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  1. I am worried to hear that Lowes after match comments seem to emphasise how badly things appear to be behind the scenes. He is worried about having a team ready for Swansea! It’s 2 weeks away we should be ready and we should have the players. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Rovers are set up for relegation, ruin, further ffp penalty, fire sale of everything that can be sold and then perhaps even worse to follow with administration 🤬🤬
  2. Prelude to a pitiful season ahead of you ask me. Maybe a seriously negative fan reaction at home v Swansea will make the penny drop. God help us on Wednesday but then again a heavy defeat by Leeds will also help the Mowbray out campaign
  3. Why would he leave and what position would he take? Bowyer is manager they don’t have an academy and they don’t have a youth set up that is anywhere near our set up not to mention he wouldn’t be on wages that are comparable to Rovers
  4. As ever club can’t please everyone🤬 looks decent to me will have a good look at it on Wednesday v Leeds
  5. Trybull is a good player he was a victim of injury issues and the Mowbray chop and change syndrome. Given a long run of games he is exactly the type of defensive midfielder that we need. Others May disagree on that but I think he is much better than we got to see
  6. Gum boots your highlighting fan/supporter engagement something which does not simply happen with BRFC
  7. Commercialism and Blackburn Rovers are incompatible and are at loggerheads with each other. Campaign should now start BRING BACK BEAMO
  8. How nice it would have been for the club to put on show our colours for the new season just to invoke a bit of interest 🤬
  9. I hope you don’t mind but I have included your stat in my latest email to Waggot. It’s a shocking indictment of the way our club has been managed
  10. No it’s perfectly believable as BRFC is just a ship treading the water line and the next ripple that comes along is going to sink it
  11. Been in Devon and Cornwall all week, beaches were busy but people still have others ample space. It’s outside, uv rays are high so very little chance of passing any virus on. People need to take some personal responsibility 😂 explain that to today’s youth who do not know the meaning of the above or of respect😂
  12. I love reading your input Chaddy however I have to disagree with your comment above. Rovers are totally dysfunctional and are a complete mess behind the scenes - the lack of organisation is emphasised as below: No commercialism regarding the kits, as we approach the end of July supporters have no idea as to the style or design of the new kit, yes we know we are blue and white for home but we only have speculation for the away colours! Season ticket sales will have bombed big time because there is no thought process in place from Waggot and co! Yes we have those who renew like myself but for many others it’s nothing but negativity there are no emails, no commercial promotion and no incentive for new or indeed older fans to renew. The communication from the club is absolutely the dregs. I have repeatedly emailed Waggot and those before him that communication from the club to the support is pathetic at best and needs some serious overhauling. Guess what? The shyster hasn’t responded again ! Where is the club promoting itself? The season is nearly upon us, we are at least 5 players short to give us a decent squad that is just about capable of survival in this league let alone progression, which should have been a relatively easy goal this coming season, to improve on 15th spot. The club is fast regressing to the one that slumped to relegation to Div 1 under the watchful gaze of Waggot, who I believe is out of his depth. Mowbray was good for Rovers at the time he took the job. He himself has gone stale, he has regressed big time, his experiments have failed spectacularly at times. I do not foresee how he will take us forward this season unless a miracle happens. It is these simple things that make a club tick, Rovers just cannot seem to get it right.
  13. Auction looks now to be starting for AA. Maybe Gray might be ok as a loan with the vast majority of his wages paid by Watford other than that NO!
  14. News flash Rovers players are in skins for the opening 4 matches due to supply issues caused by the tanker that blocked the Suez😅
  15. Cases are rising amongst school kids and the youth ages, accounting fir over 65% of daily infections the rest are in the main 18-29 yr olds. Can’t see any reason why crowds won’t be allowed in Ewood esp as the north west numbers are nowhere as bad as say the north east
  16. I saw the new forest blue top today whilst walking in Falmouth it looked an awful design and appeared “cheaply made and tatty”.
  17. This issue is a poor reflection on Rovers commercial operation 🤬🤬
  18. Because we have an utter fuktard in charge and he clearly has nothing about him in respect of commercialism
  19. But that Rev appears to be Rovers all over treating us like ducking dickheads
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