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  1. Didn't care before the match, won't care after the match. Disappointed not to have seen a bunch of U23 on the pitch though, missed opportunity. Should be resting the established players.
  2. They're in League 1 who cares what position they're in. They won't turn up with their strongest team they have too many other things to worry about. I'd factored that into my opinion. Not too bothered if we progress or not to be truthful, rather keep key players uninjured and take a closer look at the U23 prospects. But that's me, happy to take others opinions.
  3. Not bothered about the cup this year, we need to be focused solely on the league. As others have said I'd: Pick every U23 who has a chance of breaking through this season. Then fill the gaps with players who are usually on the bench eg Dolan, Downing etc.. Then look at minutes for players recovering from injury. Should be a nailed on win whatever we do (famous last words).
  4. Gallagher had a good game. Some great defensive tracking back. Worth his place IMO.
  5. What to say. I love Rovers, I hate Rovers. I'm desperate for a win, then I think what's the point it won't make any difference. I'll pay my 10 quids again, but I don't want to. I'll feel awful before, during and after the match. But maybe THAT is the point, there isn't one, the whole damned rigmarole is pointless! Rovers are a Labour of love, I'll always be a Rover no matter how hopeless it gets so once more into the breach dear friends. Expecting a defeat again but what the heck, I'm going with a 0:3 scoreline. Come on St. Jude.
  6. Agree with a lot of your post. The bit quoted above though not so much. The full backs are the problem. Mowbray is so hell bent on attacking that he uses his full backs as surrogate wingers. That leaves big holes in defence that are easy to exploit with big heave-ho Hail Marys. We are NOT as good in attack as Mowbray thinks we are. We are weak in defence when the full backs go awol and there's no cover from defensive midfield despite there being three of them. If/when a new guy comes in he can either buy his way out of trouble (not likely to have the cash though) or acknowledge
  7. So, if we were all on the coaching staff what would we advise Mowbray to do (other than to leave)? My input. 1) have a plan B 2) Fix plan A by a) not playing 3 of your midfielders so deep b) move the ball MUCH quicker c) stop passing the ball across the back 4 d) stop running the ball into cul-de-sacs on the wing and recycling to the back four e) press more f) put round pegs in round holes 3) Plan B a) keep the back four as defenders, no full backs running out of position to play at being world beating attackers ... we need defenders to defend b) get round the back of tight
  8. How to beat the Rovers : HIgh press Crowd the defence Practice set pieces Look to strike on the break Field as many bruisers as possible to run into as many Rovers players as possible Play as many Hail Mary passes into the heart of our defence as possible We see it every week. When will Mowbray learn. Less Arte more, Labore please Tony.
  9. As a good friend of mine used to say ... there's only chaps and lady chaps! Happy New Year anyways.
  10. Elliott had a bad game. We overhit everything. More players sitting behind the guy with the ball and no one in front (when we're attacking). No movement. Poor match poor result.
  11. My two pennies worth is that I like Gallagher. Like all players theres improvement to be made but he has a real drive and energy i like. I think he is a confidence player. I bumped into him at Ewood after a match and said that I thought he'd played really well. He beamed like it meant so much to hear that and he thanked me. He looked really made up. He's going to get goals if we play him in the right positions and feed him. Reading negative stuff on social media does I suspect affect him badly. Maybe thats why the other players were so protective of him after the newspaper article.
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