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  1. He'll just blame it on wage demands, even though they managed to get round that last season. Have to say though i'm on board with the youth policy now it's the way they've started to go so stick to it. I'm not on board with the paying for loans short term fix policy though, not to the tune or 5 or 6 players anyway. However the better ones in recent years have been young and although raw they make up for it in effort and energy. Iv'e seen enough Evans, Bennetts, Williamsons, Douglas's and all the rest to last a lifetime. The problem with Rovers over most of the championship time is never being able to keep up energetic performances. One feisty effort every 5 or 6 games is the norm but this present lot are managing it every game at the min. The key is for the manager to tap into that and let them do it not start trying to base everything on possession again. I'd like a bit of presence in the middle but it needs to be someone well under 30 with a set of legs and lungs !
  2. Within reason, as in within an upper mid budget, Mowbray has got what hes asked for here. The whole time really, Wanted to stay after relegation - Was kept on. Wanted Waggot - Got him Wanted a Championship style budget - Got it. Wanted Dack & AA - Got them. Wanted to invest in young British players after promotion for a slow build - Got 15 mill over 2 summers. Wanted experience after moaning we lacked it - Got money allowed for various contracts and loans over a few seasons - Holtby, Downing, Johnson etc Wanted some with experience of promotion after bleating that was then missing - Got Trybull, Douglas etc. Wanted high end young loans after bemoaning that's the only way to afford quality - Got money for Reed, Tosin, Elliot, etc etc Changed to possession football after non of the above was working like he'd said it would, stating the Swansea model. That didn't work but he survived poss the worst non winning run in history. Now allowed to completely change tack yet again and is getting the 5 or 6 young loanees he required. Yes the ownership is what it is but enough of this playing them off against each other. He's had great backing in terms of enough to build something better and being left to get on with it. At the end of the day it's a combination of both but the main thing they are guilty of here is putting too much faith in these people. People who don't/won't deliver what they allegedly want/need. What would Mowbray do with the same budget as last season ? Naff all different and the Nyambie thing has been rumbling on years anyway. It was always going to come to a head eventually.
  3. That's exactly what he's doing giving himself as many cheap options as possible. We thought a smaller squad shorn of his favs would mean a more sensible settled side and less messing. Reckon we can forget that, he's going to be in tinkerman heaven again.
  4. He's done it before and as clumsy as he looks he's hardly Chris Brown.
  5. So he can hoof or loan a few of them out presumably. Probably got a 2 for 1 deal with Brighton.
  6. I have my issues with Mowbrays methods but he's hands down steadier than Coyle. It's just worrying he started sounding like him last season. If TM belongs in the mid ranges of the Championship or league one Owen firmly belongs in the bog end of Scottish football.
  7. Agreed but it's just what they've always done but its rarely been used properly. Various incumbents get used to it being there and either pilfer as much as they can or just take it fir granted and waste it. Then when the taps get turned off there is all out panic and danger of implosion. Yes they employ these people but this set in particular came in when there was a proper reset going on. Since then they've continually told us about a journey, about building a football club and about squad value. Well now their own chickens are coming home to roost in many ways. I doubt its been perfect behind the scenes but this lot have had the best most calm backing and period in Venky history at Rovers. This season is now the sum total of their period in charge of the building. Lets see how they handle what some other clubs in this division have to operate with all the time. Personally i think we should be in better shape now than what we are regardless of the owners.
  8. Like iv'e said far be it from me to defend this ownership but not sure how they are supposed to spend when we are at the brink of more FFP sanctions. Not saying they would anyway but not long ago they did a share conversion of about 20 million was it ? That was to see us through the covid losses presumably on top of everything else. At some point in the next 6/12 months they'll have to do another issue or 5 / 10 million it's fair to assume. The AA money will ease things a little but it's a drop in the ocean really and the manager looks set to blow some of that on short term loans of kids. Just to see us through this season in this club hes apparently been building for the last 4 seasons since the last reset. I just hope we get through this season unscathed and they provide a bit of backing for a proper rebuild next summer.
  9. They'll just have been the easiest option and probably the highest bidder for the food franchise. Now they have to not only make their money back but try and turn a profit from whoever buys stuff. The sometimes high match prices and sub 10k home sections won't help that at all. So their prices have to be high and no doubt the staff levels have to be cheap. Vicious circle and not unique to Rovers i wouldn't have thought. Still lazy and typical of the football industry like everything else outsourcing and passing the buck. As the crowds get smaller you'd think it might actually open up opportunities for some things a bit more local and more in tune with the surroundings.
  10. He must have the best job in the championship comparable to similar clubs. Whilst i agree the stick goes OTT at times so does people trying to give sob stories on his behalf. He's part of the issue he's running the team/squad and has had and retains within reason what appears to be 100% backing from the ownership. For all we know what is going on this season and summer is his plans. So yes whilst he certainly isn't the worst manager around he's also a very fortunate one to have owners like these. The man has surrounded himself with pals inside the club, hes carried players he personally likes on good contracts for years when they are contributing very little. He's never ever had the rug pulled from under him despite the club needing extra income. He's also had a top Cat academy producing players to pick from others in a similar position don't have. If he's suffering budget cuts now he's not alone due to the covid situ but part of it is also his own making. So if we are being fair lets have the full picture not just keep trying to say bad ownership. It's the same ownership hes been happy to work under for going on 5 years or whatever.
