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[Archived] News Of The World Telephone Hacks

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I know this subject had its own topic when the NotW reporters were jailed but it looks like this is going to be a massive issue again.

The New York Times is running a comprehensive overview which is particularly helpful as it is from a non-British perspective with no hang ups about local libel laws

They are blunt about cosy relations between the Police and Murdoch press.

The Screws told very few people they might have been hacked to avoid an avalanche of legal cases. The few currently happening are probably going to trigger them all now.

Has a voice tape explaining how to listen into Gordon Taylor's mobile.

Andy Coulson- Cameron's (soon to be resigned) media director- did attend meetings about hacking as editor of the Screws and clearly knew all about what was going on, even routinely listening to hacked calls.

Rio's phone was not turned off when he said it was (re the missed drugs test)

All tabloid papers are/were hacking into mobiles

"But the hacking case wouldn’t go away. Two victims notified by Scotland Yard sued the paper and negotiated agreements, one for a million pounds (Gordon Taylor). Emboldened, lawyers began rounding up clients and forcing the Metropolitan Police (known as Scotland Yard) to reveal whether their names were in Mulcaire’s files. Cases are being brought by a member of Parliament, a woman who was sexually assaulted when she was 19 and a prominent soccer commentator who happens to work for one of Murdoch’s companies. “Getting a letter from Scotland Yard that your phone has been hacked is rather like getting a Willy Wonka golden ticket,” declared Mark Lewis, a lawyer who won the first settlement. “Time to queue up at Murdoch Towers to get paid.”

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