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  1. Yeh, me too but 'gird up your bloody loins'! (meant in the best possible way, as I'm sure you'll appreciate!). That's what these arseholes have tried to achieve: grind them down so that there's little in the way of path to resistance. Well, guess what?.....
  2. Electric Light Orchestra - Mister Blue Sky! WE ARE THE fooking Rovers!! (yeh, I'm bloody on one!)
  3. Well fuck that Stuart, enough is enough!! check your PM btw!
  4. Well I'd just like to say that I totally empathise with you but I'd counter your comment of "you don't care" by saying that you bloody well do! Otherwise you wouldn't be on here venting your spleen! It's immaterial of where you live in the world, I've lived in France for many years previously and I'd have have been back in USA several times over the past 18 months had it not been for Covid-19. I've always spread 'The Rovers gospel' wherever I've been and everyone knows the world over that BRFC is part of my 'family'. See the pics below: 1. Danie Theron, ex Springbok captain (handsome bast
  5. I totally agree, why are 'we' shit at everything? It makes my blood boil, it really does....you'd almost be forgiven for thinking there may be an alternative agenda! Clear the weeds and clean the exterior of the stadium, the fact that there has been no apparent pride in any of the afore mentioned says it all for me. Just fuck off and do the honourable thing (Google the bloody word if you don't understand the word honourable, which I suspect to be the case). WE ARE BLACKBURN ROVERS, small town, bloody big history, how dare you fuck with our heritage, history and future for person
  6. 1975, CHAMPIONS! Note Derek Keighley in the background, his son is one of US. I'm in the melee somewhere, can you spot yourself?.....
  7. One of my favourite sporting images from an almost namesake. It embodies everything that I consider to have been sorely lacking at Ewood Park for years: "Look like you want to play for THE Rovers!!"
  8. "Hark now hear THE Rovers sing, the Burnley ran away and WE will fight for ever more because of Boxing Day!" Not seasonal granted but those that know will get the message! WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  9. Let's stop fucking about! The 'plans' are nonsense, could never be approved or work, we all know that! This is a plea from me, please will someone take up the mantle and do whatever to oppose this bollocks. Thanks
  10. Ask Colin Wanker why he's here! Whilst you're at it, ask him why Pears is here too!!
  11. When I'm eventually allowed back into US, (Covid-19 induced btw!), we should start up a USA supporters group. I appreciate obviously it's a big place but a plane ride is only like a bus ride! Keep the faith, worldwide, WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  12. Despite Mowbray, Venus and Waggott, Never, ever forget this!! WE ARE The Rovers!!!
  13. Absolutely, it's disgraceful but time to fight for what WE all truly believe in. WE ARE The Rovers!!!
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