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[Archived] Video Editing Software

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Could do with someones help on video editing if possible?

Ideally im looking for some software, which is maybe free (or available) and will allow me to take videos (such as youtube) and edit/ cut the bits that I want....

Any ideas?

Hey. This is the first time my degree has come in handy so enjoy it.

You have a few options. Firstly Youtube videos are downloadable in a number of ways but in my opinion Realplayer has the easiest way. It will ask you if you want to download the video and then convert it to a .MP4

In terms of editing programs:

Windows Movie Maker - A good free program inbuilt into windows. Very effective for making home movie style videos or stringing together a few video files.

Pinnacle Studio - A very user friendly editing suite that you will master in three hours. It's a program that has improved greatly and you can do some great little things with it.

Adobe Premiere - A middle of the range program that will require reading guides / getting used to it. Many professionals / semi professionals love this program.

Final Cut Pro - The IPod of editing programs. Primarily for Macs but feature packed but commonly difficult to use.

Sadly they are all for money except the first one...but now you know their names, who knows what decisions you will take in terms of which one to purchase... :blush:

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