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  1. I haven’t read all the responses because I’ve just got in. I’ll answer that for you from experience because by Christmas or shortly after we will be on a long losing streak. I’ll guarantee that it’s a given
  2. I agree. For me this is a dead season. Let’s not get relegated keep whatever money has been generated to ward off ffp and let’s see the back of Mowbray. Next season hopefully new manager fresh ideas. Venkies surely have to get it right eventually. Having said that off to boro tomorrow and still excited. I’m a walking contradiction
  3. So the captain of our ship has been at the helm for five years. The ship is in collision course with the rocks but you can’t blame the captain. It’s not his fault he put together the wrong crew, set the wrong course and didn’t correct his course when the compass told him he was heading in the wrong direction. No it’s the absentee owners fault who have trusted him and his fellow officers to get the job done with substantial funds. Whats the answer don’t replace him because things could get worse. I will never look back with any fondness on the Mowbray years. He’s an out of touch, self preserving old dinosaur. Even the Forest fans recognised this eleven he tried to defend Hughton. PS Let’s see if he’s given a 2 wins in 17 run before he’s potted. We all know he won’t be because only at rovers is failure and mediocrity tolerated and only our fans would try and defend it as though it could be worse if we remove him
  4. So Chapman who we have had here for 3 years is given a contract extension to prove himself. The sum total of the prove yourself period is 3 games in which he has played well. He is then sent on loan back to Shrewsbury. I hope we aren’t picking up any of his wages because that would be madness. Either keep him or don’t extend and let him go
  5. It’s just one major league cock up. Totally financial mismanaged over the last few years. Mainly because Mowbray had been allowed to operate unregulated. Big contracts to older players he never used. Keeping players on because it was the right thing to do. Buying potential for the finished product price. So here we are players refusing to sign contract because they’ve seen what’s been handed out previously. Bringing in younger players from premier clubs who in reality are not going to make an iota of difference to the outcome eexcept to the money going out. it’s all really desperate stuff masked by a good start to the season. I would not however regardless of the outcome give Mowbray another single penny. We also need to bring someone in from Venkies world to secure those assets and get that responsibility away from waggott and Mowbray
  6. Does this mean chapman is on the way out. I’ve only briefly looked at this. He’s a right winger.
  7. My thoughts are we are struggling to get players to come here. As Sparks Rover said we are fucked and news travels. The Southampton lads not coming the Brighton lads limped home. It’s going to be a long hard season in rovers world. Let’s hope there are three worse than us.
  8. Brighton have seen what happens to the injured here. If the kid gets into our treatment room he might never see the light of day again. Particularly if he start hanging out with Ayala.
  9. One of the main qualities of humble is not having to high an opinion of your own importance or value and one of the qualities of integrity is recognising and owning up to your own mistakes. Mowbray would not qualify under either of these. Could I add this is an observation not a criticism The statement I made about Kean was not to generate a who hates Kean the most discussion but to emphasis that as a fan base we have set a very low bench mark for our managers. We should be asking is Mowbray as good as Hughes or Souness and the answer is no. Is he better than Kean who isn’t. Armstrong praised him he’s out and up. The rest of us are still living in Mowbrays limbo land of a catastrophic football philosophy of journeys, formations and long losing streaks where style comes before results. Rather than compare he is just not good for Blackburn Rovers Football Club and never will be
  10. Why would you come here? I can’t think of a single reason that a young footballer career wise would make this his choice. If it was your son would you say go to Rovers get yourself a football education under Mowbray. Even our own players won’t sign. Armstrong was smart he turned last season into his own personal show And got out. Don’t pass , don’t play people in, don’t play for the team and it’s worked. Nyambe and Rothwell are gone bad wages comparatively and have not progressed add Raya to that. He hands out big money to players like Ayla downing Evans mulgrew etc mainly to do his job for him. Worse signs Pears on more than Nyambe??... We as supporters appear to have set a bench mark that you are ok if you are not worse than Kean. I’ll give you three including Kean that all fall inside the same area. They talk big and deliver little, they discuss themselves as football philosophers and in two of the cases have lived off one success. Coyle , Kean and Mowbray. Character wise they may be different but result wise they are the same. I prefer Kean to Mowbray for one simple reason because one of them is still here. I would like a new bench mark are they better than Hughes or Souness same small club same financial restrictions same fighting the big boys. He will take us down it’s a given.
