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    I could see you winning the playoffs, we most certainly won’t

    You know if this was last season Shrewsbury would be 12 points clear of 3rd place. I blame yourselves for getting effing relegated in the first place.....lol

    Yes I do think it will be close

    Same applies to Charlton and play offs as well

    Having seen us win 2-0 at Charlton recently I don’t see why not

    Nolan has been fine, it has been the loss of other midfield players in a couple of games. our target has to be to win next 3 games at home, and if we do that hope You drop points in one of your next 2. That would put us at least level on points with 2 games to go.If you lose 1 of those games we would be a point ahead with 2 to play.

    We were in control 1 up until we lost Toto against Rochdale, his injury had a bad effect with 3 other players out in that game. Only one suspension but 2 our for the remaining season, biggest loss is Ogogo.
  8. Rovers v Peterborough

    7 points from 4 games actually

    I think you will find Shrewsbury have 7 points from the last 4 League games we beat Wimbledon 1-0, lost to Rochdale 3-1, beat Oxford 3-2 and drew 1-1 at Bradford.
  10. Automatic promotion

    Yes it is key for us to keep Hurst, but hopefully when he does eventually go the infrastructure he has put in place will keep us going. Example is (showing my age here) in the early 80's when our then manager Graham Turner left to manage A Villa 3 seasons after taking us up and keeping us up to what is now the Championship. We stayed up there for another 7 seasons. There were no play-offs in those days but we flirted in the top 6 for a few seasons in the mid 80's finishing around the top 8. That is the best we have ever done but probably the ultimate we could ever expect? I will finish for tonight. Decent fans message board by the way and good discussion.
  11. Automatic promotion

    Can't argue with much of that. In 2003 we actually slipped into the Conference by losing the last 10 games of the season from a pretty safe position in the table, it was the season we beat Everton in the FA Cup. The following season the view was similar to what you say above, for that level in the football pyramid, we had to go up, and the only way was to win with only one automatic spot. We did get promoted but had to do it in the Play-off, that was nerve racking. There is nothing worse than losing League status, some fans crying because their team has been relegated from the Premier League need a dose of reality. Financially we had to get up that season otherwise we could be stuck there. Not knowing Rovers situation with parachute payments do you fear that if Rovers miss promotion you could be in the lower leagues for a while? 100 million debt is heavy handicap to carry if your income from tv and parachute payments disappear, and outside looking in as much as you loath them I wonder if Venkys jumping ship with you in League 1 would make the situation even worse?
  12. Automatic promotion

    Pretty much Yes we do think Hurst may be gone, but to the clubs in the Championship the reality is they are all snobby and PH hasn't achieved anything yet, and even if we did go up the fans and owners would be demanding a big name. The likes of Sunderland and Sheffield Wednesday were not interested.....Sheffield worried our fans as Hurst is a born and bred Sheffield and Wednesday fan. Were Rovers fans underwhelmed when Tony Mowbray was appointed?
  13. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Thing is there is a long way to go with 48 / 51 points to play for so one of us might do a Bradford yet? I find it surprising , and funny that some of your fans are in meltdown after your defeat at Plymouth.... you were going to lose eventually and Plymouth away is a difficult place to go, plus I am pleased you have to go to Portsmouth soon as well.
  14. Automatic promotion

    Is that the difference??? Shrewsbury don't think Wigan are a pier too far.......
  15. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Not sure how late winners are considered lucky, plus we still had about 6 plus minutes after yesterdays goals. I put the late winners down to the players self belief that they are better and will eventually break the opposition down whose tiredness can be concentration as well., rather than settling for the draw. How many times have the title winning teams of Man Utd and Liverpool done it over the years.... For the record we have had 5 late winners this season from 85 minutes onward, Northampton (H), Doncaster (A), Rotherham (A), Fleetwood (H) and Bristol R (A). Interested to know how Rovers compare