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  1. Has this been posted before? An analasys of Rovers finances over the past 10 years Nothing new in it btw, just shows the numbers as graphs.
  2. This episode marks the the beginning of a new era for the 4000 Holes Podcast as it moves to be part of the Talk Sport Fan Network, and that is down to the effort of all the contributors, but in particular the work @Herbie6590 has put in to rejuvenate the podcast over the last 2 seasons. 👏👏👏
  3. No no no ... I've just been chopping onions.
  4. Unfortunately it's a known issue and without getting all technical, down to the GDPR consent cookies that we have to use by law 😡 I didn't tell you this, but always refuse the cookies, as well as not being tracked by advertisers (yeah right, don't get me started) it also stops issues like this.
  5. Well yeah, that would definitely help, but I was thinking more between now & the end of the season 🙂
  6. I think it's safe to say, none of us expected THAT! Penalties are one of the worst ways to go out of a competition especially when you earned them rather than rode your luck. I can't help but think having Ewood as full as it's been in years helped the team too, some imagination required from the leadership team on how to acheive that.
  7. Some great articles on our front page about today's game ... The usual Delap's Derbies ... https://brfcs.com/magazine/articles/they-played-for-rovers-and-the-magpies/507 Old Programmes: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/programme-passions-newcastle-united/505 and a look back at previous FA Cap ties between us and the Toon: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/rovers-v-newcastle-the-fa-cup-history/506 Remember, BRFCS.com is more than just a forum ...
  8. He's definitely there, about halfway down the 2nd half ...
  9. I reckon this is the longest list of players we've had in Delap's Derbies, can you make a starting 11 of players that played for both teams and actually DID play together at Ewood? https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/they-played-for-both-rovers-and-the-lilywhites/120
  10. Well he's not at The Avenue otherwise someone would have leaked the CCTV.
  11. Rovers were prepared to let JDT leave in the summer, but there was a catch ... https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/tomasson-blackburn-and-the-offer-to-leave-for-'nothing'./491
  12. Here's a good round up of what we know: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/breaking-down-venky's-and-hmrc's-impact:-what's-next-for-rovers/483
  13. Thank you, as the tag line says "We're more than just a forum".
  14. I think the biggest difference between our situations is he won't pay, our owners "can't" pay because of the courts in another country. I doubt the EFL will want to get involved because there's nothing realistically then can do. Even if they did tell our owners to try their best to pay, they'd only respond "We are, tell that to the judge"
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