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  1. Just received mine too. Maybe the Postcards were late back from the printers so they had to extend the deadline .. (yes ..i can be naive at times!)
  2. We thought this Last Christmas ..and look how the second half of the season turned out ..
  3. He does go Away Crimp ..but he wouldn't mind going to a bloody Home gameπŸ˜‚
  4. Well ..i think i ve finally found out ONE of the reasons why we ve possibly only sold 3500 ST! My son has been trying to buy a ST online today ..now that the date had passed for those to save their seat ..but he gave up and finally rang and actually got through to the Ticket Office. Explaining to them he wanted to try and buy a seat that he had two seasons ago he was told that the last day for ST renewals (28th July) had been SCRAPPED and extended to Monday 2nd August . The reason given was that many people had tried to renew and save their seats but couldnt either by the Online system (for some reason) or by phone (which im sure anyone who has tried to ring Rovers will know why)! When asked could he therefore buy one on Tuesday 3rd of August ..he was told no ..they d go on General Sale on Weds 4th August. My son also asked would he have to pick up the ticket by hand at the club because of the short notice and Rovers at home on the Saturday he was told that a paper ticket would be issued because at the moment the club had no plastic ST Cards ?? Soooo a heads up anyone hoping to aquire a ST now after the so called deadline has passed for renewals ..it hasnt and you wont be able to buy until Weds 4th August. Sorry for the long winded post !
  5. No Bazza ..but you know the Dingle mentality ....and im sure you ve joined in with ..'Are you Burnley in disguise' when thrashing a team in Claret and pissy Blue ..
  6. JH ..do you want the club to only guarantee Leeds 500 tickets and make nothing and have people such as yourself blaming the club the day after for not making more out of it ..or exploit a 'friendly' and make something at the very least.
  7. The thing that annoys most at the moment is we ve signed no one one even on a Free. But looking at this list of players that have been signed by Championship clubs makes me wonder just how good are they ? The majority ive no idea of and all seemingly free ? And as for actually paying a fee for a player ..IF this list is correct no ones spent anything bar one or two looking at Expenditures? All clubs look very reluctant to spend cash ... welcome to the Championship 21/22. Championship - Transfers 21/22 | Transfermarkt
  8. A Temple ...where people offer food and drink to their God!πŸ˜†
  9. Im sure Scotland had two out of three Group games at Hampden and still f@cked it up ..
  10. And on your synopsis if we cant beat "two roly poly teams" ..we certainly dont deserve to bloody win it ..
  11. Its not just Bens ...every official rovers post on instagram is flooded with responses in spanish. Sam Barnes signing a new contract had possibly 6 ? comments in English ..the other 35 or so all in Spanish ..madness .. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQv8l4XIx5b/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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