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SINCE 1996
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Rovers 2 Derby 0

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I don't remember much of the game but this has to be the best atmosphere at Ewood I have every been to for a few reasons...

- It was an evening kick off

- Rovers dominated from beginning to end

- The atmosphere was unbelievable

- I converted a dingle fan

- It was the promotion season

- You could stand up

- They still sold "Bovril" in syrup form

*Please note some of my facts may be slightly out, and let me know if you remember who got Rovers other goal (I think it might have been Super Atko)

It was a warm evening as a remember and rovers were making their charge towards the premiership in our promotion season. I got in the ground about half an hour before kick and the singing started (unheard of nowadays eh?). like I say though the match details are a little hazy but I remember Chris Price thumping one into the bottom corner in the second half.

It wasn't a particularly good game but we won 2-0 and Derby didn't stand a chance. The reason I would put this game as a "classic" is because for the entire duration of the first half and throughout half time was what I can only describe as an "explosive" rendition of "King Kennys Blue and White Army". The whole Blackburn end must have been jumping up and down and the place was rocking and I was knackered - Rovers where stroking the ball around but not making any chances but not giving any away either. It was 0-0 at half time and the we just didn't stop singing - the Derby players must have heard us in the dressing rooms and the fans in the Darwen end simply didn't bother trying to outshout us.

Come the second half, we knew a goal was coming- with that kind of vocal support it was inevitable - the whole atmosphere in the stands and on the pitch summed up our season that year - relentless. "KKB&WA" still echoed around the ground and then came the point where rovers took the lead. Chris Price took one touch and smacked the ball into the bottom corner - To me it is one of the goals I will always remember because the fans (still chanting) basically shook the whole of Lancashire (thats what it felt like). As the sound of the ball fizzing into the net was heard, just for a moment, all my football dreams came true - I was in football heaven. Sorry it's a bit long winded and congratulations if you got this far - but surely everyone has a goal/game in there where which, whilst not a particularly important event in the history of our great club, still gives them goosebumps.

As for the Burnley fan at that game that night, last time I heard he had a season ticket for the Blackburn End - To save embarrasment, I shall just call him "Mick". You know who you are my son.... tinykit.gif

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I have always fondly remembered a Kevin Moran goal in the play-offs where the ball looped up near the line and he headed it and a couple of defenders into the back of the net.

Was this against Derby or is my mind playing tricks?

Yes I remember that one fondly as well - I think it was the second leg of the playoffs (we won the first one 4-2 - helluve game). I think the ball looped up and dropped just under the bar to find Moran charging in with his head. Was watching the second leg on the big screen they put up at Ewood - crowd went ballistic because it effectively killed Derbys hopes of turning it round I think.

Happy days

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