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I have been contacted by some bloke who is setting up a new website where sport fans tell their stories. A simple concept which I was a little dubious about at first but, having looked at the demos on their site, the production quality is excellent.

Anyway, I've told them I'll look into it and see if anyone's interested. If you are let me know and I'll speak to them again:

We are seeking true supporters of Blackburn Rovers for a new website that will be launched in October called trusupporter.com. The site will be a ‘social archive of the memories and stories’ of supporters. We believe that every fan has a tale to tell and we believe that all Rovers fans will be interested to hear the reflections of other fans be they funny, sad, interesting, amazing, mundane, remarkable, ordinary, whatever. There will be no message boards, player or team news, club gossip etc – this is already catered for, the site will exclusively focus on the memories and stories of the supporters.

Blackburn has a rich history (as do other football clubs) yet we believe that something is missing from this history – who are, and who were the supporters? We think this is pretty much true of all football clubs and the site is launching with three teams – Blackburn and well yes, Burnley and Preston!!

We’d really appreciate it you’d be willing to help us – before we launch we want to find some supporters who can write a few chapters and, ideally, allow us to film them talking about stories related to Blackburn. The site is still under construction and the design isn’t absolutely ‘nailed down’ but you can have a sneak preview by logging onto the Demo page on www.trusupporter.com and entering the following:

Username: trusupporter

Password: widnes

There are 17 chapters and 6 videos of genuine Widnes Vikings fans talking about genuine memories*.

Call us sentimentalists but we absolutely believe that memories are incredibly important. The site will exist to capture, preserve and share these with other interested fans. If Wikipedia is for ‘facts’, we’d love trusupporter to be the ‘wikipedia of fans memories and stories’. Facts are important but we believe that your stories will be way more interesting!

The site will have no advertising. We believe there is a certain dignity associated with memories and the site will also include posthumous supporter profiles which demands an even higher threshold of quality and care. Consequently when the site launches it can be viewed for free by all supporters but there will be a charge to be featured. Obviously if you are kind enough to help us pre-launch there will be no charge.

What we’d like to do is hire a film crew and get them to a venue one evening or weekend and get up to 10 fans together to tell us about their experiences, why they are passionate about Blacburn Rovers, who introduced them, favourite memories (and worst), etc.Filming is not absolutely necessary for everybody though!!

Incidentally each fan will have a unique Registration Code that no other Blackburn fan could have.

Hopefully this is of interest. I would be delighted if you’d be able to help and possibly introduce some fans to us to take part in the pre-launch. Please feel free to give me a call on the number below, or call my colleague Stuart Glendinning on 07879 444204. Alternatively you could reply to this email!! Just to re-iterate, we're looking for about 10 supporters who are willing to help out.

If you are interested it will take a bit of organising sorting a venue, time etc. Any suggestions will be gratefully received (know a friendly landlord so we don’t have to pay a venue hire fee? That kind of thing).

Kind regards

Martin Fawcett & Stuart Glendinning

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