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  1. Loved the Roses on Saturday! Agree with the beer situation - we didnt even bother queing after about 4 o clock! Off to see the Levellers on Wednesday night at Anderton Boat Lift in Nantwich?! Odd venue. Then T in the Park early doors friday morning. Tired isnt the word.
  2. There was, surpringly, logic in my choice of bike and tyre - although it was probably flawed. At the time I was looking to loose some serious weight, but didnt have the time to exercise enough so commuting on a bike with mountain tyres used more energy than road tyres. It also allowed me to investigate moutain biking! I dont think I'll be pursuing that. (I managed to knock 7 stone off in 6 months though!) Thanks for the recommendation, Im going to have a nosy round a few places, but it would help if I had a least a vague idea of what I was looking for. Will visit that site. Cheers
  3. Having bottled the C2C last year (due to 'domestic issues' - code name for breaking up!) Im toying with the idea again, possibly early next sping. Got the tax dodge cycle scheme at work and am looking for something a little better than my Ridgeback MX2. Budget isnt massive, even with the tax saving! Any recommendations of either models, or what not to go for and what not. Will be used for my daily commute of 6.5 miles each way as well as the odd long ride other times. Most cycling is road or cycle paths.
  4. We stayed at the Hilton for our anniversary. If Podium is the restaurant on the ground floor (on the right as you walk in) then the food there was absolutely excellent. Cloud 23 is worth checking out, but its very pricey - I bought a cocktail and a bottled beer and think it was £12 or thereabouts. The view is great on a clear evening though. Worth one drink only though - the bar next to the restaurant downstairs had a much better selection and was a little cheaper (but not much).
  5. Can anyone recommend anything in Bowness/Windermere? Off up there in a short while for the wedding anniversary.
  6. Naturally, he is better than Gary Harkins.
  7. Neither player is good enough for Blackburn Rovers.
  8. With all due respect 6, you are championing a player on the ground of what you have read, of him playing in a vastly weaker league north of the border.
  9. In two years Mokoena will be the wrong side of thirty and his current side will have been relegated (there's a prediction). Harkins will be 25/26. Mokoena is currently a far better player than Harkins is.
  10. Has anyone been to Chaophrya in Manchester?
  11. Isnt the reason that no one has been able to get hold of Mr Agbonlahor today that Joey Barton has kidnapped him?
  12. What processes will they make easier? Why should I pay for both.
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