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[Archived] Microsoft Oulook Problem

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Yesterday my laptop appeared to "re-boot" itself while I was running all my usual programmes - Sage, Excel 2007, Outlook 2007 and a few other minor bits and pieces. I think I probably inadvertently touched something on the laptop keyboard, even though I was using a cordless keyboard at the time, somehow the machine flicked on and off very quickly, it was perhaps 1-2 seconds. Can't call it a true re-boot as there was no request for passwords etc and this happened very fast.

Since then Outlook has refused to function properly and I received a single warning the data files had not been shutdown correctly and should be checked. When starting Outlook the following happens:

Calendar does not appear in its usual window

CPU usage rockets to 55%

Send / Receive does not appear to work

Difficult to assess the Contacts folder as the mouse will not function in Outlook, effectively "slipping behind" the Outlook window

Other programmes continue to function but are slowed by the CPU useage

If Outlook is closed everything else is normal.

I have run repair from the original CD and uninstalled and re-installed from the original CD without any effect. I have a backup of the .pst files and I'm beginning to wonder if the only solution is to delete the .pst file and replace with the back up? As Outlook won't open correctly I can't just run the option to restore the back up as I can't get the programme running to that point.

Any ideas before I take the plunge?

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I just found a possible solution, go to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033" and run the program SCANPST.EXE (may be worth making a copy first). I've not actually used the tool but apparently after scanning it it offers a repair option.

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