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  1. a good evans really Good heavens, is that an oxymoron? 😄
  2. Keane wouldn't work for Venkys so it's all academic.
  3. Someone posted it last week. Vomit inducing.
  4. By the time Mowbray leaves GA will have gone bald.
  5. BBC iplayer if you can get it, story of the Premier League
  6. I'm hoping if he plays alongside DA regularly he'll learn, I'm hoping but not confident.
  7. He's got everything on his side for a full recovery. Best wishes for him.
  8. I hope he does, if we've got an add on clause....oh wait
  9. I meant the five words that Waggot used to describe himself in the text, not you 😁
  10. Archie Bell & the Drells - Soul City Walking
  11. Record run chase by about 100? Very hard. Good luck lads 👍
  12. £4.10 for a standard brewery cask bitter in my local that closed at 5pm today, closed Monday & Tuesday and open again Wednesday. That's a pub in a prime tourist location. Prob lost about £100k+ in sales in a month.
  13. Shows you where we are when people are lauding Alex Neill as our next manager. 👎
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