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  1. That's what I said to the missus. "They get these owners and we got sodding Venkys." Offside and VAR really need looking at but not too gutted in this instance given I would much rather Chelsea lost.
  2. Firstly the Friend idea seems exactly the sort of thing TM would love to do. But your main point which is a concern I share is can they get a decent replacement. That's my worry with all the outgoing lot - that we'll miss them even though we are crap because we replace them with worse. On the Johnson 2+1 for appearances, this seems another black mark on the absolute neglect of our defence, as Johnson racked up a few more appearances at centre back. If that pushed him towards the threshold for another year that's criminal. Indeed we do everything to devalue our players.
  3. Thing is no one I know who has to do this brings it up or complains about it as much as he does. I've two friends in Leeds who are consultants, both of whom have to work away from home regularly. When asked about it both simply shrug and say it's part of the job. I'm sure they are on a lot less than TM and yet if they - not to mention truckers, oil rig workers and the like - don't complain about it, what on earth gives him the right to. Also on this a ton of health care professionals had to leave home in lockdown (my wife included.) I'll be honest TM makes more of a fuss and a fanf
  4. Add in there may not be any points deductions or Covid or clubs with an embarrassing budget for league 1 to help keep us safe and it could be a nightmare. Other than Armstrong TMs record of buying strikers is horrific Bereton, Gally and Samuel haven't been of the required standard. Not sure I trust him to get it right in replacing Armstrong whatsoever. And when he is a third (I think?) of your goals that's an issue. The defence will be neglected as usual, which looks thinner by the year. And this is assuming none of our other contracted players go. With only 1 year left on a
  5. My biggest worry is that we have lost so many players - most of them not very good to be fair - and we take so long to do deals, that we are going to go into the new season with an understrength squad. Add in that TM doesn't have a good record in the transfer market and the Mulgrew situation painfully showed something is better than nothing and the situation looks dire. Factor in a small transfer kitty too and we are beginning to look rather stuffed.
  6. He's a clever snake I will give him that. Linking criticism to expectations of winning the premiership (even though that has never been the case for any manager) means that all criticism will be regarded as unreasonable and unrealistic expectations of fans. Cunning and immoral. If he showed half as much nous outwitting the opponent as he does trying to save his skin, we'd do a lot better though.
  7. I don't really swear but TM can fuck right off after those comments. So many posts on here already highlighting how appalling these comments are. Reminding us it's not 1995 - y'know I've not held that against Souness or Hughes and all have given me some of my best times as a Rover. And when I've been pissed at managers from Hartford to Ince - the standard was never 1995. To remind us of this is insulting and a deliberate attempt to discredit any dissatisfaction. Doesn't wash though Tony. You aren't just confirming you are a a crap manager you are a crap human being. As
  8. My thoughts on this too. Because if connection is key that excludes competence because anyone competent would not connect well to TM. Anyone competent would be asking "what the hell are you thinking" and "what a stupid idea" when TM comes up with gems like 5 million for Gally or a 3 year contract for Ayala. Can't imagine that would do much for the connection. Personally though I think it's a message saying it's going to be a yes man for me that gets it. I'm still calling the shots.
  9. Hardly ambitious I admit but personally I think he does a decent job in central midfield, lots of energy. Add in his versatility and I think he is worth keeping as a squad player. The fact we need to replace all of this season's outgoings - loans and end of contracts - plus get a bit more depth in defence and possibly an Armstrong replacement also factors into my thinking. That many players will be very hard to do, so its one less in an already busy summer. The Mulgrew debacle taught us that even a bad something is missed when not replaced at all.
  10. It would certainly raise eyebrows from me too, but it's their decision to make. Besides Sam found a use for Andrews so most things are possible with a competent manager. All that said if it were me I wouldn't keep any bar Bennett for an energetic centre mid squad filler (and even then it's touch and go.) As it is the process of discovery for the new chap, if there is a new manager coming in, will head into next season.
  11. You missed a few other tick boxes. Loved by the media irrespective of ability - tick Likes to utilise top 6 loan kids - tick Spends big money on strikers he can't get a tune from - tick. Ideal candidate if ever there was one.
  12. Well I'm not sure what worries me more. Firstly that we want to keep Bell. If that's the standard we are looking at, even as squad players we are asking for trouble. But even worse Bell thinks he can do better than us. That is a damning indictment of how low we have sunk (as you say.) Talk about struggling, that's terrible.
  13. He's proved to be not very good as a manager. He'd fit right in here. Can't see us changing managers but if I were Lampard Rovers is the most attractive of the betting options. If it goes south he can blame it on the owners, it's practically a free hit. Anywhere else he would, y'know be judged and have to perform (both from within and externally to the club.)
  14. Absolutely after the six straight losses there was nothing to keep him on (although imo he should have gone way before then anyway.) Not sure what 1 win in 15 tells you that 1 win in 10 doesn't. If they decided he was to go can't see any reason whatsoever why they would keep him on, but then logic does t apply to this lot. It's definitely a missed opportunity if he is going - as you say the new manager could have assessed his squad. He might even have wanted to keep some of the out of contract player or bin those who have been offered contract renewals. It's a crazy way to do things.
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