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Tony's Rallying Call


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Blackburn Rovers long-serving coach Tony Parkes has spoken out regarding his recent dismissal from the club urging fans to get behind the team.

Following his shock departure Tony Parkes has issued a rallying call to all Rovers fans urging them to support the team's struggle to climb the table and avoid relegation.

Speaking openly on recent events and reacting to local media and fans' criticism of the club, Parkes commented "The club needs the full support of everyone as the team strives to push on and climb up the Premier League. I feel sure that with everyone pulling together that will happen."

Reports in some media sources suggest almost open rebellion amongst Rovers fans. However a recent poll on this site suggests 72% of fans support Mark Hughes in his desire to restructure the back-room staff (only 16% objected to the move, the rest either abstaining or preferring to let the results show if it was the right decision). Equally though many fans were unhappy at the manner in which the news was leaked to the press. Read the discussion here

Every fan knows Tony Parkes is at heart one of us, a Rover through and through. He went on to comment further "I would like to make it absolutely clear that I have no axe to grind with the club. I also feel that the club has suffered unfairly over the past few days. Rovers have been great with me and I have many, many happy memories which can never be erased. I want the fans, who have also been fantastic towards me, to know that I have no animosity whatsoever toward the club and that I will always hold Rovers very close to my heart"

The Rovers board have already offered Parkes a Testimonial Match which promises to be an excellent night for both Rovers fans and Tony Parkes, "I would like to thank the club for the award of a testimonial and I am already looking forward to that occasion next Spring.” It's to be hoped the club line up major opposition for this game which will be Ewood's chance to show it's support for a real legend.

Come Sunday it's back to business in the PL; it's to be hoped the chorus of "He's blue and white, he's dynamite, Tony Parkes" will be rapidly followed by "Sparky Hughes blue 'n' white army"

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