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  1. Looking at the array of Macron club shirts they ve done over the years there are quite a number very pleasing on the eye ..
  2. Yeah it will be very interesting to see prices for the shirts. Did JH ? say the Forest shirts made by Macron were pretty cheap ..or were they in the sale ?
  3. Rovers unveil Macron as new sponsor as Umbro deal ends | Lancashire Telegraph Official ...5 year deal !
  4. The presumption Pickering walks in and is the The One is naive to say the least. Keeping Bell either spurs them both on or is an adequate replacement. 4 defeats 1 draw at the start of next season with Pickering starting with no cover im sure this board would be crying out for getting rid of Bell.
  5. No im sure you don doubt it...hope i didnt imply that ..without bringing in a proven quality LB ..keeping Bell seems ..reasonable.
  6. I d like to think of the narrative of having two left backs ..Pickering and Bell vying for the position ..one stepping up a division with someone pushing him and and an adequate back up having played at this level . Remember Bell was the leading light when we signed him from L1 ..history could quite easily repeat itself with Pickering.
  7. Meanwhile some random guy in Harle Syke is laughing his nuts off ..job done.
  8. Fuck Waggotts face ...what about our faces ??..somethings more important than fucking Rovers ffs
  9. Rovers close in on new transfer chief after 87 applications | Lancashire Telegraph
  10. I didnt know Mercer played golf ....???
  11. Snowfall Series 4 finally up on iPlayer
  12. Agree...plus 8 games virtually all dead rubbers with no crowds in ..no pressure. Cheap option in my eyes.
  13. IAN LADYMAN: The Championship is a murky and embarrassing league that drastically needs to change | Daily Mail Online
  14. Well done Stanley for turning up and playing their last game as if it was the seasons first ..beating Pompey and sending Oxford into the Play Offs in their place . "Sorry sir, im going to have to remove you from the Play Offs .." courtesy of the Oxford forum ..
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