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[Archived] Sata To Ide Converter

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Hi all.

My SATA hard drive seems to be having difficulties and isn't recognised by the motherboard anymore (it just stopped recognising it two days ago after a reboot).

In the meantime, I had a backup IDE hard drive with a SATA adapter plugged into it so I could attach it to my SATA motherboard.

However, since the SATA hard drive broke down, my BIOS screen states "No IDE master HDD detected! Press F1 to continue".

I am assuming I need to set the IDE drive which is pretending to be a SATA drive as the master HDD but I can't find anything about that in the BIOS (which I am going to try to flash in case a new version allows you to). This leads me to assume I need to use a jumper switch, but should I need to if it's SATA?

Also having problems with my Belkin wireless adapter. Downloaded the newest driver which is a .exe file, but when it installs, I can't open the bellkin wireless utility, and the xp wireless manager still doesn't appear.

Blumming computers!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

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daft question but have you tried disconecting your SATA and making sure its clean? i had BSOD the other day due to a bit of dust getting lodged in between the mobo and RAM. if not try a different 3.3/5 volt power connector as they tend to go quite easy on lower end PSU's

if not it seems you may need to change your jumper on the ide drive so its a master rather than a slave, i am assuming you know how to change your jumpers of course (after reading your post i get the impression you know your computers). if that doesnt work next up would be to set it as your primary boot device, this is usually under 'boot device' or similar though your bios version would be very helpful for me to provide more infomation on that.

as for your belkin adapter; change usb ports (or pci if its a card) if that doesnt work try a older driver, i had a problem with mine not so long ago and it was down to the newer driver.

on a side note, my advice would be never flash your bios, if your get it wrong your screwed.

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