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  1. Gallagher out tomorrow ..allegedly picked up an earache injury at the end of the QPR game due to incessant crowd booing ..
  2. Personally think the Chelsea game could be one Sky pick especially with all the talk of Chelsea in free fall and Poch on thin ice. Throw in our goals per game ratio ..i think its got a good chance to be on TV
  3. Its based on the world famous Tiffany glass housed at Haworth Art Gallery in Accy. At least this shows that Macron are influenced by local input when designing a shirt so no reason why they cant with a little input from Rovers deign the Home shirt as quarters which seems to be most fans bug bear. I also actually like the Stanley shirt ..its different and has a local interest around it ! Well done Macron ..
  4. Herbie/Duncan you need to set up a Guess The New Manager stall after JDTs comments .. you could make a lil fortune ..maybe our Merce could run it for you !!
  5. ...or after fooking up ..just knock the ball out the keepers hands ..knock the keeper to floor ..whatever .... take a yellow ..and a free kick for Preston 5 yards from their bye line ..meanwhile ..we re back in shape ready to see out the last 20 seconds ..criminal !!
  6. UNLESS WBA win tonight .. Forget that ...my heads scrambled looking at the table
  7. I miss every home evening game due to work ..unless i book the day off ..but buy through habit ..same seat ..sat with family n friends ..30 odd years now ST ...daft ? maybe ..
  8. Right what day we reckoning ..? Fulham and Grimsby on the Sunday when trains running ..? us n Burnley Saturday due to the trips away relatively short without trains so a little more accessible for the travelling fan ?
  9. So .what you trying to say ..you don t want his head yet...but we re currently in the Play offs ..so half way through you must happy ..?
  10. Its Sutton ..but he was playing as a forward that day. Ian Culverhouse and John Polston at CBs for Norwich
  11. Made the same trip in Feb 1993 ..again for a game on Sky on the Sunday! 10 mile from Norwich we suddenly hit snow ..wtf..??? ..driver of coach says theres a bloody pitch inspection ..😂 Game went ahead (only because of Sky i think) and orange ball in play ! Score ? 0-0 ..when youre young and stupid ..
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