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New Forum - An Introduction


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It's been suggested a "Memory Lane" topic might be fun. The idea being for people to recall their memories of great Rovers games. Games stick in the mind for all sorts of reasons, the team performance, a special goal, the atmosphere, etc.

After a brief discussion we felt a seperate forum would be best as individual topics would get lost on the main board. Please try to keep each topic to a specific game, and check if the match you want to discuss has already been posted before starting a new topic.

Just to give members an idea of the sort of games we had in mind:

Rovers 4 Derby 2

West Ham home 5-4

Cardiff Worthington Cup

Gencerbilli ? away Spelling

Utd 4-3

Utd 2-0 Easter '93? - Shearer got both

FMC Final

Leicester City play-offs

VE Night

Anfield 95

Rovers 4 City 1, the day of Hillsborough - City were champions and we thumped them Lot of contrasting emotions

West Ham 2 Rovers 8

Rovers 7 Spurs 2

Rovers 5 Arsenal 5

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