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  1. Loving the name B. B. Diaz. Must be a song we can use to fit that into.
  2. I think the problem with Mowbray's dressing room is that it's full of 'nice' people. Competitive sport needs spikey personalities, an edge, a bit of ruthlessness and once in a while outright badness. We need grit in the oyster, he's assembled a team of boy scouts. We're going to win nothing if he continues to buy guys who are in touch with their feelings. That in a nutshell is why TM will never build a team capable of promotion. We need a couple of evil sods like a Batty or a Keeley. Not going to happen though is it. Flat caps, rattles and "play up you blues" is a Roy of the Rovers
  3. This bit leapt out at me. "Beane turned the Oakland Athletics from no-hopers to play-off contenders by identifying quality players that were missed by other clubs or deployed in the wrong positions." Remind you of anyone?
  4. The facts are unarguable. We have lost a lot of matches. FACT Someone has to be at fault. FACT Whose fault is it? If it's the players, who bought them? If it's the coaching staff, who hired them? Players in wrong positions, who put them there? Playing a passing game with players who can't pass or cross, who made that choice? I could go on but what's the point. The buck has to stop somewhere and the 'where' is obvious. To finish the season the way we have and for him not to take total and full responsib
  5. Rubbish finishing across the team. Pathetic.
  6. Rotherham defenders holding hands against our free kick to form a chain --- is that legal??
  7. I voted "Yes - no matter what" because if you don't turn up you don't deserve to have a say. I like to have my say on here and elsewhere. Mowbray, Waggott and the Venky's out. I'll be there shouting it out and letting them know my feelings. I can't do that sitting at home and moaning from a distance. That's just the way I see things. I love the Rovers, end of. I'll always be there.
  8. It's just too slow. We hold the ball until we're closed down then pass it backwards! WTF Mowbray.
  9. Does no one every turn with ball? All this passing the way you're facing is doing my head in.
  10. Possession based football with our players, it's like asking elephants to tap dance. Wrong strategy, you'd think he'd learn. Almost as if he's doing it on purpose.
  11. Well when you look at what we put on the pitch each week it should be in good condition.
  12. Well who'd have thought it, a number 9 scoring a number 9 style goal. Would all be so perfect if only he was playing at number 9.
  13. It's the same as I said in the last match, Where's the mid field? That's supposed to be the engine room!! Looks like hamster's got a rupture and the wheel's got stuck.
  14. So xG is a measure of failure? The higher the score the worse you did? Cool. No hiding place then. We're shit and we know how to measure it to prove it.
  15. oops, just posted this on the Summer Transfer Window thread by mistake --- Just seen the horrible news of next wave Covid hitting India today. Horrific nunbers of infections. Patients laying on floors dying. Worst hit area is Pune. Doubt Venkys will have time to consider anything right now let alone Mowbrays replacement. I think we're stuck with him until next season.
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