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  1. Oldest form of madness in the world, keep doing the same things and expecting a different result. Mowbray et al have to go, nothing will change if he stays. Player contracts signed or not signed, irrelevant. New players in, irrelevant. Players leaving, irrelevant. Nothing will change just more speak about 'projects' and 'journeys', 'building a team', 'refreshing the infrastructure' etc etc etc, all bollocks. Nothing will change as long as Mowbray stays, guaranteed. Constant lower half of the table with promises of better to come, no thanks. WE NEED A CHANGE AND WE NEED IT
  2. But then it all starts over again and there'll be no change so we'll be back in purgatory.
  3. I'm old fashioned. Biased towards big guy, short guy up top. Think Toshack/Keegan, Tore Andre Flo/Zola. We have an Armstrong, we have a Dolan. We have a Gallagher and we have a Brereton. Obviously not in the same quality league but surely TM should be trying out that formation. Am I missing something or is TM a moron?
  4. The players have all tried, losing this isn't through their lack of effort (and I don't often say that this season). The problem is awful team selection, setup and tactics. That's all down to TM. This just isn't working. Time for him to go has way past.
  5. Top quality goal, hands up for that one. Typical of our season.
  6. Lowe was a hate figure, Andrews was a hate figure, just don't think it's fair to lump Brereton in with them. He's done OK this match for me. In general he's done well this season. Injury stalled his progress, not his fault. He's a trier, the price tag and expectations aren't his fault
  7. Man oh man, just signed in and surprised at some of the negativity and moaning. It's been a good performance from us, Norwich haven't been bad, we've been good. Brereton has done nothing wrong at all yet he's getting an earful from some. Don't get it. I'm the first to scream and shout when we're awful but be fair that was a good first half.
  8. Ewood. The bog of eternal stench. Do we really have to have this served up every match. Time for a change.
  9. Well it's another day and I still feel sick. What's Dack done to deserve this, absolutely tragic and totally gutted for the lad. Have a speedy recovery son. About the match, reading the comments on hear I think most see it in the same way. We were cheated yet again. Week in week out it's the same. Cast your mind back over the last few weeks, how many penalties haven't been given for us and how many soft decisions have gone the other way. Refereeing standards are just shocking aren't they. Before you jump all over me let me first say that I think TM should go but he's got a dog's luc
  10. Officials need shooting. TM needs shooting. Commentators need shooting. Brentford are cheating bastards. Blood pressure through the roof. How much more of this do we have to endure.
  11. Rubbish! What the hell is the basis for that non-opinion? Are you saying fullbacks can go walkabouts whenever they want? The clues in the name DEFENDER.
  12. How many times have I banged on about the full backs staying in defensive positions and not indulging themselves as wingers. Commentator on Sky just called this out. We need a back 4 that stays as a back 4. Nyambe out of position on the move leaving up to the 'penalty'.
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