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Cardiff City 1 Blackburn Rovers 1


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A Cardiff City fan, Pugger, has posted an excellent review of yesterday's game from the Bluebird perspective. Here our his views on Cardiff City v Blackburn Rovers:

"Well first thing it was nice to meet a lot of you the Lansdowne before the match, I hope we made you feel welcome and changed a few minds regarding the way many of us are portrayed. Most Blackburn supporters were confident of a win and to be honest I couldn't see a an upset even though we'd improved over the Xmas period.

The game started quite predictably with us forcing the game with some neat moves and half decent crossed but Friedel had nothing to save, then on the first Blackburn attack the ball was punted down the middle by freidel the ball was won in the middle I think and dropped to Dickov who played a fantastic ball through for Pederson who finished in style. After that Blackburn were in total control of the game for about 10 minutes when you could off wrapped it up. Dickov had a great chance but unlike Pederson neat and well though finish he just blasted it from 8 yrds Straight at Warner our keeper. When we finally figured out that playing the offside trap 2 yrds out side your own box didn't work we slowly started to get back into the game. We had a great spell of pressure for about 25 minutes in which time you picked up 3 booking, 2 were sure fire jobs but mateos was a comedy job. I must say we our Winger Job did go past your full back i was surprised on how blatant player were prepared to hack them down. I think it shows the bite Hughes has placed on the team and should stand you in good stead for the rest of the season. Any in this period we has a good chance when Jerome really should have done better with a header from 6 yrds but it was a sign of what was to come, from a throw in the ball was laid back to Graham Kavagnagh (probably our man of the match) who hit a first time cross to Alan Lee who's header hit the cross bar at the angle and bounce off Friedels hand into the net. You couldn't really blame Friedel for it he had to go for it and was slighly unfortunate. We probably deserved the goal on the amount of pressure we had managed to excert. Just after the Goal we were given a free kick just outside the box (another yellow card) and Kav again put in a quality cross which Gabs should have really scored, but the ball did go through a load of bodies.

The 2nd half the game died a bit, we still created a few half chances but nothing you could call clear cut. Blackburn finished the stronger and Dickov saw a shot well saved by Warner. You also hit the bar direct from a corner but to honest it was never going to go in. The only debating point in the game was the disallowed Dickov goal which came when Warner drop a cross under a challenge. To be honest from where I was sitting I thought we got lucky, I was sure that in div 1 or 2 game the goal would have been allowed. However watching the extensive highlights on BBC wales last night (30 minutes) it was a foul on the keeper.

Overall I think I can see the MH influence on your team. He has made you difficult to beat and thats half the battle and I think you can just see the first signs that he's moving on from that because for small periods in the game the speed and acuracy of your attacks was way above stuff we've seen in this Div you just need to play like that for longer periods. Anyway I'm sure you will win the replay and to be honest I wouldn't minded if Dickov's goal hadn't been ruled out because our priority hast to be to get away from the bottom of this div and a relay was probably the worst result . Hope the fans that travel down enjoyed the match and maybe will form a different opinion of most of us genuine city supporters. "

Many thanks Pugger, good to have a balanced view from the opposition.

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