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  1. Andy would love a job with Rovers, wouldn't we all? He's a passionate fan and believes in what he does. And he does it very well. He has recently stated that he believes a change of manager is needed so there's no hidden agenda with regards to 'defending' Mowbray. If you can't see the use in analytical tools then I think you need read more about it. No they don't tell you wage demands, that's when you start negotiating with players and agents. I find it quite sad that many people have chosen to react this way to Andy's work, but I guess I am not surprised.
  2. The motive is quite clear. He loves the Club, he loves what he does and believes in it. He wants to share his undoubted talent with fellow Rovers fans, who have an interest. He has openly said that he believes it's time for a change of manager so there's no motive of trying to please Mowbray. His analysis of performance has data to back it up.
  3. Came on here to see what was being said about Tony and it appears that I have clicked on to the How to be a successful journalist page. Jaquob is not a local Rovers through and through fan, but I actually think that the way he has adopted us as his second club and maybe offers opinions from an "outsiders" perspective is quite refreshing. Anybody that disagrees should perhaps look at applying for his job.
  4. I'd take both. There's obviously a really good understanding between them and Pickering.
  5. I reckon Ainsworth has his heart set on the Rovers job. He can probably sense Mowbray is coming to the end of his time here, so won't accept PNE until Rovers have appointed someone else. For me, it's between Hughes and Ainsworth and I find Hughes' comments about unfinished business very interesting. If I was a bookies I'd be offering HUGHES 5/2 AINSWORTH 4/1 NEILL 6/1
  6. Reckon you can do some digging and see if he fancies a summer move?
  7. I was told Eddie Howe was the one that had turned us down. We'd been in talks for weeks with him.
  8. Not since the days of Kean have I given less of a shit about our results. Imo Mowbray himself and only himself is turning the fanbase toxic. Until he has gone I am not spending another penny on this Club. If I lived closer I would be down at Brockhall protesting until he walks.
  9. Hughes would be my first choice. After that I'd be considering Silva, Jokanovic, Ainsworth, Davidson and Artell. This next appointment, I think, is the biggest one we have had to make since Kean leaving. Make the wrong choice and we could go into free fall.
  10. 2-0 Cardiff, can't think of a single positive that makes me think we'll get anything. They might get 2 red cards, there you go, that's how we get a point!
  11. Maybe the replacement has already been lined up for the summer and they are trying to get him in now.
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