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  1. I'm Dave. Started following rovers during the world famous winning streak that probably gained us more supporters than any other time in history - the Milk Cup! 31, married, with two kids who I am brainwashing to be Rovers fans too. I am on twitter but I rarely post and I'm not very interesting (ffberryb77). Also on PS3 (wolverine77) if you want to add me (just put 'brfcs' in the message though!).
  2. I saw your point, but I am sticking with what I said. Admittedly, I didn't expect the table to look like it does today, or for Villa to get revenge several times over. Would I swap this win for a win in the semi finals? Tough decision!
  3. thinks this is all very facebook...

  4. I know this is likely to be controversial, but I do feel yesterdays match was an "I'm In Heaven" moment at full time, what wth so much against us. Despite half of the fans expecting a mauling and the other half approching the game with general apathy, despite team selection that caught quite a few by surprise, despite an in-form Villa side meeting a shaky Rovers side, despite the first ten minutes or so of atmosphere belinging to the Villa fans, despite the laws of physics also being against us for Agbonlahor's goal, despite lumps getting knocked out of Dunn, despite the lottery that is Clattenberg and his assistant's action following each and every clash, corner, offside, trip, tug, throw in and non-event, and despite Grella's subsequent red card... we won. Not only that, but on the face of it we deserved it. So why would I say it's worthy of mention here? A daft reason really - I remember about fifteen minutes into the second half we had a free kick and in the quiet moments betwen it being awarded and taken, I watched as two magpies flew over the Riverside, swooped slightly and flew off in the direction of the Blackburn End. I thought to myself that this could well be a sign - if we scored in the resultant free kick, it would prove that there is something in the superstitious stuff after all. Having been brought up by a mother that will not pick up gloves she has dropped, never puts shoes on the table, or walks under a ladder, etc, this is emotive stuff! Of course we fluffed the free kick completely and Grella was sent off within minutes - the superstition in tatters and me believing that we may as well just cave in and surrender. Thankfully the players decided otherwise and what followed is hands down the best performance of a Rovers team for a very, very long time. It may not have been the sort of football to leave you drooling at the skill involved but it was good old typical British fare - never say die, never give up and my God did they ever come up trumps! I was proven totally and completely wrong - but did I care? Did any of us? Not a chance! The penalty (I couldn't watch!) was given, Dunn converted and it felt right that the local lad, the lad living our dream, the lad who was battered and bruised all day got the very goal that sealed the full three points. This really woke the crowd up who returned to the sort of cheering that I remember so fondly from the late eighties and early nineties. Four minutes of added time where Rovers showed what they were made of - they got the scorline right and now defend, defend, defend! As a final crowd-pleaser, Robbo pulled off a fine save to seal the points - for me finally showing his worth as the replacement to the very man stood exactly opposite him on the field. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best match ever, certainly not the most breath-taking goals ever and large portions of the match I felt depressed, but as Sam says that days like yesterday are why he does his God-forsaken job, the feeling we got at the end of the game is why we support this God-forsaken team! PS - I still have no idea if the two magpies signified our eventual triumph or were simply a couple of birds that happened to stumble upon Ewood Park... Answers on a postcard...
  5. Broken Steel is available now for £7.99 - trailers for all five are also available. All will be available soon, but a game of the year version is also being released with Fallout3 and all the expansions together which may be cheaper overall. The trailers look superb!
  6. GTA IV I would give an 8/10 Other than that, been playing Spore which I would give a similar score. Not played any of the others...
  7. Just ordered Bioshock. The demo was stunning and I am not one for the first person stuff as a rule. The PS3 sure is changing my mind about that though what with Resistance and CoD4 both on my completed and enjoyed list! Managed to get Civilization Revolution for under £20 which for me is a bargain - plays like a lite version of the PC game. Oh and if Fallout 3 is like Oblivion - I am so there! (Which I am sure will not surprise you, Cocker!)
  8. Wolverine

    Rovers Songs

    One for Bentley, but can't think of a good ending... (sung to he's got the whole world in his hands) He's a life long United fan, he's a life long Tottenham fan, he's a life long Blackburn fan, but don't let Bentley bet. Not great, but I tested it on a spurs fan at work and it wound him up...
  9. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2008/ma...ed=networkfront
  10. I hope Prescott isn't after sympathy. The useless, fat, lazy, two-faced, ignorant, spineless, lying, self-righteous waste of carbon won't get any from me.
  11. Stephen King's 'The Stand' has just arrived for me. It is bloody huge...
  12. If you can Josh. I have struggled like hell, but there is plenty of advice to help you downgrade earlier in this thread.
  13. That reminds me, Colin. The Red Dwarf Omnibus is superb stuff (Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Better Than Life, Backwards, etc). Expands on the TV series and provides some background info from your favourite (if you like the show) characters. I don't know if it is still in print or not but it is bloody good.
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