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  1. Thanks for that didn’t know what was possible. That’s me done then. The real answer is don’t get pressurised into covering an extra day.
  2. I’ve had to work away at the last minute but I finish early can you pay on reading iFollow to watch the game via their stream.
  3. My score prediction 3v0 rovers because that’s how it works. We then come back on a wave of euphoria lose at home to reading and surprisingly get dumped on our arse by a despondent derby I know that because the two predicted shit shows I’m going to.
  4. No manager survives the run he had. None. It’s amazing and in itself a snapshot of who we are owned by and how they view it. So is it then any surprise that an owner that runs us as a business on a 5 year cycle gives him no funds. This is not a criticism of your view but after that run he needed firing out of a cannon let only be sacked. So does a dead in the water manager at the end of a 5 year cycle deserve backing?
  5. Brought on himself. Handed out big contracts to players he didn’t need( mulgrew). Took care of smallwood and the permanently injured guy whose name fails me. Spent 12 million on strikers. That’s Without Armstrong. With the full contingent won 2 out of 17 and the third worst run in rovers history. He hasn’t had his hands tied the current budget is what he should have worked with. Life has been to generous to him. Rather than his hands tied he’s fucked up an opportunity. No sympathy for an underachiever who in reality should have been no where near a job like this with a budget like he’s had. Rejected by Chesterfield before we took him on. It all boils down to poor ownership. McCarthy under pressure for losing 6 his predecessor Harris for fired on 5. What exactly is it you feel sympathy for 2 in 17.
  6. I think our major flaw is in the middle of the park. Watching from the Jack Walker we always seem a yard off. Opposition defenders head out no midfield challenge. Opposition attack our defenders clear no midfield. Brereton and Gallagher were both berating them because they seem to have lost any awareness or anticipation. We don’t seem to be able to maintain pressure or relieve pressure because we are never first to the ball. All in all a draw was no more than we deserved. Tactical average. Butterworth no poveda. Ive reached the point where I’m not sure what the answer is if it’s not changing the manager.
  7. In the end greed will kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
  8. Not a cat in hells chance. Their stance on black lives matter is tokenism and costs nothing but lip service. It’ll be a rainy day in hell before sky make any decision that has commercial implications. If anything I can almost guarantee increased coverage of Newcastle. Makes me sick.
  9. I agree completely. Usually I view these things with indifference but the fact this regime is being allowed to sanitize itself in British sport is appalling. Their human rights record, support of terrorism,treatment of women and views on gay rights should make it impossible to pass the fit and proper test. Surprisingly not in the premiership. They really should hang there corporate self serving money making heads in shame. Sky should refuse to show their games as they have shown with their support of black lives matters that they are prepared to take a stance. This is not about football it’s about standing up to a vile and oppressive regime
  10. The basic problem is the old one after 4/5 years we lack the organisational ability and resilience to defend as a group. I can’t remember which one of the old arsenal defenders said” they were told to imagine they were strapped together by a rope and move as a unit”. The first sign of pressure we fold it’s every man for themselves. It’s all just very amateurish. We will finish mid table due to individual ability negated by poor organisation. The first one requires little management input the second one is all about management.
  11. None I hope judging from what I’ve seen they should be paying us
  12. And to achieve that has taken the best part of five years. It’s not that this is because we are a young team we were worse last season. We are 6th heading for 16th. The script is already written.
  13. I’m not sure if Covid and looking at what is happening at a lot of the clubs in the championship a new sense of commercial realism is wrong. I agree that nyambe lenihan rothwell are regular first team players but are they going to get substantial wage increase at any other club. None are premiership quality so it’s championship or league one. The only teams who could offer substantial wage increases are those with parachute money and would they pay large sums to potential squad players who may not even play if they are promoted. We released 12 players in summer that we were paying large wages for did any go on to bigger and better things. Yet historically we continued the cycle of increased contracts due to fear of losing them. I don’t know the offers on the table but we as a club are in a position were our viability is more important than their every increasing wage demands. I also don’t think we are the only club now taking a long hard look at the road we’ve been travelling
  14. It is but the fact that debate was being had tells you how good he was/ is. The point your making supports the point I was making. I’ve conceded not the best. However comparisons to Grealish tells you the case he was in
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