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  1. But they would be catastrophic. They're not the enemy, they're our biggest trading partner. We need to establish a trade deal or our economy would implode and everyone would suffer.
  2. Well, he's exactly the sort of man the "strong and stable leadership" slogan is aimed at - the angry Leave voter. Doesn't surprise me one bit that he is shouting it in the streets.
  3. https://www.buzzfeed.com/laurasilver/tim-farron-and-a-pro-leave-pensioner-just-had-the-mother-of?utm_term=.afaNkrK6Da#.klxboLOZkr If his aim was to defend the image of Leave voters, I think he failed. Angry, confused and aggressive. Thought Farron handled himself very well though, even though I'm not his biggest fan.
  4. Not looking forward to the World Cup if this is what the heat does to teams.
  5. Anybody watched the new Arrested Development? I'm 7 episodes in and I'm not impressed. I wasn't expecting much though because I thought the tail end of the third season was heading that way.
  6. With a forward line of Lewandowski, Gotze, Reus and Blaszczykowski and a defence of Subotic and Hummels it'd be hard to fail! Obviously that's doing him a disservice, Germany nurturing terrific young coaches as well as managers it seems. But they've got a hell of a team, I hope they keep them together but it's one that they've taken time to develop.
  7. Anywhere that shows Hanley's full run? Commentators on five live were going mental.
  8. Amazingly this would put us up to 15th place. I don't think we'd drop 7 places in 2 games.
  9. After Givet's horror show at the weekend we desperately need Hanley back in there. I'd possibly for Lowe as well, Dunn might be more effective from the bench so soon after the game on Saturday.
  10. I went there just before Christmas and it is very good. Feels like you've stepped back in time 100 years (in a good way) - almost like being sat in an old underground railway station. Re Nandos....it is what it is. Its competitors are the likes of McDonald's and Pizza Hut. I really like it since the veggie options are excellent (halloumi and portabello mushroom burger is amazing), and the sides are very good. I never go for a proper meal there it's just an alternative to other fast food places if I'm shopping or whatever. For that it does a very good job.
  11. Search for the Everything Everything mix by James Rutledge. It's the whole Arc album mixed into a 6:51 song. Nowhere near as chaotic as it sounds! Definitely worth a listen. Saw My Bloody Valentine last Sunday. I think my ears are still bleeding. The 15 minute wall of noise that they call 'the Holocaust'...f*** me. I've never experienced anything like that! The rest of the set was beautiful but that was a 15 minute physical assault.
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