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  1. I understand what you mean. I lived in Rochdale for years and all my friends are season ticket holders and me and my son have been home and away with dale. After one night match when my son was about 10 we where walking back and he said “I like going to the game but I just don’t care not like with Rovers”. That sentence sums it up for me football is an emotional game and once your in your in. I guess we’re stuck on the ramparts with rovers win or lose because emotionally there’s nowhere else to go. Having said that who would want to and leave by far the greatest team the world has ev
  2. I thought the role of a manager was to help achieve organisational goals. Surely Mowbrays operational remit at the time of his appointment was not to ignore the league consider winning a bonus and losing irrelevant. He’s telling us that his success will be judged on player development it’s in his job description. Never have I heard such rubbish. His goal as a manager is to improve the organisation and the main part of that due to his chosen field is win games. If he wanted it to be developing players he should have applied for a coaching job. Failed miserably he knows it from r
  3. The worst about him he complains that a state of the art category one academy is not good enough for his ideas. ( the guy who couldn’t convince the owners of chesterfield to employ him). He then wants to play a-possession game but to prove his point re the training facilities fucks the ewood pitch up by training on that. I cant wait to see the next job he gets because he as moaned about cat 1 facilities let’s see how he does at port vale or Northampton because if he’s lucky that’s where he’s heading. Hes is not an unpleasant fella great for a pint on a Friday for s chat football but
  4. I think even the players knew they where drifting close to relegation. It goes by the saying one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Not played for him for weeks. Expected him to be gone to be fair we all did. There is no stretch of the imagination that they don’t want rid. Very average manager who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk. Youve just extrapolated a 30 mins of effort and made into a team that is behind Mowbray. What about the 90 mins at Wycombe the capitulation at home to Bornmouth. Or notts forest , Barnsley watford, Preston qpr etc. He’s a very poor manager and needs th
  5. So brockhall is of the table. Maybe the penny dropped with our long distance owners that they where just about to get dicked. Loss of cat 1 would have been a disaster and that was going to happen.Waggot is a chancer. Mowbray a poor manager. Venus is mainly asleep. This may be the point where we say goodbye. In my opinion god help any club that they end up at.
  6. I’ve come to read Mowbray press releases with a view of who it’s designed to speak to. It not for us it’s for Venkys. Does he speak regularly to them about games. Don’t make me laugh. He is telling them what he’s trying to achieve at that everyone can see how good the performance are. It’s not them telling him they agree. Then he does the good owners stick with managers. Have they said that. No way. He is appealing to them again for more time that’s my opinion don’t judge on results but performance that’s what good owners do. Desperate rather than devious and in limbo no reassurances
  7. Garner might not be great at taking penalties but he was great at getting them. Kicked at the half way line went down in the box. Great player and Loved Rovers. I always put him above Shearer just for that.
  8. He will after 5 years leave us where he found us. Scrapping around at the bottom of the championship. He’s done well . If they flog brockhall his mates have done well. The old boy players plus his mates kid pears have done well. It just us fans that have had to pay for it. Yet again.
  9. This cant go on. It’s not possible that any owner can sanction this. Bennett and downing. I also agree our commentary is crap. The difference between the sides is the cost of their fowards. Then explain Wycombe you arses.
  10. Mowbray has for a while looked like he’d had enough but if that was in my contract I’d be damned before I’d resign.
  11. Youre probably right but think of the I told you so mileage on here I’m going to get if I’m correct. Ill change my name to guru blue
  12. I’m going to stick my neck out and say before the next game. In a roundabout way Mowbray tells you his concerns by telling you his strengths. He tells you about a journey means let me keep trying. He discusses the Ayala: we are working with him and I won’t make the same mistake again honest guv. He isn’t getting results: but all other managers see how good his teams style is becoming. Means ignore the results I’m achieving something else you must see it others can and they know the business The pitch is responsible for our failure. means don’t accuse me of adopting the wro
  13. The problem ( one of many) in terms of managers you never know what they will do. Did they not give Coyle the elbow after a great performance against Man Utd or am I imagining it.
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