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  1. StubbsUK

    Site adverts

    We haven't changed anything regarding adverts, if anything's changed then it's at Google's end.
  2. StubbsUK

    Site adverts

    I don't have an iPhone so I'm not able to recreate the problem ... can anyone else have a go and see if it's a general thing?
  3. StubbsUK

    Site adverts

    I don't have the stats specifically for brfcs, but industry wide the click through rate for all and types is only 1.91% (sounds tiny, but that's 1.91% of 30 billion impressions). For some sites .45% is considered good. The quality of the ads you are shown depends on what they know about you, so if you're like me and use ad/tracking blockers then the stuff you get shown is pretty much random. (Facebook was convinced for weeks that I needed a mini digger) even then though, your ads your shown might not be very accurate.
  4. I'm going to donate my iFollow fee this weekend to the DEC's Indian Covid fund instead. No India/Venkys link intended, they just need the donations right now.
  5. I think I'll watch Sheffield Wednesday/Derby instead should be a much more interesting game.
  6. There's quite a few of us here in Sheffield. When I first moved here I went to join the local pub team and I met a fellow Rovers fan playing for them already. Next season when they started a 2nd team, 2 more people turned up in Rovers shirts. During my first week at work a guy wandered across the car part in the kit ... I've always put it down to the universities, the city attracts people from all over the place.
  7. Other managers can't win when commenting on their opponents, most of them would make a comment like this & perhaps undeservedly get stick from the fans, others *cough*Paul Cook*cough* make negative or gloating comments and they quite rightly get grief. I think most managers treat reactions to comments in the press with the same amount of attention that they give the reactions on message boards like this 🙂
  8. StubbsUK

    Member Map

    The data is probably still there but the feature was never kept up to date and was broken so it was removed at some point. Definitely one for the backlog of there are no privacy issues.
  9. StubbsUK

    Site adverts

    We renewed the certs on Saturday, I missed the entire first half doing it 😞 These new ads are nothing to do with that though, they're something Google is pushing.
  10. StubbsUK

    Site adverts

    I've been looking at this since we noticed it the other week and it's entirely normal for an advertising network to switch up the way they display adverts, it happens all the time. It's also entirely normal for these changes to roll out gradually, which is why you see them on some sites, not others. There's a whole industry of people who look at the effect of changes to websites. My current client for example is a well know ecommerce site & they measure the effect of each change they make to checkout and if they see a negative effect they it gets removed. Imagine the amount of money involv
  11. Should be sorted now @bazza 👍
  12. Hey Bazza. Just been taking a look at this and I think it would be better if we changed it back to have the title of the thread in there for SEO. What about the BRFCS bit, is that important for you or would it be ok at the end so titles would look like "Some very exciting thread on BRFCS.com" The images show which tabs are BRFCS
  13. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/january/rapid-smart-testing-available-at-ewood/ This is a good use of Ewood for the community.
  14. and ... we're back. If anyone's really interested in what's been going on, send me a DM and I'll spell it out in glorious nerdy detail.
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