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  1. UK is in a pickle. Firstly the level of national inequality in output per head: Secondly inequality in regional wealth generation which is even greater than regional inequality in disposable incomes:
  2. This is going to get ugly. From Politico: As part of the Advanced Purchase Agreement (APA) with the EU, AstraZeneca got a “three-digit million-euro amount,” according to one official. That money, EU money, was meant to pay for production capacity being reserved, and for advance production of the coronavirus vaccine so it could be distributed as soon as approval was granted. The APA was concluded in August; by the end of October, the Commission had collected all orders and passed them on on behalf of member states: We’re talking 300 million vaccine doses overall, with an option for an additional 100 million. What Kyriakides and the EU want to know is quite simple: what the problem is. The options are quite limited in Brussels’ view: Either the advance production hasn’t happened, or vaccines have been produced but sold to someone else that perhaps agreed to pay more. Either way, the company has opted to not honor an agreement made.
  3. Let me spell it out for you.. Procurement means buying. The EU is saving billions and has vastly better legal terms. The procurement scheme has done what it is set up to do. Once the stuff is bought it is over to the people who need the stuff to do the logistics and the suppliers to supply. This is where the problems are. The free market system is breaking down and the States are going to have to requisition vaccine production facilities from companies which failed with covid.
  4. No we are not. This thread would be thousands of pages long if we jumped on every negative. It would have zero pages of we reported every positive because there aren't any. By the way it is hugely amusing to see Brexit advocates expecting the Scots to vote rationally about logistical problems.
  5. Well never expected the three points coming back with us' Kaminski is fabulous. Douglas had a better game and Nyambe a poorer one. Travis looked lost until sparking into life late on. I'd keep Davenport in the team. Elliott is great but needs much better coaching than he is getting. Arma had his shot settings awry today. All credit to Branthwaite in the way he handled himself after that incident. Boro looked like they were too physical for him but he came through well. Really good game from Lenihan. Thought the triple sub by Mowbray was mental but we were much better for the change. All three players were excellent and Dack is simply different class. Can we play Boro every week? We have finally broken the duck of not beating a side above us. Watch go and throw it all away with three sub par performances against clubs we should beat in the next games.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/22/foreign-nhs-workers-risk-being-denied-covid-vaccine-england?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other Wholly predictable, Utterly contemptible. Memo to the UK. Foreigners are humans who can infect Brits. That is the sort of messaging Tories understand... Malta is vaccinating everybody including illegal migrants. In fact 3% of our total Covid cases have been in people we rescued from the Med.
  7. It is pretty obvious where we are going. By 2026 Scotland will be independent and Ireland will be one country on the island. I will go further- by 2030, England wont have a seat on the Permanent Council at the UN and will be filing an application to join the EU.
  8. Significant Northern Irish back border poll within five years A majority of voters in Northern Ireland want a border poll to be staged in the next five years, according to a new poll by LucidTalk for The Sunday Times.Some 50.7 per cent said there should be a thetimes.co.uk
  9. I know you didn't vote for it but 37% of the people have got what they wanted. France is doing very well out of Brexit- a huge boon to Paris in particular. Obviously now the EU27 are making the most out of Brexit and thus far it is going very well for them.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/23/brexit-hit-firms-advised-government-officials-set-up-shop-in-eu?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other Absolutely- we are very busy relocating British businesses and people out of the UK.
  11. Are you on this planet? I have many dear Ukrainian friends and they were ecstatically happy to see/help the Maidan.
  12. A monster subsidy has been paid.
  13. The bus on the left is Darwen Corporation number 17, the Crossley Regent which is pictured earlier in the thread- it was the only one with that arrangement of rear windows in case you think I have amazing eye sight. The reason why nobody could place the location of the photo is it still exists and was probably on its way to a rally somewhere. Two Darwen Corporation buses survive and four Blackburn Corporation buses are in preservation also. If the bus on the left is number 133, that is one of them.
  14. Excuse me but what renders a £2.5m turnover profitable award winning company employing 38 people in Macclesfield worthless? Other than in Johnson's "Fuck business" world? What an utterly condescending post so typical of the vacuous pit that is Brexit.
