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  1. Ive never said that. Most clubs do including our lot.
  2. The league will be lesser without a big club to turn anger/frustration against. At least some teams may get live games a bit more often.
  3. European Champions twice in my era. You have clubs putting stars above their badges from the 1930s. Nottingham Forest is a club with recent history.
  4. I hope West Brom go up tonight. They deserve to go up as runners up to the Champions. Bilic strikes me as a decent man. Only for him i want them to go up. In the play offs i would like Nottingham Forest to go up. Another traditional club with recent history. With the shite coming up from L1 and the shite coming down from the Prem the Championship is wide open with very very few big clubs. Villa aside if they do go down. The viewing figures on sky championship will probably fall away by 50/60% Bad times to be in the Championship.
  5. I actually think the Army should be deployed in some of these areas. Blackburn,Darwen,Nelson,Rochdale,Bradford and Huddersfield. Doesn't take rocket science to understand the problem. The communitues either don't give a fuck or are just ignorant to the facts. I drove through Cheetham Hill this morning near all the clothing wholesalers and it was staggering. Big groups all over the place. Shops rammed and not a mask in sight. Come on lets get a grip FFS.
  6. Well it looks like Leeds are finally going to reach the promised land. They have been the best team in the Division being honest. I can't wait to see Bielsa in the PL against the top teams. I just hope he isn't as stubborn as he appears to be and adds to the squad and actually plays them. I can imagine him buying a £30m striker and having him on the bench and playing Lord Patrick. Rovers are still in with a chance of the play offs. 3 very winnable games coming up. Had a decent bit of form to be fair.
  7. Game of 2 halves for me. Despite going behind with a goal that looked to be started off with a foul i thought Rovers did well the first 25 mins. Even first half despite the HT score. Leeds more at it in 2nd half. Better team won and no disputing the result really. Very suprised Graham didn't start. Back handed compliment by TM in the interview. Strong team Leeds under Marcelo Bielsa. Amazing how a coach can turn average players into decent/good players.
  8. Well here we go chaps... Just been told a large hire van has just pitched up and backed up through the gates near the war memorial with 7,000 crowdies inside. Some following that even at a discount £25 a pop. Very generous offer from Rovers. Rovers really need 3 points today to keep in touch with the play off race after 2 very disappointing results on the road. Leeds haven't really found the form they had before the lockdown and have huffed and puffed a fair bit. 2nd half against Fulham was good and they really had the chances to put Luton to bed midweek. I can see goals today. 5 goals. 3-2 or 2-3. At least there will be no knuckledraggers in Blackburn today. Have a good day lads.
  9. He was utterly useless at Leeds. In the same bracket as Steve Evans,Paul Heckingbottom and dare i say it Dave Hockaday. Colin was good in his day but his day has long gone. He should stick to getting caught watching porn in his office or keep driving round the garden on his tractor.
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