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[Archived] Web Based Fax Service

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We've been using Winfax for as long as I can recall, still like it and it fulfills all our needs when office based. Increasingly we need remote access to received faxes and Winfax is OK with this but not very reliable plus it means logging into the office PCs. For remote receiving I've been using the Orange fax facility whereby the faxes are received on my mobile and can be printed at any fax machine. This works well but is expensive and relies on access to a fax machine. Just started looking for something that may be web based in someway. Anyone got ideas or experience of this?

Crucial points are:

1. When sending from an address book the faxes must be personally addressed to an individual

2. Seamless for the customer i.e the customer should not be aware he / she is sending to anyhting other tan another fax machine

3. Capable of send and receive from a laptop over the web.

Suggestions would be great...now to make some copffee and start the research!

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