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  1. He's a true Rover because he's supported Rovers since he was a child and he still supports them now and he was born in the local area. I really don't know of any other necessary criteria to be labelled a true Rover.
  2. I think Beattie deserves a bit more credit than that. He's not Kaka or anything but he does get involved in games, puts himself about a bit and is great at set pieces - I mean he's the perfect signing with the system we play and i'm not being sarcastic. Besides which, it's always good to see a true Rover fighting for the cause. As good a player as Benni has been in his career and as good a player he was for us initially, he's put on way too much weight over the last year and a half or so and the the number of times he's offside drives me crazy. Also, his hearts not in it so i'd sell him for however much it cost to get Beattie.
  3. Well said. I'm sure the wages would be roughly similar?
  4. What a lovely comment from Benni today, touching Seriously though, its great to hear such positivity from the clubs better players. I actually agree with him though I'd still sell Roque for twenty million plus.
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