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  1. 1975, CHAMPIONS! Note Derek Keighley in the background, his son is one of US. I'm in the melee somewhere, can you spot yourself?.....
  2. One of my favourite sporting images from an almost namesake. It embodies everything that I consider to have been sorely lacking at Ewood Park for years: "Look like you want to play for THE Rovers!!"
  3. "Hark now hear THE Rovers sing, the Burnley ran away and WE will fight for ever more because of Boxing Day!" Not seasonal granted but those that know will get the message! WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  4. Let's stop fucking about! The 'plans' are nonsense, could never be approved or work, we all know that! This is a plea from me, please will someone take up the mantle and do whatever to oppose this bollocks. Thanks
  5. Ask Colin Wanker why he's here! Whilst you're at it, ask him why Pears is here too!!
  6. When I'm eventually allowed back into US, (Covid-19 induced btw!), we should start up a USA supporters group. I appreciate obviously it's a big place but a plane ride is only like a bus ride! Keep the faith, worldwide, WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  7. Despite Mowbray, Venus and Waggott, Never, ever forget this!! WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  8. Absolutely, it's disgraceful but time to fight for what WE all truly believe in. WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  9. I hear what you are saying to a point but he's had some serious financial support to achieve, well not very much in reality. We sadly draw comparisons to the previous wankers we've employed that masqueraded as managers and think Mowbray has been ok? You then add in the 'plan' of what the long drawn out saga really relates to and for me, can't fail to be absolutely disgusted by it all. I'll give him credit for zilch!
  10. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12234242/mowbray-we-gave-everything?s=08 Tara Tony and take the other two hats with you!
  11. Evaporating quickly? The bloody pan is red at the bottom and the eggs have exploded!!!
  12. 'Arte et Labore' means something to all of us....it'll mean fuck all (even if they understand the translation) to Mowbray, Venus and Waggott.
  13. Just an update really: When I posted this as an initiative, little did we know the 'curve ball' that we were to face, just the following day! As a group, we have considered the disclosures, have really girded up our collective loins and are really going to fight to protect what is all of our heritage. I have been in contact with a number of BRFCS members and promised to be back in touch earlier this week. I apologise that I haven't done so as yet but there are only so many hours in a day. I call on all Rovers supporters worldwide to oppose the suggestions of 'The Coventry 3
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