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  1. VLL which owns and funds the club belongs to the parent company VH Group who inject share capital in etc. The two big Ds are in charge of all that therefore they'll have the final say on Rovers funding, despite whoever is playing with it further down the pecking order.
  2. To do that you need imagination and a bold drive to get people back in. If they'd done it when they should have after promotion and set out a clear plan of aiming to crack the top end within a few seasons it would've pulled a few more in. Slashing the ST prices like some similar clubs have done in the past to 199/250 would've seen 14/15k home fans in regularly. Then you can slowly increase the price again, barring dire seasons, that would've seen us now still with 10k plus ST holders. Things would've looked a little better off the pitch despite the muddled under achieving stuff on it. In short, around here you've got to get them in whilst you can because you've no chance when things are tough.
  3. Only if the ownership provides the same budgets and the cutback isn't permanent. If that's the case there is big trouble ahead no matter who is manager.
  4. Thought that for a long while and things did change at companies house in terms of overal control. Still think Madame is in charge of the VH group though and if money comes via that she'll still have a big say in it. I do think though that BJ and son play real life football manager with the club.
  5. Yep very tricky ground if one side wants to stay but the other wants change or vice versa. Like i said though i think this is the wheels starting to churn leading to his new deal. Making it sound like things are up in the air is an attempt at forcing some hands imo. Then again it is Alan 'i'll make something up' Nixon.
  6. Mowbray got sacked at Boro for going nowhere under sliding crowds and fans ready to turn. If Mowbray goes why not give Neil a go ? He's out performed Mowbray with far less and his team have beaten ours. Shouldn't cost the earth if it didn't work out. There's worse out there for sure.
  7. On what grounds does he have authority to do that if he's just a messenger boy ? I think it's always been blatantly obvious this kind of thing has gone on at Ewood all along no matter who the manager is. All this xyz is in sole charge of transfers is gubbins under this ownership. Do we have another Shebby Singh in our midst wielding a bit of clueless power around off his own bat ? Albeit a publicity shy version of course, i wonder why that is.
  8. They've got to be made to feel wanted by the manager above all else except money i'd say.
  9. Iv'e been wondering why theres not been any mention of his contract being up this season. Not by the local rag or anyone else outside the fanbase which i found a bit suspicious. Now it begins, a bit like the outgoing transfer stuff usually starts...Nixon ! When it was mention by a couple on here they'd heard there'd be a root and branch clear out this summer it looks as if that was right. My opinion on it though at the time was it would be Waggot and Mowbray conducting it not the more popular thought that they'd be the first victims of it. Well here we are, he survived some of the worst non winning runs in history. Survived being backed as much as possible within limits to have a go at the top end only to keep seeing seasons derailed. And he's still here whilst many have been weeded out not only that hes brought yet another of his pals in. This folks is the start of the wheels churning in public leading to his new contract.
  10. I posted that a while ago it struck me as very relevant everything you need to know about how he works is in there. He'll squeeze it till it pops, make sure there is enough to cover his own wages then fire off and leave someone else to pick up the pieces.
  11. It's his usual double edged nonsense probably lifted from comments on here. For a start the under 10k pwk thing just fits with the FFP and embargo stuff. The not sanctioning long term deals etc surely applies to our own out of contract players as well ? Perhaps someone is trying to shove Mowbray under the bus it's classic Rovers under Venkys. Blame shifting but nothing changes because no one actually officially comments on anything. Next thing we know he'll have a contract extension and Nixon will be spinning that as a sensational U turn. I can fully believe that Mowbray and co encouraged them to sell Armstrong for the money on offer. After telling them they had a cheaper replacement lined up only for that to fall flat or be bullshit. They should know how he works by now though, slow train to retirement.
  12. I don't get people blowing smoke up his fat ring at all he's a well known sh#t stirrer. Especially when it comes to Rovers so why put this story out now ? Naff all else to write that's why.
