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Hughes Speaks Out Against London Biased Media


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Blackburn manager Mark Hughes has spoken out against tirade of criticism from the press after this weekends FA Cup Semi Final.

"When I read the papers on the Sunday, I was astounded by the level of criticism, and to have to withstand that is not on," said Hughes.

"Some of the comments were quite personal, not only to Andy (Todd), but also to a number of the players and it was disrespectful to the club because even our fans were thrown into the mix.. "

Interestingly, the vast majority of news sources omitted the following quote from Hughes, attacking the coverage by southern based press.

..... the whole angle on the game was shaped by one unfortunate incident at the end of 90 minutes. We played the likes of Everton, Liverpool and Manchester United and competed in exactly the same way and there was nothing like this. But we go up against southern-based teams like Chelsea and Arsenal and we cop all the flak going........"

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