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  1. Afternoon guys. Ive read some of the posts on here and must say I know exactly how you feel. If you read any of the Celtic websites after the 1st leg they were much the same, although maybe to a lesser degree as obviously we sneaked a win. Im obviously delighted at how we performed. Was questioning the 3 strikers we played, but it worked a treat as Sutton completely snuffed out Tugay and in turn seemed to snuff out Blackburn. Must admit ive been very disappointed at Cole & Yorke over the two legs, both have big reputations, but as far as I can see thats all they have to offer - reputations. But I wont make the mistake that some and I mean some rovers fans did of writing them off on the basis of two games (never mind one!). Anyway im not on here to gloat, just merely to say Ive thoroughly enjoyed the banter on here, and will regularly frequent it even though our tie is over. A lot of decent people on here. No not you Abbey!! 5-0? That prediction is looking a tad silly now isnt it? One thing I am glad about is that Larsson scored two crucial goals for us. Was fed up about him being written off - I think he's now proved he could cut it in the Premiership. All the best in the League guys.
  2. Any of you local guys been in town yet? Celtic fans a plenty? So p*ssed off I couldnt get a ticket. Still as long as we give a good account of ourselves tonight.......and win then i'lll be happy. Enjoy the game guys and gals!!!!
  3. From Celtics point of view im hoping your prediction is as accurate this time as it was for the 1st leg! 3-0 im sure you predicted Mr Abbey? For the record 2-1 Blackburn, with Celtic going through on away goals.
  4. Cheers for the invite, but ive been unable (so far!!) to lay my hands on a ticket, so looks like ill be sitting at home with a beer in my hand!! Dont fancy travelling 300 miles for that privelidge either!!!! You never know though - my contacts are still on the look out!! Not looking good though.
  5. What a heap of absolute rubbish. I wont even grace that statement with anymore than that.
  6. Perhaps you should begin too. Might make you realise that all are not as innocent as they profess. As the man who started this thread I can honestly and sincerely say they were not supposed to be smug or snide in any way shape or form. To be honest Ill not be posting again on this forum. Most replies are decent, but the odd few are childish and downright annoying, and I for one cannot be ars*d with them, it bugs me too much. ..........back to the huddleboard for me!!!! All the best for next Thursday and may the best team win (celtic obviously!) :'>
  7. One hundred per cent correct, Dr Rich - that's exactly what I said. Come on, Pete 1888, I would be slaughtered if I suggested Celtic fans only sing Y.N.W.A in Old Firm games. Grand Old Team, Dont take my Larsson Away, Cheer up Advocaat, Only one Pierre (last season) Soldiers Song (away) Athenrie - I know the reportoire. I stick by what I said. Everyone knows that a large away support helps the atmosphere - something that's lacking at Ibrox and Parkhead unless it's an Old Firm Derby - There's no doubt in my mind that When Rangers and Celtic play Kilmarnock, for example, the atmosphere peaks with S. the Best and Y.N.W.A and goes quieter from then on apart from the occasional burst of noise. My sincere apologies!! Time for me to go back to school and study English again I reckon!!! You are right in what you say on that front apart from Celtic fans hardly sing YNWA apart from big games!!
  8. You should be an MP giving evasive answers like that. Answer the question ! Why dont we join the La Liga? Good question, Lets face it the Premiership would be too easy, as no Premiership sides has beaten us for a long time so whats the point of joining that!!! ha,ha! Just kidding before you blow a gasket!!! Think weve talked this one to death though!
  9. Nah, dont speak spanish too well!!!!!
  10. Hey, hey, hey!!!! Only reason I mentioned Valencia game was to point out that we too can play well against top quality opposition, and werent nearly as bad as you lot are making out. We were dire on Thursday I make no bones about that, but you certainly wont be so dominant in the 2nd leg. I HOPE!!!!! PS. Premiership is not best league in the world, La Liga takes that title closely followed by Seria A, you come a close third however!! Only people who say the Premiership is the best are English im afriad. So insular its unreal!!! Not that it matters as the Premiership is still excellent regardless.
  11. Well okay then,apologies. Those are some pretty stupid rules, can't the club apply proper segregation for 500? or is it that the teams don't return their unsold tickets? Under SPL rules you must give a certain percentage of tickets to the away side. As you say a ridiculous rule, but thats the SPL for you!!!
  12. Celtic always sell out their end for league games, but we have to allow the away fans a certain amount. Think its 2500 or so and they only ever bring 500 tops. Hence the shortfall. Pretty frustrating as thats 2500 hoops fans who are denied seeing their team, but thems the rules as they say!! Hope that clears it up for you.
  13. You are wrong "Dr" Rich!! I did pass English and that isnt what he meant. Who cares anyway, he's wrong in both instances.
  14. Just went back and read Rangerrovers post, thats not what he said so I was right in my post. We do want to play Premiership sides, but there is no doubt if we were in there the standard of player we could attract would be much higher and therefore we could become a force. Our fans are too used to seeing us win by 4 or 5 every week and that was half the problem on Thursday, they were stunned that a mid table Premiership side could dictate the play so much. Celtic were awfull and were not used to seeing that. Scottish Football is turning into a joke, and I for one am becoming thoroughly bored of thumping teams every week, hence why we want in the Premiership, a fresh challenge. and yep we did whistle loudly at the end. We wanted that whistle blown to end our worst European performance in years!!
  15. A few of you seem a bit touchy when we simply ask how you played? I never for once insinuated that the level of competition was the same, in fact if you read my initial post you'll see I quite cleary state that. However I think you must realise that what you witnessed on Thursday was an extremely inept performance by Celtic. You seem to think this one performance now means you will thump us at Ewood. Last year we played Valencia off the park at Parkhead and went out on pens, now if im not mistaken this is the side that have torn Liverpool (top of the Premiership) apart twice this season. Celtic arent that far off the pace and im sure we'll show that at your place. If you beat us by 2 and go through then fair play to you, you'll have deserved it, but be under no illusions that it'll be nearly as easy as the 1st leg. We couldnt and cant play any worse.
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