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  1. Goodnight, Godbless Ronnie. The guy stands shoulder to shoulder with Uncle Jack in those that I would class 'genuine Legends' of this great club of ours. RIP Mr Blackburn Rovers
  2. I have been having a go on Batman Arkham Asylum tonight and am as impressed as when I played the demo. Fantastic game and after expecting the start to play the same as the demo was pleasently surprised by the difference that killer croc is one big bugger, going to go and download the Joker and have a play as him
  3. FFXII is a top game! I spent about 120 hours completing it and enjoyed every minute, definately one of the most impresive games I have played, it's massive and the graphic's etc are very impressive for the PS2. I am pretty certain it is the latest console version out with FFXIII (PS3 & 360) & FFXIII Versus (PS3) out next year, there are new releases on the handheld's though but most are basically remakes of the first games in the series and games such as FFVII Crisis Core etc. I have just completed FFI & II and will have a blast at III & IV pretty soon on my task to complete th
  4. I just got spore delivered this morning, have not been on it yet but will be doing so rather shortly to see if it deserves the rave reviews, looks like it can from what bits and pieces I have seen so far!
  5. Rover9

    Rovers Songs

    Couldn't agree more and also those who boo players in their first game down Ewood ala Treacy v Coventry last season
  6. Rover9

    Rovers Songs

    I think the atmosphere in the Riverside is Ok, I have my season ticket up in the back corner of N01 in the BBE and a couple of times last season I could hear a couple of chants start up in there. I have only ever sat in the Riverside once when we beat Citeh in the Quarters a couple of season's back (just so I had sat in all area's of the ground) and I must say if I hadn't had my ST where I am now I would of been seriously tempted on giving the Riverside a try but my seats are prity near perfect if you ask me so its a no-go! This season is going to be the best chance of getting some songs going
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