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  1. And season tickets still represent a good saving yet we lose this many again. Kind of says everything yet it'll be glossed over in the upper corridors and ignored by Pune. We can afford the losses say the ownership, we need money scream the CEO and manager. We'll never prosper realize those who know.
  2. Therein lies the key. Buying Brereton and Gallagher totally blew the Brentford nonsense out of the water even if they'd hit the ground running. You'd be going some to try and turn a quick profit at those fees. They don't fit the long term development line either at those prices when the rest of the squad was screaming out for investment. Many mid table managers given those funds would've looked to build a side or strengthen their weak areas first. I don't care how they eventually work out they were daft signings at the time.
  3. I thought you were on about the Boro away price. For me i think it's how it's pitched for home games it worked when Allardyce was here but that was Prem football. Right now although 20 quid would be cheap these days the supply still far outweighs the demand at Ewood. It's all about how it's percieved though, perception is a massive part of marketing but often gets overlooked. £20 to come a support a bright new young side stacked with academy graduates. The club in a new era taking a bold new direction with a real plan to re-ignite the club and push it forwards. or £25-£38 pounds to watch the same manager trying the same things with a bunch or raw kids and loans. Selling anything is a tough gig in Blackburn so it has to go hand in hand with belief and ambition more than anything. Me personally i'd just price it at 25-30 max in all but the premium central area in the JW upper. Leave it all alone then everyone knows where they stand and don't feel angry and ripped off when they hike it up just to fleece big away followings. That then leaves scope to do the odd cheap ticket offer and maybe one or two top end Cat A fixtures if needed. West Brom brought around 2.5k and the home sections were agaian under 10k with maybe a good few hundred of those complimentary and schools tickets and the like. I'm not having it for one minute there wouldn't have been another 1 or 2 thousand on had the Swansea prices been left alone. Again what they are doing is counter productive and just designed to squeeze those who can be bothered or can afford it. So it's perceived badly.
  4. All that was missing from Waggot in that Brockall explanation interview was his flicking his tie like Oliver Hardy in a black and white comedy. I think that kind of sums him up and whatever he comes out with. He's just a salesman and wandering the corporate suits he's doing his selling job. On the plus side at least he is there it's not that long ago Rovers had no director representation really.
  5. Didn't Mowbray remove himself from that responsibility not long ago ? I thought he'd passed the buck to his CEO in the LT on that score. Perhaps one doesn't know what the other is doing these days.
  6. For all we know Mowbray has told them he can cover the striker position with these young loans. For all we know someone else is telling them i can find you another young British 'investment' striker with your Armstrong money. It's likely many people are still blowing smoke up rear ends in the form of so called advice. Just depends on which if any they pick or if they go with a bit of both to keep everybody happy. I reckon it's fair to assume Mowbrsy & Waggot present their plan and get the wages budget for it. Then anything extra is on a whim but by no means guaranteed to anybody so anything could happen. That's how it's always been there's nowt different happening there'll be loads of activity in the void between here and India. Just a question of if the Pune farmhouse radar picks up on it or not. It would though be a bit daft if they just spend for the sake of it that's how you end up with the BBs and Gallaghers.
  7. We haven't been a trading club for years like some of the others but for a little spell we were a buying club. AA, BB, SG all arrived in succession costing 15 million, that's quite ambitious for a mid table mid budget Championship cub. Bolting it on to what was here already and other signings stretching the wage budget to busting point again should have resulted in us being top 10 regulars. Now after selling Raya and Armstrong for somewhere in the region of 15-20 milllion combined. Dependent on what figures you believe and with a supposed new cycle of FFP on the horizon it's time to be a trading club again. A smart one, laying out several million per season in loan fees and wages just to aim to finish 15-12th isn't particularly smart imo. Somehow i think the ownership might just have been blagged again into thinking this will result in a stab at the top.
  8. @RevidgeBlue Last paragraph is pretty damning of the situation and needs pinning on twitter and facebook. So many never look at the big picture as to how these things unfold and all the signs along the way are there. It's always forget yesterday tomorrow we'll be fine ! Well no because yesterday shapes today. I get what @JBizis saying in less extreme it's certainly less crazy and unpredictable than it was. Mowbray certainly steadied the waters and pointed the ship in the right direction. However he then seemed happy to sail it in circles around the same island pretending he was on some adventurous journey over unchartered waters. They needed a firm nudge in one direction or the other from the Admirals but they are too busy turning eggs in gold and having parties.
  9. Bandwagon hoppers then, casuals, part timers call them what you want it amounts to the same thing. They can conjor quite a few thousand out of thin air whenever they start doing well. We all have them but they seem to have more than the average mid sized club.
  10. Both sides engineered that one to suit their agenda after a clear falling out would be my take on it. Who struck the first blow ? Watch out for that bus.
