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  1. After 1987 when every Rovers fan was praying and ready to dance on their grave hoping that Burnley would not beat Leyton Orient and slip out of the football league and probably never recover you really cant blame them K-Hod! Chuck in the 'staying down forever banner ' in 1991 ..we ll never ever get any sympathy for our predicament off Burnley fans...they simply despise us! What goes around ..comes around ..
  2. Every word from Steve Waggott on attendances, failed Josh Maja transfer and Tony Mowbray future - LancsLive For those who may be struggling to hear the audio ..the transcribed interview in full.
  3. Yes same one ...on Up The Clarets. Fever Pitch is on but on Page 7! Sept 7th .. ..obviously not to their liking !
  4. Which forum Tyrone? Definitely on their main forum UTC Tyrone ,has its own thread but way down the topic board. Although some posts do come with a Health Warning that the second episode contains footage of those bastids down the M65...so avoid ! Fever Pitch... The Rise of the Premier League - (uptheclarets.com) Page 7 Another topic that caught my eye was reluctance of clubs reluctant to announcing gate attendances in the PL. Under instruction from Sky maybe as football attendances seem to be falling ?
  5. Cold light of day a decent point against a Barnsley side most on here who think are better than us this season and also think we re nailed on relegation certs. Cant have it all ways ..
  6. Dont be fooled by the sunshine Dave ,this was November soon went dark and very very cold !
  7. 1-1 for me too ..in fact my first time away at Barnsley it ended 1-1 in 1986 . Scott Sellars penalty ! This is a picture of the Rovers away end on that very day with the new Disabled fans building? to the left in the corner. Pretty grim Barnsley back then ..remember seeing all the coal mining wheels dotted about in the distance something id never seen before adding to grimness !
  8. i think its blatantly obvious what Rovers Clitheroe is doing by posting this here ..hes posting what the majority of fans are thinking ..to get at least one of the senior figures on a pedestal and answer a few uncomfortable questions and reasons why things havent panned out as senior figures were quite vocal in what would happen ..certainly transfer wise. If it makes at least one senior figure squirm ..its a start. Not hard to understand 99..
  9. Ah ..so you quoted people wrong ..thank god for realising. Well done. Got there in the end.
  10. Obviously touched a nerve.. insecure ? ! Hard to miss when your name kept cropping up every 30 seconds for your love of the "Legend" that goes by the name Bucko ..then you come on here and quote people completely wrong .. Legend ?? you should be banned for even saying that ..just wait till i tell Sparks ..😂
  11. They meant the owners would ..not the lads in the Rovers Chat.
  12. Sharpe gone very quiet ..something brewing ..??..(or f*ck all happening)
  13. But Matty ..the bar setting of success for fans from Lancaster ..the Fylde coast and other surrounding areas outside Blackburn which boosted our PL attendances etc .etc.. wasnt set at success at League One ..they were used to PL . The coaches from far and wide around Lancashire are now non existent. They used to fill the land in front of the Fox n Hounds pub.They aint interested in League One success. You ll only see a filling (not even a full house ..no where near ) at Ewood if we re coasting to Promotion or back in the so called Promised Land ..regardless of price. As for Tomphil ..i get where you are coming from regarding keeping the base of Rovers ST holders ..but when you re down to a base of 10000 ? there are lots of factors that can influence that figure give or take 1000..regardless of price...which makes a big impression on such a small ST fan base. As daft as it is (i know it is !) but if Rovers put on a free bar or 2 quid a pint for two hours before the game serving decent ale i still maintain that that would have more upward influence on attendance figures than a cheaper ticket. Its a sad indictment of these times but no different what Stanley are doing by reducing beer prices to 2 quid a pint after the game if they win .. i know living in the Accy area what a draw to the game that is ! It really does drag people in ..
  14. I think you will find that average First Division attendances were greater than 10/11 thousand Tomphil. As for different economies yes but i would say it was far cheaper an economic comparision to watch football in the eighties and also lot less Saturday afternoon distractions ..i mean ..the bloody pubs shut at 3pm..everyone home for World Of Sport or watch Rovers ? 😆 ..yet we only had 7000 on. Unfortunately its success over price for getting substantial rises in attendances IMO.
  15. As i said Sparks ..a reduction will bring in a few but lets not think that fans will come back in thousands with a price reduction ..as you say people from Blackburn dont part with coin easily ..even at reduced prices they will also want something worthwhile for parting with it...SUCCESS. ..again football cycles.
  16. Hmmm ..price isnt everything but of course a reduction would bring in a 'few'. If it was all down to price then in the early eighties we should have seen greater gates than an average of between 6-9 thousand. Add in there were no such thing as illegal streams etc etc for a cheap afternoon on the footie we didnt do very well. Unfortunately we had a whole generation brought up on the PL years and bought into that but now dont buy into the scratting around the Championship like we are now. Football cycles im afraid .. Sorry this was for Wheelton Blue not you Tomphil .
  17. Eh ...?? ..its friday f*cking night lad ..hic hic..
  18. ...but ..the flip side is ..Does anyone actually buy a programme ..??? ..ive not seen anyone in recent times in the ground actually perusing a programme. If no ones buying you can see why the club aint bothering anymore. (And i work in the print industry !)
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