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  1. RIP JOHN there are some people on here that should be ashamed of themselves. starting rumours around a death is disgusting. no one should have opened this thread because it meant there were 6 pages before anyone that went to the game was able to get on the internet! It is true, there was a rowdy atmosphere at half time, very largely because of booze filled idiots and also because of the fact that blackburn rovers football club did not turn up AGAIN. those lads dancing around were not doing anything too far removed from what normal fans had been doing before the game eg. drinking beer and jumping up and down (most were involved in this). when the beer bottles went flying, there were a lot of 'normal' fans doing the same thing. now because this is an extremely sensitive situation, I am not going to start spreading stuff around the accident. but that is what it was, a tragic tragic accident. and mark my words that is what the police will discover following statements. murder or similar is out of the question. i am not condoning what happened but I think people need to understand the circumstances a little better, because clearly a lot of you weren't there and a lot of you don't have a clue and as a result have been ranting and fuelling the rumours even more. THIS WAS NOT 'IN FIGHTING'. There are lots of people on here who made sure not to spread rumours and I thank you all for that. The others should be ashamed. There a lot of sad people today in the North West, and it is not a time to be pointing fingers. ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE. My thoughts and sympathies are with John's daughter, girlfriend and family. R O V E R 4 E V A. Please don't turn on each other on the net. lets all stick together, the club and John's friends and family deserve it.
  2. oh sh*t, yeah!!! are you just naming the ones that were really successful at the club? and mcCarthy your a joker...one of those stupid players that seems insistent on burning all bridges. another great example of a big ego small club player. we have just agreed a deal im hearing...anyone know how much????????????????
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