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  1. If any evidence was still needed he's lost it this is it. The man is obsessed with opposition stats and many have always felt that's part of his problem. Too worried about cancelling them out than driving his own team forwards. This is what contributes to see the likes of Gallagher in wide right and left positions. I'd wager with anyone this man knows every league position and every player in every other club. I don't think anyone would ever doubt his knowledge of the championship. Another bizarre comment.
  2. I can just see the spin on that one. What will this revamped recruitment dept be thinking when they are showing prospective signings around Whitebirk instead of the Ribble Valley. No good is going to come out of this.
  3. I think they just wanted the PP granting then they could flog the land, or use it to borrow against after its big uplift in value. Just after getting a few million quid in asap then bothering about the rest after. When you consider the covid black hole, deferred wages etc, possible emergency external borrowings. Then chuck in that a quick injection of funds would help the FFP balance sheet i think it all adds up to being about the money. Too many factors point to that, the timing of it being the biggest.
  4. Trouble is they still seem to treat it like their other businesses they just haven't learned it needs the personal touch. So it gets reviewed at some point in summer and nothing can happen before then. In some cases nothing happens even then if they don't all agree on it Manager is still the line manager and they probably don't take anything on board until he's sat in front of them. The rest might have some title or other but are just box tickers. To be fair in recent years things have speeded up a bit in summer compared to what it was. That seems to be because Mowbray had stimulated thei
  5. First seaon back in the Championship after one season out. We need to follow the Sheff Utd model, we are 2 years behind Preston... I need 3 or 4 windows to build a squad to get out of this league... We need to do it like Sheff Utd, i need the summer defenders are coming.. We need to transition to possession if we want to get into the top spots. We need to follow the Swansea model and dominate the ball. We are 5 years behind Brentford we need to follow their model, even though iv'e sold them Raya for a few million and signing Gallagher with the proceeds. Him and Ben are
  6. I can see that happening and he was on course for similar at Boro but they pulled the plug at the right time. Even if there was no covid and Ayala had got fit i still don't think we'd be anywhere near it. Better off than we are yes but still in the middle pack somewhere. He's far from the worst manager but too many things he does seem counter productive and go against any kind of consistency.
  7. We were never going to keep that little early season purple patch going but to fall away so badly is criminal. All the warning signs there though after lockdown last year, started well, reeled in. Back to the transition to possession. Fall away badly, finish ok when end in sight.
  8. Beach is getting closer and closer, contracts need renewing, scouts are watching and we must be getting due the 1 in 6 good effort. With those things in play the players tend to suddenly rind a little bit more motivation going off previous seasons. Was the same with Bowyers boys yet when there really is something in sight at the other end of the league they can't seem to find it.
  9. He clarified that bit by saying he meant any income from a land sale would down as club income on the FFP sheet.
  10. It's that sterile now on and off the pitch that games at even championship level are played like chess by some managers. More content with stats and cancelling out some bog standard opposition right back than working on their own teams strengths to have a real go at winning. The game is going to be overloaded by backroom staff it doesn't really need but has to have because everyone else is doing it. What happened to real entertainment on the pitch and players as well as fans looking like they enjoy it ?
  11. Yep the absence of a real Blackburn based board of directors. Not employed by or provided by any outside source with their own self interest in mind, or the first team manager. That is the problem here literally nobody to give the right advice based on what they see and know. Just a gaggle who are telling their side of it and a messenger who's still learning the difference between football and cricket.
  12. However did football manage before these lads turned up with their ipads, degrees and percentages. Its improved the game and the managers no end, i wonder if stats can be bet on by any chance ?
  13. That's what i'd expect or maybe sell off the smaller site instead. Seed already sown with Mowbray wanting seniors training on the other bit. After all the feelers out and dealing with RVC on this 'shelved' project i'm sure they've got a few inside tips on what else might just be favorable instead. They'd perhaps get a nice deal for the whole site from some huge developer or fund who's happy just to sit on it for a while. Maybe even - shock horror - rent it back to them !
  14. Just another convenient excuse for the biggest excuse maker the club has had. If TM drops his tooth brush in the morning he must spend ten mins telling his wife about all the faults in the bathroom. Nothing to do with his own hands. Someone tell him Don McKay got Rovers to 3 play offs and won a pot at Wembley training them on public parks.
  15. 'Shelved' being the operative word, not scrapped or cancelled but shelved. Be interesting to see what plan B is.
  16. I was on about the ones telling us on twitter that everything is fine because the some of the sums add up 🤣
  17. This is what i was getting at, the young ones signed so far might not have cost much in transfers but the wages add up. Both Bell and Brereton should have been loaned out long ago. 1 to free up a wage or percentage. The other to get some time under his belt and build his match strength. He doesn't like doing that with his signings that aren't working though. Chapman probably had to tell him where to go in order to get bombed out.
  18. As was Bell, it's the long contract and efforts to justify them that causes problems if they aren't up to it.
  19. Bell was a long term signing - He looks no different, better or worse than when he first turned up. Brereton was a very expensive long term signing - The jury is eating a lot of sandwiches and drinking a lot of tea on that one still. Chapman was a long term signing - say no more. So the cv on that approach is very underwhelming with this present regime. Maybe pages full of stats approach will yield better. Because the judgement hasn't been very good so far. Young players we produce ourselves tend to fare better or as well at least.
  20. If you've got an Hons degree in it or whatever then there'll be a need to willy wave it around.
  21. It'll be more fun, another plus is if we win and it wipes you out for a day or two you won't have to suffer Mowbrays gloating smirk and his disciples spilling out the woodwork.
  22. That's about the size of it. Along with them probably being cheap on the commission front and having a few desperado's on their books.
  23. A few of them might get into top 6 sides but very few of them would stay in going off what we see here. Then again it's all about finding their niche in a decent functioning team. That rarely happens here they don't get chance to find any consistency in a lot of cases. They way the team is run and the turnover of players off and on is counter productive to that.
  24. In this instance it's understandable they might sell Armstrong and use what profit there is to balance the books. Hard as it is to swallow it's not unusual that side of it this time is bad luck. Still swings back to the manager though for pishing all that money away on two guys he can't make head or tail of. He should be potted for that but i think it might actually be something that helps keep him in a job. He'll be telling the owners he can adjust play again and make one of them shine and double in value. They'll probably swallow it as well. We all know though we are in the mire ne
  25. They are happy to take huge losses and waste other millions if it's the right people in their eyes doing the wasting. Those doing it now want to cut it to impress the owners even if it means the club shrinking even further. Because their wages and bonuses don't so they don't give a toss.
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