  11. Easy does it this time no need to rush anything we aren't going anywhere nor trying to.
  12. Certainly wouldn't call boro a shit club or shit fans they're a passionate bunch. They have a hardcore a bit bigger than ours but they do seem to have more than average glory hunters for a club of that size. They are the one's with the attitude problem. I remember them spouting about bringing 6k+ to Ewood when Karanka relit their fire, the season before they brought 690 ! Mowbray was manager then by the way......
  13. Who says he'll be sat on the bench all season hes already been involved several times. There are worse places to be for someone like him than 3rd choice at a championship team. Third choice is just that, when one of the others are out you are in. If they stay out and you do ok you stay in that's the whole idea. Whilst the development line is correct he's still developing if he gets into the team here. Although raw he's already looked like he can manage ok. This is the whole ethos of developing your own especially when finances come into it. Borrowing and paying for someone else's to use as 3rd choice whilst probably guaranteeing them some games to swing the deal is totally counter productive when you already have your own. He might not pass a ball like a higher rated kid but if he can defend then he's better learning his trade at a higher level. If he doesn't manage he can be loaned out next season.
  14. The game went a long time ago i'm afraid. No footballer outside of top flight or the elite should be on more than 5k basic per week.
  15. We rarely take many up there these days which i find a bit odd but that's Rovers fans for you.
  16. If they grabbed a million quid for each one in compen plus add ons it might not look as daft. To them, not us, if someone has sold them a plan of a conveyor belt of youth now being set up. The expense and commitment of new contracts then sitting there having to pay them with sod all income waiting for bids. The risk of injury etc versus grabbing a quick buck and it costing nothing that hasn't been already budgeted for ? Nothing would surprise me and you know when Mowbray has one marked for the exit door. It all starts months in advance little digs in the press, getting dropped or subbed when playing ok. Similar patter with Nyambie as to Raya just over a longer period. Now Rothwell is getting it and Chapman. Nothing to do with me guv, these can be good players but they aren't listening to me. It's not my fault it's nothing to do with me messing them around or playing them out of position. It's all on them i'm the messiah, look at Armstrong if you dare doubt me !
  17. It's a toss up between those spending it and those setting it. One less kid put the wage towards something a bit more robust and keep another of our own in the squad. 2 kids costing 5k pwk + loan fees as opposed to somebody a bit more experienced costing a bigger contribution ? Sorry but these kind of things surely fall at the managers door otherwise the ownership or some part of it really is playing real life football manager. That, now we mention it would not surprise in the slightest by the way.
  18. He'll just blame it on wage demands, even though they managed to get round that last season. Have to say though i'm on board with the youth policy now it's the way they've started to go so stick to it. I'm not on board with the paying for loans short term fix policy though, not to the tune or 5 or 6 players anyway. However the better ones in recent years have been young and although raw they make up for it in effort and energy. Iv'e seen enough Evans, Bennetts, Williamsons, Douglas's and all the rest to last a lifetime. The problem with Rovers over most of the championship time is never being able to keep up energetic performances. One feisty effort every 5 or 6 games is the norm but this present lot are managing it every game at the min. The key is for the manager to tap into that and let them do it not start trying to base everything on possession again. I'd like a bit of presence in the middle but it needs to be someone well under 30 with a set of legs and lungs !
  19. Within reason, as in within an upper mid budget, Mowbray has got what hes asked for here. The whole time really, Wanted to stay after relegation - Was kept on. Wanted Waggot - Got him Wanted a Championship style budget - Got it. Wanted Dack & AA - Got them. Wanted to invest in young British players after promotion for a slow build - Got 15 mill over 2 summers. Wanted experience after moaning we lacked it - Got money allowed for various contracts and loans over a few seasons - Holtby, Downing, Johnson etc Wanted some with experience of promotion after bleating that was then missing - Got Trybull, Douglas etc. Wanted high end young loans after bemoaning that's the only way to afford quality - Got money for Reed, Tosin, Elliot, etc etc Changed to possession football after non of the above was working like he'd said it would, stating the Swansea model. That didn't work but he survived poss the worst non winning run in history. Now allowed to completely change tack yet again and is getting the 5 or 6 young loanees he required. Yes the ownership is what it is but enough of this playing them off against each other. He's had great backing in terms of enough to build something better and being left to get on with it. At the end of the day it's a combination of both but the main thing they are guilty of here is putting too much faith in these people. People who don't/won't deliver what they allegedly want/need. What would Mowbray do with the same budget as last season ? Naff all different and the Nyambie thing has been rumbling on years anyway. It was always going to come to a head eventually.
  20. That's exactly what he's doing giving himself as many cheap options as possible. We thought a smaller squad shorn of his favs would mean a more sensible settled side and less messing. Reckon we can forget that, he's going to be in tinkerman heaven again.
  21. He's done it before and as clumsy as he looks he's hardly Chris Brown.
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