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  1. Should be sorted now @bazza 👍
  2. Hey Bazza. Just been taking a look at this and I think it would be better if we changed it back to have the title of the thread in there for SEO. What about the BRFCS bit, is that important for you or would it be ok at the end so titles would look like "Some very exciting thread on BRFCS.com" The images show which tabs are BRFCS
  3. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/january/rapid-smart-testing-available-at-ewood/ This is a good use of Ewood for the community.
  4. and ... we're back. If anyone's really interested in what's been going on, send me a DM and I'll spell it out in glorious nerdy detail.
  5. Right then! The final bit of server maintenance (for now) is happening today, the site will be down for a bit while it's makes its way over to it's final destination. There's been a couple of hiccups, but the only one I think you've all spotted was the missing "Like" icon ... if only all IT upgrades went as smoothly! See you all soon!
  6. I still can't delete notifications! I know I said I would forward a screenshot but although I can take the shot I've no idea how to forward it. Jo'B said he'd been into my account and there were no notifications but there are 2 pages of them.

    Secondly the Emoticons no longer work (and I like them)!

    Thanks for your help.

  7. If you're reading this then the server migration has finished and (almost) everything went well. Some of the images are AWOL, but they'll be back when they see fit, and the front page still needs a bit of TLC, but by doing this upgrade we've opened up a whole range of possibilities so rather than just do what we had before, we'll leave it as is and just make it better. Forum threads & indexes look much better right from kick off though!
  8. I still say 2nd place is do-able, we've not had our best team out for ages, we've played 2 sub-par games and got all 6 points from them and yesterday's draw was exactly wheat we needed after having to replace our whole back 4, reminded me of the WBA away game a few seasons ago.
  9. Had to delay the upgrade, we found a couple of things in testing and they just need fixing before we go any further.
  10. I played in the same team as Gareth Ainsworth, does that count? I'm a level 2 FA coach as well though, and that changed the way I watch football, helps you understand some of the decisions managers make that might not be obvious.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm one of the boot room staff here at BRFCS, I look after the servers and make sure they don't fall over ... or rather, get them running again when they do, I'm BRFCS' Mike Pettigrew if you will. With that in mind that I've been doing some work with the admins and mods to try and make the site a bit more resilient, it's no Vince Grella for staying on it's feet as it is, but it's no Derek Fazackerley either, it could be better. Over this coming weekend there will have to be some downtime (not during the game, I'll be watching that) as I start the work, then again in a f
  12. Hello,

    I posted a thread yesterday, relating specifically to Good Friday, meaning to take it down, as soon as the day had passed. However, I have found myself unable to take it down.

    Can you advise me how to do it?



  13. Carlisle manager Steven Presley thinks they should both go bust, by overspending they have in one sense "cheated".
  14. This absolutely breaks my heart, non-footballing staff at Bolton havn't been paid and are so desperate that a local charity has set up a food bank specifically for them. In a time when football knows almost limitless resources this is disgusting. The players have the PFA as a safety net, but the rest of the staff don't have anything to fall back on. I'm sure they'd appreciate any support available from up the M61 ...
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