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Email Attachments, Downtime And Other Problems


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Late this afternoon a vulnerability in the forum software was exploited by a hacker in Russia. The hacker then used the forum's mass mail function to send a link to a trojan file to our users and also modified the forum itself to attempt to download the same file to visitors.

Within minutes, with the help of the owner of the server we are on, we'd stopped the mails being sent, denied the hacker further access and taken the forum offline.

The file it's was trying to get you to run is know as Downloader.Harnig and has been around since 2004 so any half decent anti-virus program will have caught and removed it.

We've now re-secured the forum , but we are going to be performing further upgrades over the next few days that may mean the forum will be taken offline at short notice.

We'd like to take this opertunity to aplogize for any inconvience this has caused and rest assured we are doing everything possible to stop things like the happening in the future.

PS. For those of you who did follow the link and don't have anti-virus software, we will no doubt be offering further info on removal via the forums.

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