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  1. I haven’t tried to airbrush anyone away. Rob’s a Rovers fan. I offered to put a piece together about the letter and, as I know what will ‘make’ in the LT, would have angled it along the lines of ‘hundreds/thousands of Rovers fans have signed a letter raising concerns at plans to sell part of Brockhall etc etc etc ...’ They have stated today they are no longer pursuing those plans.
  2. I believe it’s been a positive period for us generally in comparison to the preceding years under Venky’s. Certainly up until the end of January. Pre-lockdown, which let’s face it hasn’t helped the situation over the past year, the club felt more connected to the fans (in my opinion) than at any other period since the takeover. And you can’t exactly blame the chief exec for relegation, signings you’re not happy with or the style of play ...
  3. Was merely offering to help you spread publicity about the letter by putting something together for you to send to the LT. Planned to do it this weekend but now it’s been shelved there’s no story there for them unfortunately.
  4. I would think (as ex-LT reporter myself) they may be more open to a story about ‘[insert number] Rovers fans have signed a petition raising concerns ... etc etc’ rather than publishing the letter itself. Especially if that number becomes quite significant.
  5. Can’t say I agree with the education metaphor as in football there are always two teams, so there’s always gonna be a winner/loser (unless it’s a draw obviously!) but in a classroom you don’t have two sets of people trying to win a game! You put out a very reasoned and fair argument here and I don’t have the energy to continue the debate right now. There’s clearly two sides to this, as with everything, and one argument is not going to change the mind of the other. I came on here today for the first time in years as I was informed I was being slated for my comments on Twitter. I’ve re
  6. Sorry misunderstood. In that case no, yesterday’s result was massively disappointing.
  7. We’ve still got an 11 point cushion but if we do get dragged down there then I would say that’s time for a management change.
  8. You asked me if I would class not losing in six games an ‘up’. My answer is yes. I didn’t say we were on an unbeaten run.
  9. Not every year. We nearly went down in 91. Plenty of struggles during the 80s.
  10. Who wouldn’t class a six-game unbeaten run as an up?
  11. Because times have changed. Souness days were some of the best I’ve experienced (missed a lot of the Hughes time as was away at uni). But we were a Premier League club back then in a different era. The game is different now. Look at the clubs in this league who have bigger budgets and far better squads. And I’m not saying we should never be back there I just don’t think it’s a realistic expectation right now. We were a Second Division club for what 15 years before we went up in 92? And yes I’m sticking with Mowbray because after all he’s done for the club - he’s the best thing to happen to Bla
  12. Yep I’m a Rovers fan. Get to be a journalist by studying three years for a degree and completing a postgraduate certificate. Funnily enough they don’t ask for your opinions on football in any of the exams.
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