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  1. Hard for the club to realise they are being ignored during lockdown but I do agree with you sir. Happy New Year and maybe we can show our absence at some point
  2. Don't worry. Tony Slowbrain will take a cup defeat to convince the owners that 9th at the end of the season is progress. I agree with others that Covid has saved his hide. Do one, take your staff with you and V's you can do one too. Sloppy owners. And happy new year to everyone
  3. Happy New Year Phillip. We lost a mother and best friend this year, one to Covid. Partner's side. Now I have just learned my remaining lot up in Lancs all have it. Shit year but happy new one. Take care and good luck with work
  4. Hasn't Slowbrain gone yet? Let's have some new year cheer. Happy New Year you guys (and guyesses just for Timmie lol)
  5. Problem is Covid and no fans to tell Slowbrain to leave. They probably still support him in the LET
  6. Got his man in to save his crap talent. Why are Venkys so stupid? Oops forgot the dad was the clever one. Going nowhere with this rubbish. Shame. We still love the club
  7. Another season of nonsense apparently. Sack the board we used to say in the seventies. Disgraceful management team
  8. Thank you. I like making words up. Quite the cunning linguist. Boring I know. Enjoy the new year lad
  9. Thank you. I like making words up. Quite the cunning linguist. Boring I know. Enjoy the new year lad
  10. Don't think we'll ever do anything with Slowbrain and Maggot in charge. Will be interesting when Travis is back and hopefully a fit Dack. What will this easy going clueless management team do? So much potential. Just sad so many of my Roverite mates in Darren have lost interest with this bull. Happy New Year chaps and chapesses
  11. Last shout on here. Not a cyber warrior but took offence to Bigdogsteel earlier. The mods rid me of the come back. Been on since 1996. Come back Spenny and Dave Birch et al. These newbys know it all. What a world. Goodbye Mark and John
  12. Amazing. What a point. People reckon Davenport can play. Begs the questoin.
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