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  1. Egg on my face? I don’t ever recall saying that about me I do think I suggested the embarrassment would be a huge thing in the club and board. You really need to look into all aspects of the club and what may or may not have improved !
  2. You can suggest anything you want but again you are wrong as usual
  3. I’ve never said I wanted to work with anyone Khod all I have done is to seek answers to weed out utter shite spouted on here on other forums and often without any foundation and that is what I have done. I am happy with everything I learned as fact I am totally happy with what I have been told and there are no reasons why I should doubt it. I am further happy to have dispelled rumour and myth by my own investigations alongside information and evidence obtained by many others including members of this forum. So if some don’t like it or don’t agree then so be it. Am I bothered by it? Absolutely not. Am I concerned with alternative views and opinions ? No people can think what they want to believe even if it is total horseshit. Do I cuss those who have alternative views ? No I accept them as they are. Other than that I would say put me on ignore ! I really do it have any concerns other than the future of the club I have supported for 50 plus years. I can repeat ad finitum I want change I want Mowbray out and I want to see a change of ownership as well as a major overhaul of the current board. I also want to see Rovers fans backing the team but quite clearly as some point out it isn’t who owns us it isn’t the manager it’s because they have other things to do in a match day 😅 that is of course if you believe and accept what is written on here
  4. Don’t be so silly at no point have I ever posted support for venkys my support is for BRFC and the team ! It’s not my fault if people read what they think they want to read instead of looking at the actual words I wrote
  5. Sustained campaign ? It’s about finding the truth for the future of the club it’s nothing more than that. I kindly suggest that you reread everything and look at it subjectively
  6. Steve Bruce is now available sack mowbray and get him in
  7. It’s not me who rants about other clubs misfortunes and again at binoojntnhwve I ever defended venkys. If they didn’t put the cash exactly where would we be? Up shit creek administration and relegation x 2 or even more
  8. It always has been from the very first day that hasn’t changed and nor will it change their running of this great club has been nothing short of diabolical incompetence
  9. I will reiterate once and for all I am not nor have I ever defended venkys so get over it. On the pitch it’s Mowbrays own doing off it it’s the owners
  10. Yes because we would be in a lower league losing at Plymouth or at home to Mk dons😂😂
  11. We are in a relegation battle now and w3 are not even in November
  12. I would say he is if he was played in his right position which isn’t a false 9 or a central midfielder
  13. Rubbish! Mowbray himself just hasn’t got a clue on his best team or how to get the best out of the squad he has built himself he is quite simply out of his depth
  14. With 2 ex dingle forwards waiting to come in for qpr we all know the outcome 🤬
  15. Tombola Tony substitution lottery kicks in again😅
  16. From piss poor to turgid it’s absolute dross from both teams
  17. Pretty piss poor stuff from both sides ineffective tactics formation X very little creativity typical Mowbray set up 🤬
  18. I have to disagree entirely it was not baiting anyone it was simply highlighting an opinion echoed by many fans especially in this forum
  19. I am not nor will I defend anyone about the management of our club over the past 11 years nor have I ever sought to. It’s about bringing a bit of perspective to wrong information often posted on here and other forums. It is very clear where contracts and wages are being discussed the only things that are clearly obvious is contracts have been offered and players have so far declined to sign them. As for reasons why ? It’s pure speculation and is the reason for the cause of so much disdain
  20. I believe that a reasonable uptake in the sheff Utd ticket offer would also reap rewards if Rovers did something similar with the PNE game
  21. I don't care if people dont accept my views. What is out in the public domain is the wage structure that Rovers adhere to and wont break unless there is a full agreement. So, accepting that alone shows Rovers are very good payers by comparison to other clubs in this league. Another issue is that of those players mentioned as contract rebels, just who are the clubs in for them? Rothwell - Rangers and an alleged interest from Norwich/Sheff Utd? Lenighan - no bids Nyambe - no bids Brereton - no bids Kaminski - no bids or real foundation of interest.
  22. Do a little research and you will find the info it’s all out there in the open
  23. I disagree ! The Oxford game proved fans will come back be it floaters waverers or whatever. Coming out of this pandemic cash is desperately short across the EFL so as the club shows an element of willing the fans should also. It doesn’t take a great deal to see there is serious hatred of venkys and Mowbray and that added together they are a reason why some fans won’t return
  24. No contradiction at all the second paragraph is well documented in the public domain
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