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  1. It'll be under 10k for sure on Tues unless they are doffing another 1000 free tickets out to kids. Or Hull bring 2k.
  2. Nothing we haven't seen before dozens of times in the last 4 years. Same manager same patterns to things same things happen. Trying to kill a game off and using your attacking talent you've been collecting OR fiddle about with it. Something you keep trying to make work whilst using it as an exercise to get some mins into some other players. Ref was the worst by a country mile seen in years at Ewood for both sides really. Cramp was the least karma could serve him. Game and points thrown away today, excuse ready made all season though for that very crafty guy in the dugout.....Young team young team young team. Still told what to do by the same guy though, complicating straight forward things. Not what you should be doing with such a young side !
  3. I'm another Assam lover and recent convert it's the only one i can find that hits the spot. Has to be leaf tea for me and Yorkshire is second choice although can go Tetley in the tea bags. Have to double up though, 2 in the strainer 😆 PG, Typhoo etc is rank imo and most of the other stuff is too weak. Like a coffee as well but it doesn't like me in the morning so usually have one around 7pm, any later and it's no sleep till 3am !! Also being an ageing athlete i often like to start the day with a green tea about 6.30am -- only so i can save the delight of a proper brew till a bit later.
  4. Exactly. What some managers and ceo's in this league would give for a 15/20 million backing group of owners, a top class academy and training ground. And to be left in situ year on year with zero pressure whilst providing jobs for their pals and holding onto their best and favourite players as long as they can. Despite the brainwashing and hogwash that gets spouted this club and job is still the envy of many in the championship and just below it.
  5. He's not far off though to be fair, just needs to swap 'good' to 'underachieving in recent years' and hes nailed it. 🙂
  6. Useless if correct although so far he's been unimpressed with the managers pitch, failed a medical and pulled a strop over bonuses ! Oh, also it was all made up and he never set foot in the place, others prefer to still assume it was the owners pulling the plug. Whatever it was it doesn't reflect well yet again, must be about the 5th in the last few windows that a range of garbled excuses have been offered for a non signing.
  7. He's been on a hiding to nothing with this one so we can't blame him it sounds like hes dug his heels in which is good. I was expecting him to cry about Ben not being able to go and be prepared to role over if there was a loophole.
  8. Maja is the one we are on about being in the building i assume. Not seen that he's joined anybody better than us though might be wrong. From what iv'e read it was basically a done deal all set up but somewhere between him turning up to sign and deadline it's not happened.
  9. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's poss massaging the truth a bit.
  10. Of course he'll say it if that's what he thinks especially if it's a player who he might not really want but just needs bodies. Then it's up to the lad himself, TM prides himself on his 'honesty'. It's well documented that other people bring in players so if the manager isn't that keen having been presented with someone i think it'll show in face to face talks. He's already said it wasn't financial and i haven't seen that he's signed anywhere better.
  11. I'm thinking more that there might be issues regarding game time in talks with permanent players. Like some lad coming ready to sign having agreed terms to be then told he'll be behind a loanee kid in the pecking order initially. When the recruitment team, agents, the ceo, owners and all that have done their bit in getting the player there terms agreed it's the managers job to bag him. Not sure how many options someone like Bell had but he mentioned the drive and ambition of the selling job Lutons manager did. Remarking he'd never come across that before which i thought might have been a bit of a ref to Mowbray. Of course it could be down to medical but that kind of thing usually leaks out pretty quick.
  12. Not sure how serious they actually are with some of these players they so called go for on permanents. Seem quick enough to guarantee other clubs loanees game time and of course would he have let an ex boro boy leave the building without signing ?
  13. Hes constantly blamed the finances in the past when these alleged advanced efforts to sign some have fallen down. Can't really do that this time after a big sale so now it's not financial. Well what is it then ? Probably more worrying hearing that for once it isn't money.
  14. Bayes loves Mowbray that much has always been clear, he chucks in the spongeballs for Tony to bat away without effort.
  15. An eternal defeatist whose very first thought on everything is to get the excuses in first.
  16. If the manager has actually learned anything from Bell the last few years he'll get somebody running at him and into the space he leaves behind. Therefore i expect he'll stick Gallagher back on the right and maybe even double up to stop their flying left wing back!!!! A tough evenly matched afternoon in store i reckon. 1 -1
  17. The nodding dogs still think all is well though and pour their sympathy towards the club, its 300k per year exec and billionaire badly advised owners. Rovers fans have no right to moan don't you know, this is our level.
  18. It was that rammed in there my feet were off the ground whilst going forwards, sideways, backwards. It was surreal and a bit scary although that was nothing compared to the snarling Stoke mob outside 🙂
  19. Going back before that to when we resembled something similar to what they've reduced us to again the Don Mackay years were brilliant. I'd give anything for someone with his attitude to walk through the door again. Probably not much footage of that era knocking about but it's worth a look.
  20. As usual it seems they've got it arse over elbow.
  21. Literally sat at home looking for the next thing to put the squeeze on. I wonder how many times hes costed up closing the riverside.
  22. No mate, overseen by them would be the odds on bet.
  23. I think hes probably been brought in with next summer in mind and an even bigger turnover of bodies.
  24. If we were getting 14k home fans every home game the arguments would be the same. The extra few quid brought in wouldn't have made much difference despite what gets said. They'd have found a way to waste it the problem at Ewood , with the wealthy generous but clueless owners and the void, it all gets taken for granted by those drawing a big wage from it. People would bleat 'but we don't get 18/20k like some do, if we did we'd be doing this that an the other'. Rovers aren't getting that in this league barring some brief revolution or other. It's all bollocks everything begins and ends at the top in terms of how it's run and funded and on the field. How it's managed and how those funds are used. Everything else, crowds, FFP, pitch and the rest are just convenient excuses and distractions. At least 100 million above the clubs own income and sales must've been spewed on this decade of mostly championship football. We should be in a much healthier position and it's #### all to do with the crowds or fans.
  25. Him and Suhail must have that lot in their pockets the silence and lack of accountability must be either bought off or warned off.
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