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[Archived] Network Media players

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I've got a quite old now, but amazing value, dvd player that also plays formats such as a DivX, Xvid and MP4 and will stream data over the network from a PC. Amazing bargain at £65, shame LG only seemed to make test models before dropping it.

Nowadays I mainly use my Xbox 360 and for the formats it can't cope with, I just plugin my laptop into my TV.

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My PS3 is my main media player as it can deal with almost anything I throw at it now.

For the other TVs in the house I either use the inbuilt USB or this little beauty. :rover:

I couple up a 1TB external hard drive I got from Amazon for £50 with all of them and Bob's your uncle, so much easier than trailing discs around.

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Thanks Guys.

What I'm after is something that plugs into the TV (Sony Bravia XBR) and links wirelessly to the PC to allow me to stream movies direct to the TV.

The Western Digital seems to do all the things. For AU$150 it looks a reasonable deal.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any experiences they could pass on, or recommend some other manufacturer.

edit: Just re-read Glenn's post and understood it a little more.

I could plug the laptop into the TV, That's already on the network wirelessly, I could use that and save myself $150.

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