  13. Maybe he just felt like being a bigger fish in a smaller pond for similar money. Here he'd be playing back up to kids and get rotated so much he'd be dizzy.
  14. Yet... Nothing is done with any drive here anymore it's always why bother today we'll do it tomorrow. Waggot only surfaced to try and cover his arse over Brockhall then went back under his downgrading manual. TM will just be consulting his Coldplay album with his tea and biscuits before he lets rip with his spin when the tame local media get in front of him. All very relaxed and comfortable.
  15. Yep at some point we'll have to take a big hit and it'll be a painful one but it needn't be a long one as demonstrated at Bolton etc.
  16. The LT comments section is the club propaganda account nothing more. It's the two or three banging the drum for everything that goes on down there. On here, twitter and even facebook has more balance to it. Plenty posts the other night expressing similar views to a lot on here in terms of the transfer window. As well as the usual more positive views.
  17. It was similar though early on last season we played a bit of counter attacking stuff and pressed high in other games. Then once there was a few points on the board it seemed to become all about possession every week. Odd game aside of course. Fully expect similar this season he can't resist messing about with it every time something has worked well hes altered it at some point. Hence no real consistency until the possession stats popped up last season. Usually it's the rotation of players and trying to get people involved all the time that dictates here.
  18. I don't see how he can be expecting any sort of backing now to be honest. He himself knows that for our income hes had tremendous backing compared to similar clubs in his entire time here. He spaffed 12 million on 2 forwards years ago and only recently do we see any green shoots from either. He just about covered that with the sale of Armstrong but that was 4 years in the making nearly. Also he fell out with then nudged out a keeper for 3 million who is now probably worth triple that. The likes of Downing will have cost over a million in his brief stint here and there are other examples. So he's still in debt to them to the tune of millions on any balance sheet although of course selling a fit Dack would've balanced it. Pray we don't have to wait another 4 years for him to produce and sell another over 10 million !
  19. They are daft enough to be hoodwinked again though by people they trust. Not maybe in the evil way of some of the former nest of snakes but more in a gentle trusting way. If and it's a big 'if' it's an ambitious top end challenging club they want then they are just backing the wrong horses again. Because they don't appear to be being ripped off almost monthly to the tune of millions disappearing and they like the guys in charge they just go along with it. One plan comes up they back it, doesn't work, a raft excuses get swallowed so tear it up and give us another one. We are on about the 3rd one now so you'd think some coffee might be being smelled. Wouldn't hang my hat on it though.
  20. Funny how most disappear in the puff of death spiral smoke only to return when there is that 1 win 12.
  21. The owners are very capable of paying lip service and even more capable of Boris Johnson style U turns at the 11th hour. I wouldn't hold my breath for anything until it actually happens.
  22. He will have told their clubs he'll develop them so i expect a few surprises. In typical fashion he'll have one or two of them shoehorned in somewhere they don't fit just to see if they can cope with it. It's absolute heaven for him all this is that's why i'm 90% certain it's him and the other two's idea to go this way.
  23. They aren't capable of it nor do i think theres ever been much real desire. You can tell that by the patterns of play and style at times. Never been a hint or urgency or grabbing the bull by the balls its always been plod along 'this time next year' type stuff. They've pitched the slow build then been found out, pitched the possession stuff and getting in some experience whose done it before etc. Resulted in contributing to worst finish in years. So then they turn around and say you need 100 million ! To me this is just their latest little plan to keep their circus on the road another few years. So many things to hide behind now they've created their own cover.
  24. I think it quite simply could just be a case of the Coventrio trying to show the owners they can operate with a small budget after coming under possible scrutiny for all they spent. And obviously the FFP issues. With AA out the door and the fee incoming it gives them leverage. Then not spending just begging and borrowing to finish midtable sets them up for new contracts. Look we've achieved the same as last season with 2 thirds the budget, that type of thing. Then throw in a few lines about journey starting and this is the way to promotion without 100 million but it may take another 2 or 3 years. And there you have it their sales pitch for new deals !
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