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  1. Spring 2004, Craven Cottage, Monday. Still in the relegation battle, needed a win. 0-1 Cole, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 Douglas, 2-3 Amoruso drills a free kick in, 3-3, 3-4 Stead. My pulse was close to 200 for the whole two hours.
  2. It's more probable that I) West Ham has been relegated (and Benni's gone on strike), II) by the time of the fixture Benni has been released and gone to Spain or III) Benni's on strike.
  3. Good stalling tactics by Rovers. It would be a suicide to let him play against us.
  4. Hammer time for training-dodger Benni McCarthy after West Ham-bound striker is blasted by Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce
  5. The Flying Finn, Shefki Kuqi, has returned to Britain from Germany and signed for Swansea for free. Promotion is looming..
  6. A player that would have "the utmost respect" towards Allardyce and the board wouldn't be calling to the SSN with half a Big Mac in his mouth bragging about not being in the training and refusing to play..
  7. HSV Hamburg confirms van Nistelrooy -signing Wasn't sure which thread would be the best, but this'll do since West Ham didn't get the Dutch.
  8. Seconded. If he has already been fined twice, what the hell the manager is supposed to do? Keep on fining him? Or arrange personal sessions with the fitness coach? And if the player goes to the press instead of the manager about his unhappiness, get rid.
  9. Shefki Kuqi will be spearheading the TuS Koblenz's attack with his younger brother, Njazi, tomorrow in the first league game in the season. Yelldell is still at the club too.
  10. Benni in LET. Never thought I'd say this, but sounds down to earth.
  11. http://www.tribalfootball.com/blackburn-st...l-return-246896 TribalFootball, yes, I know. Anyone have The Sun?
  12. I might be alone here, but I'd sell Benni for £8M. There's absolutely no way he'll score as much as last season (mostly due to the change of unbelievably poor Nonda to Santa Cruz) and he really seems to have lost all motivation (despite few odd good moments against Everton). After lacklustre season and ~10 goals, he'll be worth the £2,5M we spent on him next summer and we've "lost" £5,5M. I really hope he proves me wrong, but ..
  13. A bit off topic? Not really, I don't follow F1 that much. And due to my malicious nature, I'd rather see him lose so I can rant to his fans
  14. Do we take academy players into consideration too? Former Rovers academy (2004-05) player, Finnish U19-midfielder Toni Kolehmainen plays for AZ Alkmaar in Dutch Eredivisie. Or most probably in the youth / reserve / second team setup (or whatever it's called there).
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