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  1. Mark Hughes or Marco Silva for me. Preferably Hughes.
  2. All this talk of keeping Mowbray so players sign contracts is rubbish. If he went and we brought in somebody that improved performances and ultimately results, would that not be more appealing to players and encourage them to stay??
  3. He would. Still not convinced he'll be here by the end of the week.
  4. Expecting this to be Mowbray's last game. Short walk home for him.
  5. I think we are waiting for Mowbray to go before anymore money is handed out.
  6. I fully expect Mowbray gone next week and Hughes back as manager. You can sense something is in the air and has been for a couple of weeks.
  7. I would have made Kipre priority number 1. If Big Sam brings a defender in then I hope we land him as well. For me Lenihan needs to know his place isn't guaranteed.b
  8. Composed is the word that strikes me most. Exactly what our defence has been missing all season. He'd be my first choice young centre half. I would also bring in Kipre too because I doubt we'll see much more of Ayala this season.
  9. I have already said I would love him to stay, but IF we had to sell one player that will make us money it'd be him over Armstrong, Dack, Travis or potentially Rothwell.
  10. Don't get me wrong I would love Nyambe to sign a new deal, but if there was gonna be one sellable asset that had to leave I would choose him. If his mind is already made up on leaving then so be it. I think, unless we make him one of the highest earners he'll go. Like I said I think Tony sees JRC as the future RB. As far as defenders go I think Ayala will prove to be a good signing. He looked class in the second half against Brentford and a real leader. It's becoming obvious he doesn't particularly play well with Darragh. So, as we know, this is gonna be a long season that will need rota
  11. I personally expect the Venkys to have a real go in January as long as we are still within touch of the top 6. They will smell the financial benefits of getting promoted. I wouldn't be surprised to see them fund a couple of decent signings. I would imagine it would take a bid close to £25 million to tempt them to sell Arma, if that happens we can't ignore that sort of money. If that doesn't happen I would say we'll see about 3-5 million spent on incomings. I can see Nyambe leaving. I have a funny feeling Fulham may be the club too. I really hope this doesn't happen but if it does t
  12. Only change I'd make is Johnson for Trybull. Keep Gallagher up top.
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