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  1. If ..If ..If ..Christ anyone would think you wanted us to get beat Merce (1-0 boro Merce ??)..its football shit happens for and against Rovers won .. happy days ..yeah ..??
  2. I have to agree. As football changed over the years some managers dont change with it and i personally think Hughesy falls into that category imo.
  3. What a dismal list of contenders bar a couple ..Next Cardiff City Manager: Who are the early contenders to replace Neil Harris? (thesackrace.com)
  4. More importantly who do the Cardiff fans want ..many on twitter dreading the thought of Hughes or Pullis ..and theyre two of their "own"
  5. Covid remember ..cant be using facilities willy nilly in a 30 mile radius ..we have to be seen to be doing the right thing.
  6. Agree ..keep AA ..infact keep the majority of the squad ..id like to see how far we d go with this squad under a new management team plus a couple of Defensive additions ..Top six SHOULD be achievable.! Ive also got concerns on Kaminski attracting attention come the summer too..
  7. I know one that is Matty ..Sheff Weds ..looked like a WW1 minefield on tv the other week!
  8. ..plus Roy Vernon also played for Harrod..Rovers and Welsh international..
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