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  1. Where is that diagram from? I've seen it before I'm sure.
  2. I’d was only thinking the other day that this old thread would make a good article for the front page, and then it goes and springs back in to life 👍
  3. He very much plays a character on Last Week Tonight that plays up to US stereotypes of a certain type of brit. We miss a show like this in the UK, The Mash Report used to be close, but too comedy focussed we had a short lived show from Matt Forde that tried to be a Daily Show which I enjoyed ... apart from that we don't have much.
  4. Congratulations to @rigger and @Wheelton Blue who were the winners of the @TurnstilesMagazine Tony Parkes art print, we'll be drawing 2 more winners at random from users who vote on th Blackpool game this weekend. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716919/blackpool-blackburn
  5. No 🙂 but we are working on marks for the manager & referee.
  6. Hey everyone, don't forget to get your marks in for the performance last night, 2 lucky winners will get a copy of The Turnstyle Mag's Tony Parkes A5 poster, all you need to do is add your marks and 2 winners will be picked at random. https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716905/huddersfield-blackburn
  7. The winner of the @brfcsdotcom Man of the Match against Cardiff is of course Ben Brereton, but there were at least 3 other players that would have won it any other week, an indication of what a team performance it really was. see the full results by clicking the ratings tab here: https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716894/blackburn-cardiff
  8. but if we were in the EU, wouldn't we have been part of their procurement deal anyway so wouldn't have had to buy our own?
  9. and maybe if the link to the ticketing website was bigger and not almost hidden, more people would be able to find it.
  10. Maybe if they made tickets easier to buy we'd get better attendances at Ewood. This years website is awful, and slow. Some weeks it won't take my card (but will over the phone) and other weeks it will.
  11. Members of the forum awarded their match ratings for the Barnsley game, and we can now reveal that the BRFCS.com Man of the Match was ... https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/articles/brfcs-man-of-the-match-vs-barnsley-away-announced./83
  12. StubbsUK

    Home Page

    Which link is that bazza? I’ve clicked the “Home” link several times and it works ok. are you on desktop or mobile?
  13. Don't forget, if you watched the game or listened you can vote on the Barnsley Match Centre for 24 hours after the game has finished, who's going to be Man of the Match this week I wonder? https://brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716880/barnsley-blackburn
  14. Well this is timely from Andy Watson on Twitter Of the clubs in the Championship, only 2 have seen an increase in attendance since the 18/19 season, and they're the ones that have just been relegated. Rovers have the 3rd largest drop in match day attendance. I know they come across as incompetent but by not attending we're giving the management (off the field and indirectly on the field) very little wriggle room to even try and make things work. I'm pretty sure Waggott will be thinking that even if he's not saying it. edit: just to clarify, I’m not suggesting fan absence is what is making the off the field management look bad, but this is the internet in 2021 and someone will make that leap and be very upset that that is what they think I think.
  15. Results are in and the winner of the BRFCS.com Man of the Match, as voted by you, against Hull City was ... https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716869/blackburn-hull-city#ratings BRFCS.com.mp4
  16. I'd like to add manager & referee. I'll see if the data lets us do it.
  17. First outing of the BRFCS ratings section on the Match Center today, no doubt there will be a few rough spots but have a go anyway ... it's under the "Ratings" tab https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716858/blackburn-luton You must be logged in, if the tab is missing just give it a refresh.
  18. The luton game is here by the way https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716858/blackburn-luton you can also see the other scores updated as quick as we get them, match stats during the game and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  19. Some ... great ... ideas there but no-ones earned those internet points. If you look at the Match Center there's a new tab for all matches that have finished, and for 24 hours after a game is finished you'll be able to vote on players performance and award them a mark out of 10. It's the first time it's been used in anger so I'd expect a few hiccoughs for the Luton game, but either send any errors to admin@brfcs.com or raise a question in the question thread.
  20. It's nearly a couple of months now since BRFCS.com was relaunched, to coincide with the start of the new season. Rovers survived transfer deadline day without any signings and we survived the busiest day yet since we took over without any outages ... I think we win that one. Looking at the stats that we have available it's clear that most users have the forum part of the site bookmarked and drop straight in on the forum without visiting the front page, and to be fair that's what we expected but it does mean you might miss some of the stuff on the front page so here's a little summary. Every Friday we post a collection of the *ahem* best tweets of the week, mostly amusing but some are touching or uplifting. Here's last weeks This Week on Twitter, Delap's Derbies have made their way from Twitter to BRFCS, the amazing Blackburn Roverseas has returned with his fantastic match previews and more on Youtube. There's also the Match Center where you can see the upcoming fixtures and past results. The individual games have team sheets, match time lines, past meetings between the clubs and scores from all the other games that effect Rovers. We're launching a new feature here before the Luton game ... 12 shiny internet points for anyone who can guess what it is.
  21. Has anyone played the game where you create a play list of 100 songs, from 100 different artists? Each artist can appear once, but solo artists can appear alongside any bands they're in. Took me almost a week putting this together. Here's mine created a couple of years ago:
  22. Isn't that what's happening now? Something has to change and attending the games is one of the few things fans have at our disposal.
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