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  1. Oh i agree Matty. The point im making is we ve gone to not seeing a 3pm game on tv ,to seeing illegal streams ,to seeing Red button games and finally PPV games on Saturdays at ..3pm. The initial argument was to make no games available due to the impact on clubs match day revenues. Thats slowly been 'forgotten about' over the years so its more than plausible that at some point 3pm games will be shown via different PPV platforms.
  2. Already snuck in the RED button on Sky feature and also the pay per view for to watch games on Saturday Matty ..now other platforms ie Amazon etc see a chance to get involved. Clubs get paid enough they will consider it .
  3. EFL threat to end 3pm Saturday TV blackout and screen every match live in all three divisions | Daily Mail Online Rovers may as well sell Ewood and play their games down at the training ground if this happens because there will be no f@cker in the ground regardless of price !
  4. Reading the article JH sounds to me like the full 16 M wasnt required to clear FFP?. Sharpe says it gaves us 'headroom' which to me sounds it was more than enough to clear it and more. Sounds like they may have banked a bit for another rainy in the future!! ! Also Armstrong sale came too late and will be used in the next financial year ? Totally agree with you though financially we are a mess !
  5. Looking very business-like ..suit bag etc ..be interesting to know who else was in his entourage!
  6. To be fair K Saturday is the perfect opportunity for all those that have stayed away due to Venkys ownership/Mowbray still in a job/ ticket prices etc etc to come down to Ewood and voice their dissent whilst only putting £14-60 into their coffers. It could be a very uncomfortable afternoon for Mowbray and the gang and the £14-60 ticket prices could now blow up in their faces with a volatile undercurrent on the terraces. Could get a bit tasty come 4-50pm..
  7. Goals Goals Goals !! An entertaining game for the neutral. Rovers 4-2
  8. Well make your mind up ..is it a Bombardier ..or a Cessna ..? BRFCS plane spotters are on tender hooks ...?
  9. We achieve promotion we definitely part ways !!
  10. Ben flew back in a private jet with five other European based Chile players so im sure sure the cost would have been split.
  11. Only one way to deal with this sort of free kicks just outside the box ...the Zaire way..WC '74 !
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