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Next Seasons Programme

Guest fernhurstblue

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Guest fernhurstblue


does anybody on here know what sort of price we can expect to pay for the club programme next season? hopefully we'll go back to the 'regular' size as opposed to the 'square' this season which was a nightmare to get posted and packaged.

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last seasons programme was one of our worst efforts, the only plus was the price of £1.50 to season ticket holders.

My guess is next seasons will be the same dross with the exception its £3 for season ticket holders. Unfortunately long gone are the days of the programmes of the 50s, 60s and early 70s.

I believe we print 5000 programmes for every match, many of them remain unsold as at £3 a time it just adds on to the expense of watching live modern football. The only people who buy programmes nowadays at Ewood are our small band of programme collectors and away fans. Sales are down due to cost and todays up to date media coverage (internet). The modern fan doesnt need to buy the programme to keep up to date with whats going on. Im sure we dont make much if any money on producing the programme, perhaps it is time to revert to the cheap small programme of the past.

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I've certainly given up buying programmes for anything except big away games such as at Cardiff or Burnley.

20 programmes at £3 a pop is £60, which is an away match and a night out. This isn't even taking into consideration programmes not bought at away matches.

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