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  1. The boy scores goals, that in itself is worth a lot of money-who else other than Bellers have we got that can finish? I cant think of any!


    kuqi wink.gif

    joking aside, if im not wrong, in terms of scoring midfielders, only lampard, giannakopoulos, and nolan has scored more goals than mgp. for all i care, he can play like crap the entire game, as long as he's scoring goals. at the end of the day, its only the goals that matter. sure he has not been scoring lately, but neither has reid, bently, savage (aside from the birmingham match). so lets just get off his back.

  2. He is one of our few flair players, but has little flair.



    how can he have little flair but at the same time be one of our flair players?

    i'd say, its not the end. sure he's having a bad spell now, but the rest of the team is not playin so well at moment either. though having said that, i really hope he'll regain his goal scoring form soon.

  3. imo 4th place is out of reach. just like looking up at the stars. CL was so close yet so far.

    i cant possibly see spurs and gunners losing their remaining matches. as for rovers winning all their remaining matches, i just cant see it.

  4. from the refree forum


    The Law clearly defines "involvevment in active play" thus:

    - Interfering with play means playing or touching the ball passed or touched by a team-mate. (He did not)

    - Interfering with an opponent means preventing an opponent from playing (he did not) or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision (he did not) or movements or making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts an opponent (if either GK or defender were "distracted" by that leg waggle, perhaps they should find alternative employment).

    IMHO Not offside, good decision in line with FIFA intent to reward attacking football.


    so if im reading this correctly, if lua lua was in cisse's position and he did his usual somersults infront of the ball without touching it, that would be considered ok??

    seeing all the people there agreeing with the call absolutey makes my stomach churn mad.gif

    IMO this rule is just set up so that fans, players, and mangers cannot argue with the refs whenever they make a mistake.

  5. not sure what to expect out of this game huh.gif so not gonna go for any predictions

    really hope that rovers can really turn things around especially with newcastle breathing down our necks. the 3 points are crucial to say the least. sparky needs to change the starting if we are to regain our form. emerton in, mgp out. bentley to partner bellers.

  6. be it krama or what, a lost is still a lost. its totally depressing to read all the post games comments. this match, like any horribe ex girlfriend experience is best forgotten and not mentioned again.

    here's to looking forward to wed's match.

    c'mon rovers! lets secure that 6th place spot tinykit.gif

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