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  1. That's because we are being steered by a duo who let things happen then moan about it endlessly. Nothing to do with them at all they shrug.
  2. He is full of shit, end of. He'll say and do the opposite next week, if he was so bothered about it he'd do something about it given his alleged influence at the club. All this is on his watch nobody else's and in the next breath he'll be trying to sell another of our better players knowing they won't be replaced. Then he'll be sending Brereton off to play for Chile with another truck load of platitudes. Meanwhile we might possibly have NO strikers ! He cannot just keep swerving any accountability at all and getting away with it. The local media are the lamest of ducks ever to be in a job.
  3. That is just plain crazy these lot are wasting money hand over fist yet get a pat on the back from some fans for operating within budget. They don't quite grasp it at all it's money straight through the club.
  4. When men in suits with no attachment to the club or town are at work and owners are so detached an far away anything is possible.
  5. I don't know it mate but i'm sure someone will oblige.
  6. Mowbray and co knew what was coming this season they are the ones who've probably pitched it. So i think Chapman was maybe just an insurance policy signing for the sake of a body already here. He's managed to get a few in so the loan door is now open wider than the first team door.
  7. Gallagher cost 5 million and is probably on the thick end of 15 grand a week at least. So he'll be plonked in somewhere, this is a monumental flaw but it aint going to change. At least he works hard and pinches the odd goal but those attributes are largely wasted. Mowbray has rarely signed players of any level to replace first teamers.
  8. Er, this is Tony Mowbray who's getting the player anything can happen.
  9. Yeah i agree on the ones you've mentioned, i was bashing the drum not long ago saying all our young lads should do a loan out first before they start filling out our squad. That was when we were supposed to be building a 1st team squad to bother the top end though. Things have somewhat spun on their head overnight now so anybody who can contribute should stay. Within reason obviously as there are only so many places but a lot of those on the sidelines would get a chance this season i feel. What i'm getting at is i don't want Mowbray setting up to shoehorn these loans in wherever he can. After agreeing with their clubs he'll give them games if they pay most of their wages. Then it becomes all about them and with Mowbray there are no guarantees other than he'll pander he has form for it. Of course if it all clicks then the team benefits but realistically we aren't going anywhere. Then it's all change again next season, might be more palatable if we had some buying agreements on some of them if they work well. Like iv'e said before i'm prepared for a grin and bear it season whist we use as many of ours as possible. It's a risk but it's one they are taking and these lads although they come with the pedigree of bigger parent clubs actually don't guarantee anything. They are still inexperienced kids at the end of the day, Tosin and Elliot have set the bar very high. Let's hope these lot can live up to that....
  10. The main issue i have with these type of signings is there's a danger it becomes all about them. Using them to boost ourselves up the league is fine but just setting up to showcase them whilst the only aim is to better 15th is a poor do. Our lads must take priority and the team developing should be the sole aim. It's no way to build a team says Mowbray then does the opposite, they've got their Coventry mk2 plans in full swing here now that's for sure.
  11. So how hard is he and his CEO working to secure our players now whose contracts are running down ?
  12. They probably wondered why he hadn't been sacked if they were being sounded out. A quick call to him or Waggot or his agency, is Tony stepping down ? Answer no why ? Not a great way to gain a potential new managers trust.
  13. Imo they are just trying this to cover their arses for wasting the last few seasons and its budgets going nowhere. Getting in 12 million or whatever for a player he paid about 3 for will have strengthened his hand. If they'd been given another budget like last season even if FFP allowed it nothing other than what we've seen before would happen. At least the youth angle gives it a bit of interest although i won't be saying that if we embark on a death sprial and go down. By summer he'll probably be getting money for Brereton one way or another and maybe some nice compen sums for a few others. Real danger we are going to be lumbered with this little clique for a few years yet running the show. It won't end well Venkys need to grow a pair a get ready for real change in summer if not before. Mowbray and co shouldn't be in last chance saloon hoping for an extended stay they should be in the departure lounge waiting for the flight home.
