraction of the time TM has. Also (and it seems by your own post you thought similarly) Boro were in a horrific mess when Warnock took over. I'm also a tad bemused how Warnock is a has been whilst TM is the man for us. In the past few years off the top of my head he has saved Boro from relegation and got them at the right end of the table, got promoted with Cardiff and saved Rotherham from
  7. Again, not trying to shoot you down but profoundly disagree! How are we guaranteed our money back/a justified fee with Bereton? I agree it's certainly possible given his age but it's far from certain. For starters look at how many other players his age haven't made it from similar positions. Look at his form since he has come back. Look at his performances for the first two years. Your basing the optimism on a small window of form. And fwiw I think that window of form whilst good, looked better than it was as it came after two years of utter ineptness. Contrast his performance levels with othe
  8. This is a spectacular list of excuses whilst glossing over mistakes. Priced out of moves and forced for loans? Bereton's fee alone would have paid for McGynn, Pickering and Kipre's fees. I get there are wages too, but then loan players have a big wedge of wages as well. I'm not quite sure up to this season that we are the paupers you suggest. Or taking another example Bauer was no way more expensive than Tosin. Not saying he's better but actually owning a solid championship player would have benefitted us more long term. As for Downing we brought him in because we needed experience
  9. Think this is my take too Gav. It was meant to be temporary and whilst I can understand because of that there is a want to reassess the situation at some point, to do so whilst the pandemic is still ongoing is churlish in the extreme. It's like rescinding a medicine when a patient is still ill! This government is hell bent on scoring as many own goals as possible. The actual state of the welfare state is a different and much more complex discussion imo, but this issue seems rather straightforward.
  10. Thanks for highlighting this (I think?!?) Would totally have assumed a 7.45 KO. Nah mate you are imagining things. Defence doesn't really matter - just ask our footballing genius TM. It must be pure coincidence... This is what annoys me. Every game even against the so called bigger teams it's possible to get something from. Can't compete is utter bull when anyone can beat anyone in this league. A bit more nous in the dugout and combined with our pitch proving a leveller and there is no way we should be worried about facing anyone. Not an easy game at all, but not a David v Gol
  11. Thanks for the article. It's an interesting career as a manager. Does excellently in his first two roles but then it is very hit and miss after that. (Interestingly another ex manure player did excellently in his first 2 managerial roles but was horrific for us...) The Stoke, Southampton and QPR roles were all pretty poor albeit Stoke was perhaps ok for a while. I do wonder if the game has passed him by. That said I'd still take him over TM on the basis of what he had done previously with us.
  12. Although in fairness Johnson doesn't have the engine to get in the box, Ayala is always injured, Gally is stuck out wide on the touchline and Lenihen is babysitting a midfielder in centre defence. Agree it's a shocking stat btw. Just doing a TM and throwing in a load of excuses that actually highlight other failings.
  13. That's the most negative I have heard fan comments in/under a LT article during TMs reign. I use the word negative in the loosest sense of the word but it must be bad when even fans on LT think we aren't playing well. Think no fans in the ground is probably helping TM now.
  14. Change his name to Kean or Coyle with the comments he comes out with there would be absolute uproar.
  15. It's also a terrible excuse. As in they are doing nothing that theoretically we couldn't do. As it is if we can't compete with any club because we are a basket case we might as well all pack it in. Which doesn't seem too bad an idea compared with TMs glacial revolution.
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