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  1. Really don't understand the negativity towards John Buckley. In my opinion he's one of the first names on the team sheet.
  2. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Pickering Trav Rothwell Buckley Butterworth Dolan Brereton Subs Eastham Carter Cirino Davenport Clarkson Khadra Gallagher
  3. Thanks Joe, and apologies to anybody that take offence to the words "data or analytics" being used unwisely.
  4. We've only got room for one more loan now, after the 2 Brighton lads come in. I'm hoping for a free left back, Longstaff on loan and a striker permanently.
  5. Has anybody got any data analysis on this new centre half? I find stuff like that so interesting when it comes to unknown (to me)players.
  6. Would Anthony Elanga from United fit the bill as the loan deal for a No.10?
  7. Couldn't disagree more. I thought he was the best of our forward line. Offered so much more than Diaz and Dolan. His work rate really does go unnoticed.
  8. If anyone questions Buckley's ability after this they need to give their head a wobble. Absolutely class.
  9. Crap in League 1?? You taking the piss? He made the EFL team of the season. Him and Dacks partnership blossomed that season.
  10. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Carter Pickering Travis Buckley Rothwell Gallagher Arma Diaz 1-1 Diaz 13,669
  11. Reach going to West Brom then! Was he the supposed incoming?
  12. I wouldn't call people that are pumping in nearly £400k a week into our club shite houses.
  13. If we could get £3m for Rothwell I would take it. Use that for incomings and then whatever we get for Arma when he eventually goes, use to attempt to balance the books a little. Only players I don't want it to be are Kaminski, Lenihan, Travis or Brereton.
  14. Let's say it is Rothwell, how much would you want for him?
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