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[Archived] Sony Ericsson

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Anybody see the release, of the Sony Ericsson PSP type phone? Think its called Sony Ericsson Play, but not sure.

Looks like its a full touch screen phone, with a slide out game pad to use when playing games. Its got the PSP Go kind of look, so not sure if the games will only be available on Download, or if they have added a slot for UMD discs. I have a feeling, that it will only be available for download.

If anybody has more on this, or a link, please post more on this.

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Thanks dr awol. Interesting, that the price is not known yet. Surely, the games should be much better on this phone, than any other phone. I'm still not convinced by it, as the PSP Go was a bit of flop. I suppose the upside of it all, is that at least the phone OS will be android. So from that perspective, it could appeal to many.

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i share the authors point of view "the Xperia Play can succeed. Nay, it will succeed. I’m buying one", as its not dualcore(most smartphones will have dualcores as standard soon) and only a 5mp camera.

i guess the main benefit is that Sony would have good back catalog of games to choose from and also the control pad, must be a million times better than trying to control with a touchscreen. if you wanted to play games on your phone then its prob one of the better phones for these to reasons alone.

my phone contract ended last week, so i prob be getting the LG Optimus 2X, I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S II if i where willing to wait till may/June time but im not :rolleyes:

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