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  1. He's the only one who can really answer the questions that needs asking he is the owners right hand man. I'm constantly amazed he's allowed to continue his existence in some sort of parallel universe away any scrutiny. Local press should be ashamed of themselves, if he won't front up then flush him out, call him out but do something. What really is his role ? Who else is he connected to ? Who pays him and how much ? Is he on some kind of % for wheeling and dealing players or is he connected to or running his own agency from the club ? And why does he just sit back and hide in the shadows whilst the club goes round in circles and Mowbray & Waggot seem to do what they want ? If he's completely powerless then why is he even here, if he is ?
  2. How many loans will we need next season ? Steve and Tony are creating room in the budgets for their own contract extensions
  3. Downing back last season when there was no need, 400k and a long contract to Pears, the Chapman saga. There's a million quid down the tubes there for no good reasons at all. Then some wonder how money gets wasted here and why a lot of us think Mowbray is taking the piss.
  4. If there'd been a player released by Boro, with the right connections wanting 20k pwk short term deal and Mowbray fancied him, he'd be here now. That's how self serving this lot are it's a rancid set up.
  5. Why is anyone surprised at all ? We have form for this frequent low balling for players whose clubs have set a rough price. When and if they ever get past that they then low ball them with wage offers so it falls through. We get told they wanted 30k pwk, then they sign for clubs paying less than half that. Con jobs, the mass signings of the types we've got tells you all you needed to know about the real plan.
  6. 'Johns come in and done a great job he's sold a player in the last 12 months of his contract for big money. Hes brought in a host of highly thought of young players who'll only get better. Hes been sleeping at the training ground and hasn't seen his family, he works all hours this is why i, er sorry the club brought him here. The owners understand, they are happy with our business'
  7. The back end is going to get rotated as much as the front line. It's ok though because he's only bothered about players personal development not league positions. Even if they aren't actually ours and offer no long term benefit to the club whatsoever.
  8. True, probably for the first time ever on a consistent basis under Mowbray but now with all these kids to shoehorn in.....
  9. Bingo. It's going back to how it used to be with all the ins and outs. Next thing they'll be flogging young players to lower div clubs for a few hundred grand again.
  10. Yeah but Tony has promised to develop him in another position probably.
  11. I'd be surprised if he's even involved in some of these to be honest.
  12. Healy same agent as the left back just signing plus the Greek keeper, Travis and another or two. Probably someone trying hard to get him in here.
  13. A Venky friendly agent or Balaji wanting to promote their brand over there.
  14. I think he does he's just never had the right personnel to play it or nous to get them. Certainly not at Championship level. Imo it's obvious he's always wanted a core style of 3 at the back with attacking wing backs. Tried it wherever hes been and tried it here after relegation. I think if he could get away with it that's how he'd always go it's another never ending experiment of his. Now if he'd recruited for it from the very beginning we might have a system that works well by now. Instead it's just the same old swap/change/shoehorn stuff and grab what you can who can play in several positions. One thing he isn't nor never has been here is a specialist recruiter.
  15. If he'd looked for one who could defend first and foremost we'd probably have had one in years ago. Not the Mowbray way though that.
  16. Sounds to me like theres been a few token offers of half valuation flying around. 'We tried but...' How serious are they actually ? 2 more loans in who can play wing/false 9/mid probably. Surprise signing ..... Downing back on a 5 year deal !!!!!
  17. A decade out would be a concern for any possible recruit but the other bit ? That's the pond we fish in.
  18. It's hard to tell at times though, yes they get deployed as wide strikers but it depends on what the other side is doing. Often they end up like defensive wingers stopping the other teams full backs coming forwards. Other times they are indeed peeling wide looking to put a ball in. They both tend to spend a lot of time chasing around in circles in wide mid positions though after terrible first touches of just getting pushed to the deck! It's a real mish mash at times which is why we lack so much balance and offer nothing going forwards. However we are getting away with it so far this season so it can be argued it's working. Just not in the way wide 'strikers' should do.
  19. He'd be exactly the kind of signing that ballses up wage bills and FFP. Doesn't matter if he slips into the right team and helps fire them up mind but for the likes of us it's Leon Best territory. He must have agreed peanuts at Brum.
  20. I don't know there's been a few things to contradict that as well down the years. I think ToMo just waffles the first thing that comes to mind. Obviously you don't want to reveal your hand and i doubt it's very much anyway. Allegedly though it's not unusual for Rovers to offer some rather odd staged payment deals. Every now and then one might drop if they tip up a good enough deposit.
  21. I think he was saying similar stuff before they tipped up 5 million for Gallagher. You just never know at this club, it seems that if someone pops up he or someone involved really wants they suddenly find money.
  22. That's not the debate though is it he was fercking useless the season we went down. Good in league 1 as you'd probably expect then bang average at best back in the Championship. Why did he lose his place then get bombed out ? Decent guy who played a massive part in bouncing back no doubt but club legend ? Aye to the under 20's maybe.
  23. The young cheap punts out of the Scottish leagues tend to have done alright at Rovers. The ones with bigger reps having more paid for them and/or big contracts chucked in front of them have tended to flop. Ferguson, Amoruso, Goodwille, Stokes and the like. Even Mulgrew whilst being great in lge 1 wasn't up to much in the Championship. His wand of a left foot was quality but defensively he wasn't all that. Must've cost a fortune in wages as well.
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