  11. I reckon Jack would've made sure the best steel was used our 3 stands are pretty solid looking. Just lack of basics in terms of cleaning etc although cracking concrete is a worry. To upgrade the riverside would cost millions but i suppose it could be kept going with basic maintanence for now. As said though it's all the little things that add up over time and i was thinking in terms of the future. They won't do much unless we get Prem income and that is about as likely as life on mars being found in the next 5 years. So yes including the pitch - which at some point will become a priority - then 10 million is a fair estimate. And that is now not 5 or 10 years it's a scary prospect. Yet when you think besides buying the club and the initial overdraft these lot have thrown around 200 million into the abyss. Transfers out and in fee wise probably more or less balance out but everything else is in the 'needs urgent big investment' column. It's ridiculous and it's scandalous some start looking at selling fixed assets as nothing more than a short term quick fix.
  12. Probably not unless you can watch it on the Rovers TV thing.
  13. If that lad is on 11k then Rovers paying about half fits in with the 5k pwk limit that's been mentioned. Sounds about right but of course a loan fee as well and agents fees etc would drive it up. Over a season it still might be half a million. Now times that by poss 4 or 5 that's a lot of money. Yes you're getting 5 bods in for a few million but it's still a few million evaporated with no potential return. Good kids they may be ability wise but smart business it isn't.
  14. It's almost like people are being discouraged to travel and will have to pay to watch it on screen instead......😉 Seriously though how many coaches do they run ?
  15. Hes been a manager long enough to know 2 wins in 17 or whatever it was really isn't good enough with any squad. So that brings with it an amount of uncertainty from everyone.
  16. Never found the Riverside remotely intimidating although they can make a din when they are in the mood, same as anywhere really though. Ayresome was a different kettle of fish but it was a different era to be fair. Nothing against Boro as a club there are similarities and playing them regularly has been a staple of my Rovers supporting life. They have good ownership that will probably guide them back up at some point. Can't stand Warnock but i would've carried him here on my back instead of Coyle. I think he'll fancy this one and have them revved up to get stuck in quickly to our young side and look to expose the weak points. It's a very tricky game as always and should be a close one. It is another one we can pinch though if the attitude is right and the luck isn't against us. Boro 1 Rovers 2
  17. He certainly looked very fed up at times last season and at others like he clearly didn't give a toss. Poor professionalism from a decent human that as is deliberately dragging feet with certain things this season.IF of course that is remotely true. However you are 100% right they shouldn't go behind anyone's back but all this has happened before. I think last season he was basically saying well sack me and pay me up then which they should have done. They were probably hoping he'd just walk but they've learned nothing if that's the case. I struggle for sympathy with either set of them but it's the team, club and fans caught in the middle again. I said years ago when he was in favour it was a very dangerous game giving a manager so much power with no real structure above him.
  18. Good luck in getting the LT to print that. Good idea though but tricky to get through plus there's an army of nodding dogs out there will pour scorn on it. Half of them the same person on social media but it influences others.
  19. I think he kept him on because he feared he might not be able to bring anyone at all in or only a couple at most. They most likely knew they could offload him to Shrewsbury again at some point and of course we know he looks after lads from the North East. It's his unwritten rule.
  20. Some people have a fast metabolism. Plus you should be able to get some refreshments or late lunch if you've rushed there that's what the snack bars are for. What you shouldn't be is ripped off inside a football stadium for second rate grub. It isn't the cinema or theater after all so the food should be more in line price wise with the surroundings and experience.
  21. Far be it for me to offer defense to the ownership but as far as the budget goes we don't know who has recommended what. They could have slapped the brakes on Mowbray after hes inflated the wage bill with all sorts of bits and bats over the last few years. Or as has been alluded to this could be the Coventrio trying to extend their stay by presenting a low budget plan to the owners and saying they can reset things again. Or it could just be a simple case of the only way to sort the FFP and not risk anymore sanctions is to slash and burn and hope for the best. However it's dressed up the last few years come back firmly and squarely to Waggot and Mowbrays doorstep. Venkys own the vehicle and pay for it but these lot are in charge of the keys and the steering wheel.
  22. He's a good player i like him and would prefer to keep him on a modest contract. It's a fair enough example to flag up ( because there is little else ) but i don't think he's developed at all. He had injury issues and recently hes had more first team involvement but never a regular and the team isn't set up around him. Mowbray has more or less admitted he's shoehorning him in to try and make him look good. If he was still on a 3 year deal who is coming in now and offering good money going off what they've seen in the last 3 years ? Nobody i'd say, he'd still just resemble a cheap punt for another club there isn't many championship teams he'd walk straight into at the min.
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