  15. Sorry, this is a ridiculous post which flies in the face of the facts. Even Republican Congressmen are calling it a failed coup.
  16. I didn't say 50% effective, I said 50% less effective. So a 1 in 500 chance of catching it down from a 1 in 1,000 chance. By way of contrast a flu jab cuts your chances for catching flu by between 1 in 2 and 1 in 3. I am aware of the outbreak in Liverpool and the increasing likelihood it is another home grown variant. UK Government has done such a lousy job that there has been sufficiently high concentrations of infected people for conditions for accelerated mutation to exist.
  17. 9 points off 6th and now an inferior goal difference as well. This is a must win game for play off dreams- I won't use the word hopes as we all know Mowbray is hopeless. If we look at the respective teams and squads, this should at worst be a 50/50 game. When we look at the respective managers and their motivations, the odds switch to 99/1 in Middlesbrough's favour. We might well play decently but this is going to be a deeply depressing Sunday evening.
  18. The utter disorganisation and managerial insouciance of the Doncaster game meant Dack would still not have received a decent pass if the game were still being played now... Mowbray hasn't got the first clue how to fit Dack in with the other players at his disposal.
  19. A dispassionate explanation from the Independent why British ecommerce is totally screwed: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1352570740554555392.html
  20. Dispel any thoughts you might have had that the end of transition deal was a success for British diplomacy. The reality is the British side threw away previous concessions gained for British citizens, business and the economy in order to pursue deranged ideology. As documented here by the FT: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1352575097308143616.html
  21. Trump is a fascist by any measure of the use of that word. The FBI are charging numerous members of the Oath Keepers- you might remember a paramilitary clad group going in single file up the steps after the rioters had broken into the Capitol. The FBI charge sheet cites that they were receiving instructions detailing the classified lay out of the security chambers under the Capitol, how to get to the third level down which is where the Senators and Congressmen had been evacuated and then SEAL IT AND GAS THEM. Yes the intention was to mass murder the Senate and Congress. Obviously the FBI know who was sending those instructions but they are not named. The New York Times are reporting that after the Trump appointed Acting Attorney General refused to overturn the vote in Georgia, Trump held a Celebrity Apprentice audition among his stooges working in the DoJ to decide which one of them would be appointed to replace the Acting AG when Trump fired him. Trump ran out of time to do this before 1/6. The entire DoJ senior staff not appointed by Trump had agreed to resign if Trump made the switch of the AG. Since this was revealed by the New York Times, the Republican Congressman identified as the person who had introduced Trump to the guy who won Apprentice Acting Attorney General has tweeted denying it was him and any involvement with the "failed coup" Yes a GOP Congressman called what Trump did a FAILED COUP.
  22. Indications that the experts are agreeing that the South African strain reduces vaccine efficacy by 50%. Putting this into context, even at 50% reduction, the Covid jab is far more effective against Covid than flu jabs are against flu. The efficacy numbers against the original Covid are higher than seen from pretty well any other vaccine ever developed. There is a political twist to the so-called Kent strain, (desperate rebranding from the UK strain), Northern Ireland is finding 70% of all its covid cases are now the Kent strain. Even Unionist politicians are demanding to know why the Irish Sea wasn't closed to prevent that strain from getting there..
  23. Horrible news from my friend in Brussels. A piece of research not yet peer reviewed has found the South African strain is vaccine resistant. Before we panic, 1) peer reviewed studies shows this mutation reduces efficacy, not what this study purports to reveal. 2) Dr Faucci was asked about the strain yesterday. His answer was that the mutation reduced the chance of a vaccinated person getting coronavirus from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 800. Those are still damned good odds and everyone should get vaccinated. 3) the study could be wrong 4) it could be vaccines don't work in the very specific circumstances the study was conducted in so behavioural advice might be sufficient 5) with NRA vaccines, tweaking for mutations is easy. But for vaccines like Oxford, Sputnik and Sinopharm, tweaking is much slower and a much bigger challenge.
  24. Given vaccine is produced by the albumen from raw eggs, I think it is impossible to conceive that the Raos don't at least have a stake in this facility. This is me deducing and not based on any ITK.
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