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  1. I won't be drawn mate but shame on you!
  2. I preach The Rovers gospel, worldwide...wherever I go....I'm proud of doing so. In 2015, prior to our FA Cup Tie with Liverpool, this was the level of support from Carsac, the small village in South West France where my wife and I lived. FFS, surely Blackburn and Darwen have enough spunk and interest to ensure that there are vast, socially distanced, numbers for some form of protest against coventrio for the last game of the season against 'Big Club'!?
  3. You cannot correlate 2011 to 2021, the 2 are linked but they are not. In 2011, I for one didn't know that Kean was a snake, nor did I know the involvement of the 'Sky induced' blubbering tantric dancer!....I was taken in by what could be and I still kick myself even now! 10 years on, it's different and experience, knowledge and extensive investigation, suggests that 'the stench' still remains and is perhaps more prevalent than it's ever been! If you are a true Rovers fan, don't hide behind a keyboard, listen to the bullshit spouted by 'drone pilots' also hiding behind keyboards,
  4. LOL, no I bloody didn't!😉🌹💙💟
  5. You’re kidding right? Ever played poker? If you have you were probably fleeced! It was a tongue in cheek, rhetorical question from Sparks: both he and I knew it and I appreciate and respect his knowledge and cheek! Time for you all to jump off the pot boys and show your true colours. I’m more than doing my bit, even though I don’t really have the time to do so. I’ll see how much you are all bothered or not early afternoon Saturday. I hope I’m not disappointed! That’s me done on here until next week, I’ve other ‘pots to wash’! WATR!!!
  6. I respectfully suggest that you check your facts regarding my potential travel arrangements! Don’t take things personal because it wasn’t, unless you choose to make it so. My general comment regarding bollocks stands, irrespective. Everyone knows if they look in the mirror whether ‘the cap fits’ or it doesn’t! I come from an era where I was always proud to be a Rover, win, lose or draw. For 11 years, I haven’t been but never say never, I want that feeling back!
  7. I don’t disagree Tony but in a financial context, it’s ‘beer money’. You know full well what really needs to happen.
  8. Always a can’t do attitude Ian, seldom, if ever, one of can do, why could that possibly be?....
  9. “We’ve won The Cup 3 times on the run, Champions of Division 1, Now we’re in The Champ but up we come, We are THE Blackburn Rovers!” Come on!!......
  10. I don't do twitter and have no intentions of doing so either, so thanks for the update and please crack on duffers left peg.
  11. A thousand voices plus venting their spleen for 2 hours outside Ewood is the biggest statement of all. Did United fans say "we'll not buy a shirt or two, that'll show 'em"?....did they fuck! Come on people, grow a pair and get real!!!
  12. He's also good mates with my pal Danie Theron! 😉
  13. You’d have to travel a fair way in June pal, Biden permitting! 😉😀 It’s my understanding but don’t hold me to a date! You know how things are with ‘hands off management from afar’!
  14. Aye, probably best I don't bother with "tittle tattle" from here on in Sparky...you're right, apologies. I'll keep the meat on the bones close to my chest.
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