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  1. Just read that myself ..dear oh dear oh dear ..red rag to a bull that interview !
  2. You re right ..Hughes probably does see himself as an ambitious manager and thats the point im making .. i think he would only consider a PL job. Hence walking away from 'little old Fulham' ..which back fired straight away. I also said he didnt have a bad record, its more Hughes' own thought in where he stands in the managerial pecking order.. ..so hardly 'gaslighting'. He maybe needs to lower his sights a bit. As for Bielsa and Nuno they came into English football and had to start at Championship level and did superb. Hughes maybe thinks hes already done his apprenticeship with managi
  3. I dont think its a case of being painted as a bad manager although his record aint great albeit in the PL its possibly the fact he s not managed in the Championship which is a totally different kettle of fish with limited funds .Walking away from Fulham whilst still in the PL for better things probably says more about Hughes than his actual managerial record.
  4. Any reason why in three years no ones took him on ? Lots of Championship sides have shifted their manager ? Hughes no interest in Championship ?
  5. I suppose just like ones house ..depends if you spend money year on year on up keep. If you dont ..who knows what state it is now.?
  6. Call that a f@cking beard ..??! ..you 'd get more hairs on your face going down on your wife ..😁
  7. Maybe this 'Idea' has come from elsewhere (dare i say Venkys?) and Waggott has been tasked with going forward with it but knows deep down that its got no chance of getting the green light ?
  8. Q & A with the man himself .. Steve Waggott Q&A on Rovers' Brockhall training ground plans | Lancashire Telegraph
  9. Maybe i should use your telepathetic powers after you foretold this gem .. "When an entire team's not at the races, you know something is up. Something perhaps along the lines of your manager telling you just before you go out on the pitch that today is his last game in charge." ...after the managers told them to lose to leave for Rovers ..ah of course .. Knock it on the head now Dick ..its becoming boring ..sigh. And not once have i told you what you should or shouldn't think ..just simply quoted you. Sorry.
  10. Sigh ..yes Dick. End of. Its clear what you was implying ..move on.
  11. "Something very odd happened at Huddersfield today. Swansea conceded 4. Previously conceded 15 in the season. Could HSH be ordering Cooper to get himself fired to line him up to be sent here?" Your Quote ..lets leave it at there shall we.
  12. Ah yes you re right ..it was Swansea s manager Cooper getting himself fired at Huddersfield so he could come here ..even more bonkers !!😂 Cooper fuming tonight after his side won ..
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