  11. I’ve hesitated to comment because I feel like I have become repetitive but I can’t resist. Nearly 5 years and we are still experimenting. Players come and go but nothing changes accept a different excuse. I won’t list these. Downing gave us an insight into the quality of his leadership. The players must be stunned he’s still here and their respect for his ideas I think is reflected in their attitude and application on the pitch. Losing to a lower league team in the cup can happen it’s what makes it exciting but for Rovers it’s a reflection of the general malaise that has settled over the club. I have never been so sure that this season is a disaster waiting to happen. I went against Swansea and it was their failings that gave us victory. I will continue to attend but it is sickening to watch a manager whose opinion of himself far outstrips his ability. COYB
  12. Your probably right but with 40% going to Newcastle,agents fees ,loyalty bonuses and probably other associated costs is the sale financially worth it. May as well keep him and let him contribute to maintaining championship status.
  13. I can’t write a sentence this morning. I’m with you walk on today
  14. Well that’s a bolt out of the blue. To use a line from Chevy Chase, I couldnt be more surprised if I Woke up with my head stitched to the carpet
  15. Sorry I couldn’t be bothered looking it up and relied on memory which at my age is a dangerous game 18 facup semi finals
  16. I understand what Jim’s saying. watford no trophies win crystal Palace no trophies won norwich 2 league cups southamPaton 1 trophy blackburn 3 champions of england 6 Fa cups 1 league cup 22 fa cup semi finals i can see how you get that we are the same. I already look up to the above 4 joint total of three trophies.
  17. Yeah I wouldn’t give Mowbray another penny. To use Souness words he can wee with the willy he’s got. It might spur him on to get Ayala of his arse. He bought him he can sort it out otherwise he’s a centre back short. I can’t remember who said it but players get you sacked and he’s handed out enough soft contracts to get himself in this position. In attack he has £12 million worth of players in Gallagher and Diaz let’s use them as strikers. Also Armstrong hasn’t left. To replace his false winger let’s use our wingers. Let’s say Champman and Dolan. Lets end the nonsense of everyone gets a game less he has and less fiddling he can do. If it doesn’t work sack him. The saved money can be given to the next man who might have a plan that does not involve mid table obscurity. Yeah let’s give it a go with what we’ve got give him any extra and he’ll mess up big time as per usual
  18. I thought Garrett looked pretty assured yesterday. If he is the young blond lad who came on in center midfield. Didnt seem hurried,aware of what was around him, broke up play and did the simple things well.
  19. I have no foundation for this but I believe the sale of the training ground was Mowbrays preferred solution to cost cutting when his promotion push went tits up . I believe Venkies actually pulled the plug on that. He wanted to sell the training ground to prevent cost cutting option B. That’s is the loss of 11 senior players and their wages without any replacements. The sale of Armstrong and Rothwell with no money released. Mowbray as squandered money and opportunity on what appears to be his own personal football philosophy vanity trip. He has a job for the boys mentality mainly because he wants the senior professionals to do his job for him. I went yesterday and even though it was a friendly we are on a collision course with relegation. While I love Rovers I can’t deny I’m going to take a lot of pleasure from watching the arrogant boro boy squirm. He’s got exactly what he deserves and I feel no sympathy. This time he’s just got kids no old guys in the dressing room to pull him out unless you count the Spanish sick note. Hopefully gone by Christmas.
  20. The supporters sang for Mowbray to give them a wave a couple of time but as far has I could see he didn’t respond. The Bolton manager did immediately to the Bolton fans. I guess disconnection is something you have to accept when your in the presence of a genius
  21. The main problem is that Mowbray over complicates the game. The younger players today did not appear to know what was expected of them and where placed in an unfamiliar system. Result they look much worse than they are. I heard him talking about counter acting the Leeds pivot on Thursday but these are young players let them concentrate on playing our style not always adapting and changing. The first half was appalling full of misplaced passes and personal errors. It likes like they’d just meet in the car park. The game in my opinion was rescued by Rothwell taking responsibility and putting Bolton on the back foot. Mowbray just needs to focus on our plan stop believing he is a football genius and that way he’ll get the best out of what we’ve got. Never happen by the way
  22. 1. Yes 2. No the crowd will force him out. He can’t stand criticism and we know the death spiral run of defeats will happen 3. Kaminski . Will be a busy chap this season 4. 17th 5. West Brom
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