  14. Seems this season there's going to be about 9,600 home fans as a 'given'. Nobody look me in the eye and tell me there wouldn't have been another 2 thousand or so on including away fans at Swansea prices. That's how works in Blackburn after a few wins and the tails are up. Instead of trying to get people in and behind this young side they seem to prefer as few as possible at the highest prices. Very very odd way to go about things even if you are just a balance sheet man. If we'd lost at Millwall and Forest they'd have struggled to get 7k in there. Buffoons.
  15. Trybull back means possession football back and that's not something i want to see with this young team. I'm surprised anybody does except the now development based coach who's only interested in individuals.
  16. I think the attitude for a while was leave everything until we get back to the Prem but clearly that's very unlikely to happen now under the current direction. So there is a monumental pile of problems here building up under the surface that there will be no quick fix for. Waggot to be fair has inherited a lot of these problems but the direction under him and Mowbray has done nothing to help it either. Just piling one thing on the top of another whilst skirting around the edges. He'll be gone most likely when the real do do hits the fan and Kean, Anderson and co who started the rot will be an afterthought. All that'll be left is a ground and pitch needing as much spent on it as it cost to build and the owners looking confused at the bill. They need to wise up pretty quickly this downgrading lark will end up more expensive than ever. Totally defeating the object, unless the objective is to sell of course.
  17. It's true this i was flicking through some old stuff the other day and players in the 70/80s look like they are middle aged men mostly. Similar watching old Top of the Pops etc yet you look at 90s stuff and most look youthful. As does a lot of the 60's stuff. Only conclusion i can draw is the 70/80's were weird eras when it came to fashion and personal grooming 😛
  18. Ground gets neglected in areas for so long as well as the pitch that suddenly they are faced with a multi million pound bill to refurbish it all. Somebody will pitch it to the owners it'll be cheaper and more in keeping with our modern status to whack up a new smaller ground next to the motorway. The ASDA brothers buy the Ewood site for a supermarket. Rovers get a 20k state of the art (Ikea style) Venky ground with training facility next door just up the road. The sales of Ewood and Brockhall cover most of it, the nodding dogs nod along on the LT and facebook groups. Not saying it's a plan or it'll actually happen but if you were a smarmy exec or middleman it might be a plan you'd be pitching. It wouldn't happen in next few years but certainly possible within another decade i'd say. Because we might well end up in a situation where there is little choice and we are run by people who only seem good at downgrading and squeezing everything until it pops. The running costs for Ewood and Brockhall must be huge compared to our tiny income now. That's before you take into account the neglect AND future vital upgrades that will pile up on top of each other as time goes on. I doubt the owners are aware or take any notice of this nor is it anything they'll consider until it gets plonked in front of them. Without a season or 2 in the Prem the future is looking very different for Rovers and Ewood no matter how many young lower paid players they produce.
  19. Are the pies £3.80 when any team brings over 1.5k and £2.50 when we play a team that won't ? Because pricing people out of buying the things is following on from the actual match tickets. Barely sell enough to make it worthwhile.....answer, put prices up to cover it. Job done. Useless lazy clueless w####r.
  20. If ever there was a guy who punches downwards when his opponent is 6'6" it's him. 'Oh no point trying to knock him out he's bigger than me, i'll just tap away at chest height and see what happens'.
  21. Pickering has showed glimpses of actual defending and covering tackles in a few games we didn't see in 3+ years of Bell. Doesn't have that pace and he's probably being dragged about by all the over complicated stuff applied here. That's as well as the step up and new team so he needs a bit of slack it isn't his fault this club is banking on him to be a ready made championship left back.
  22. Fair point he was in the right place and chased it down, you make your own luck.
  23. It was a nice ball and showed quick thinking and awareness lets be honest and fair. Correct on the keeper bit though he basically gifted it.
  24. Ambition and nous versus look after your mates and plod along in a nice little job as long as you can.
  25. He'd probably have a standpipe and stone trough at the end of the walkway if he thought it would save a few quid.
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